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									The College Board:
Unlike in Russia, there are no state or federal tests for applying to an institution or
recieving your degree. Each college or university is free to set its own standards for
admission. This does not mean that there are no enterence exams however. Most schools
require that students take one of several standardized tests as part of their application. The
College Board, an not-for-profit educational association designs and administers many of
the most popular admissions tests. These include the SAT (for undergraduate admissions),
the GRE (for general graduate admissions), the LSAT (for law school admissions), and the
MCAT (for medical school admissions). Not all schools require enterence exams,
however, and the College Board's tests have many detractors.

The Common Application:
Each university is free (within certain guidelines of non-discimination and the like) to
establish its own admission criteria. Because applicants are usually applying to a number
of schools that all need much the same information, however, there has been a recent
consolidation of the application process. By filling out the Common Application
(Common App) and a short suppliment for each college or university, students can
applying to many different schools at once.

Cornell Admissions Office:
Most colleges and universities have detailed admissions websites. As an example, here's
my university's.

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