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SATURDAY 8th JULY 2006 HELD IN THE MARQUEE ON KEYWORTH PLAYING FIELDS Open to residents within a five mile radius of Keyworth including the villages of Kinoulton, Willoughby, Costock, Plumtree, Gotham, East Leake, Rempstone, Ruddington, Stanton-on-theWolds, Hickling, The Cropwells, Tollerton & Cotgrave.

FRUITS Judges; Mr J Uren & Mr J Harrison 10 Raspberries - arranged on a plate 1 25 Blackcurrants - arranged on a plate 2 10 Gooseberries - arranged on a plate 3 3 Strings of Redcurrants - arranged on a plate 4 Plate of any other fruits - one kind 5 VEGETABLES Judges; Mr J Uren & Mr J Harrison 5 Pods of Peas - one variety 6 5 Pods of Broad Beans - one variety 7 3 Onions - one variety with Tops 8 1 Lettuce - any variety with root wrapped in foil or cling-film 9 3 Carrots - one variety with tops 10 3 Beetroot - one variety with tops 11 3 Potatoes - one variety 12 1 Cabbage - any variety, with root wrapped in foil or cling-film 13 3 Rhubarb Sticks - leaves trimmed to 10cms 14 Plate of any other Vegetables - one kind 15 Tray of 3 Kinds of Vegetables - no more than three of each kind; 16 tray to be no greater than 45 x 60cm internally FLOWERS Judges; Mr J Uren, Mr J Harrison & Jane Hawthorne Classes 25 to 28 inc. must be own grown or in possession for at least six months Three Tea Roses in a Vase - same or different varieties 17 Floribunda Rose - one spray 18 Most Fragrant Rose - one bloom, max. height 25cm inc. container 19 Most Fragrant Sweet Pea - one stem, max height 25cm inc. container 20 5 Sweet Pea Stems - any variety, any colour 21 6 Flower Heads - one variety, display trays available 22 Vase of Flowers - 3 varieties 23 Single Stem from a Shrub - any variety, can be in flower 24 1 Flowering Pot Plant - Begonia, Fuchsia, etc. - 30cm max pot 25 1 Foliage Pot Plant - Ivy, Spider, etc. - 30cm max pot 26 Pot of Outdoor Patio Plants - min 3 varieties - 30cm max pot - new class 27 1 Cactus or Succulent Pot Plant - 30cm max pot 28

Horticultural, Arts and Crafts Show Committee :Mr A Cooper (Chairman), 10 Far Pastures Close, Keyworth. Mrs M Carey 67 Ashley Rd, Keyworth Mrs S Malpas 34 Nicker Hill, Keyworth Mrs J Jones 34 Beech Ave, Keyworth Mrs J Ulyatt 47 Wolds Drive, Keyworth Mrs H Jordan 6 Nicker Hill, Keyworth e-mail - horticultural@keyworthshow.org Visit us at www.keyworthshow.org for further information

FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS Judge; Mrs P Kirton This years theme is 'The Sporting Year'. New trophy for 'Best use of Colour' Drapes and accessories may be used in all classes; plant material may be bought or own grown; fresh plant material only to be used unless otherwise stated FRESH FOLIAGE at WIMBLEDON - an all foliage arrangement; 29 space 60 x 60cm, height unlimited WORLD CUP FRENZY - a modern arrangement of flowers and foliage depicting 30 the World Cup; space 60 x 60cm, height unlimited Novices Class : COLOURS of my FAVOURITE CLUB - an arrangement using 31 two colours with any foliage; space 60 x 60cm, height unlimited; open to any person who has not won a 1st prize in any Flower Arrangement Class MY FAVOURITE SPORT - an arrangement incorporating accessories and 32 depicting any sport of your choice - space 60 x 60 cm, height unlimited DRIED BUT NOT DREARY - an arrangement using dried natural plant material 33 with one sporting accessory; space 60 x 60cm, height unlimited Club Class : A DISPLAY FOR THE CLUB HOUSE - an arrangement of flowers 34 & foliage for the lobby of a Club House - any sport; space 60 x 60cm, height unlimited; open to any club in the designated area - [ within 5 miles of Keyworth] Petite Class : CUTE CONTAINER - a petite arrangement with a sporty theme 35 in an unusual container; space 23 x 23 x 23cm Miniature Class : MINIATURE GOLF - a miniature arrangement including 36 a golf ball; space 10 x 10 x 10cm COOKERY Judge; Mrs J Coppinger Use recipes printed in the schedule; display on paper plates, no accessories 37 Orange Layer Cake 38 Lime and Coconut Tart 39 4 Cheese and Sun-dried Tomato Scones 40 Cherry and Almond Cake 41 6 Chocolate and Vanilla Chequer-boards 42 2 Herb and Stilton Turnovers 43 A Farmhouse White Loaf 3 Strawberry and Cream Muffins - this class only open to teenagers 13 to 19 44 PRESERVES Judge; Mrs J Coppinger Wax discs and cellophane cover only - jars to be not more than 500gms 45 1 Jar Soft Fruit Jam 46 1 Jar Stone Fruit Jam 1 Jar Marmalade - any type 47 1 Jar of any other preserve - jelly, pickle, chutney, lemon curd/cheese etc. 48 WINES Judges; Mr A Hinch All wines must be made using the process of fermentation; tinned juice may be used; fortification is not allowed. Wine to be shown in 75cls colourless glass wine bottles; 1 - 2cms air space to be left between wine and cork stopper; attractive label to be fixed centrally on bottle stating Class No. and description of contents. 49 1 Bottle Dry White Wine 50 1 Bottle Sweet or Medium White Wine 51 1 Bottle Dry Red Wine 52 1 Bottle Sweet or Medium Red Wine BEER Judge; Mr A Hinch 1 Bottle Beer - Mild, Bitter or Lager 53 PHOTOGRAPHY Judge; Mr R Rowe ARPS Must have been taken in the last 2 yrs and not shown at Keyworth Show before; colour or b/w prints, commercial processing and digital photography acceptable. 1 Snapshot - any subject; up to 18 x 13cms, unmounted; this class open only 54 to competitors who are not members of a Photographic Society or Club

