Is 3D printing technology the future of prototyping and distributed manufacturing

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					Is 3D printing technology the future of prototyping and Distributed

By: Prahlad Parmar – Mechanical 3D Modelling

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Services – the hot cake in media, discussed and widely talked about
in blogs – seen and shown on TV, hype that nothing ever has caught everyone’s attention so rapidly,
everyone on the planet is well aware of 3D printing nowadays. Prototyping with 3D printing or Printing
3D prototype, the idea itself gives you a high that you can print & make products yourselves at home with
help of CAD programs, applications & 3D scanners.

3D printing is a process to prepare a solid object of practically any shape & size from a digital model. It is
prepared through chemical addition process, where consecutive layers of material are laid down in diverse
shapes. It is different from traditional preparation techniques where mainly cutting and drilling are executed
for final output. Here a material printer with the help of digital technology executes 3D printing. It is widely
utilized for prototyping & distributed manufacturing for architecture, automotive, engineering, military, &
medical industries & many more. The latest breakeven was to use it in biotech for human tissue
replacement & the scariest implication is to see a gun being made by a 3D printer.

In school days we used to write essays on “Is science a boon or curse for mankind”? & the same is the case
here as well. With the rise in 3D printing will the manufacturing process get decentralized? What will be the
impact on prototyping? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of 3D printing.

Few of the advantages to 3D Printing:

   Products may move instantaneously from a mere design to a definite prototype. It is an entire world of
    opportunities for the designers.
   Paced up Manufacturing Process reduces the time for a product to reach the market.
   Entry level cost might be soaring high at this point but gradually 3D printing will get cheaper and will
    continue to come down.
   Enhanced count of engineers to design and build 3D printers – technicians to use, fix & maintain 3D
   Printing 3D prototype & customizable human body parts or organs, something that gives shivers to
    everyone. Though it is still in evolving mode – the benefits are huge.

Few of the disadvantages to 3D Printing:

   With this new technology, manufacturing jobs will diminish – a major impact to those countries
    dependent on huge amount of low skill jobs.
   Full-fledged 3D printing upon getting common, printing copyright product counterfeits will be a huge
    challenge to address.
   3D printers can and will print anything that one desires of; including Guns and Knives…..

With the advantages of 3D printing, we may be entering a new age of prototyping & distributed
manufacturing, where products may be considerably cheaper & produced in no time, however the
disadvantages of 3D printing needs to be given due diligence & mitigated asap.

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