1 Amusing Snapshot with Caption - up to 18 x 13cms on an A5 mount; judged equally on humour and technical merit 2 Complementary Snapshots of a Sporting Event - up to 18 x 13cms each; 56 snapshots both mounted onto one A4 mount 1 Digitally Manipulated Picture/Image - max A4 size including any mount 57 1 Photograph - max 25 x 20cms print on a max 30 x 25cms mount 58 1 Photograph - any format/size - this class only open to teenagers 13 to 19 59 PICTURES Judge; Mr J W Burrows Must not have been entered into Keyworth Show before; framed or unframed, mounted or Class No to be stated on rear; can be any subject; max painted size 60 x 45 cms [A2] 1 Painting - painted using oils 60 1 Painting - painted in water colours 61 1 Picture - using any other medium 62 NEEDLECRAFT Judge; Mrs S Weaver Must not have been entered into Keyworth Show before; judged on technical merit and originality; state on entry form whether kit or original. 63 A Piece of Hand Embroidery 64 A Piece of Hand Cross Stitch 65 A Piece of Patchwork or Quilting 66 A Piece of Hand Knitting or Crochet 67 A Piece of Any Other Needlecraft A Piece of any Needlecraft - this class only open to teenagers 13 to 19 68 3D CRAFTWORK SECTION - Judge; Mr R Preece A Piece of Woodwork or Woodcraft - joinery, furniture, carving, turning, etc. 69 Any Other Craftwork - metal, plastic, jewellery, basketry etc.; NO KITS 70 A Piece of any Craftwork - this class only open to teenagers 13 to 19 71 YOUNG PEOPLES SECTION Judges; Miss B Furley, Mr R Rowe, Mrs J Coppinger, Mrs P KIrton; Classes 73 to 85 are for work produced outside school Under 6 years of age A Picture of 'Someone in My Family'; max. A3 size; any medium 72 73 A Decorated or Painted Stone 3 Marshmallow People - on a plate; see printed recipe 74 Age 6 to 8 years 75 A Decorated Bookmark A Crown for the King or Queen of Narnia - no dimension greater than 25cms 76 A Plate of Chocolate Bugs - see printed recipe 77 Age 9 to 12 years A Handmade Card with a Verse to a Special Person - use A4 paper 78 folded to A5 - any medium or collage; presentation will be taken into account 79 A mask for a Character from 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' A Narnia Character Biscuit - on a plate; see printed recipe 80 YOUNG PEOPLES OPEN CLASSES - any age up to 12 years Lego Model - most creative model using a maximum of 100 pieces of Lego, 81 must be own design, no dimension to exceed 25cms; NO KITS Miniature Garden in a Tin-Foil Tray - tray can be round or rectangular; 82 max dimension 30cms Photograph - taken by exhibitor, colour or b/w print, max 18 x 13cms; 83 mounted on A5 paper with a caption A Flower Arrangement in an Unusual Container - an arrangement of fresh 84 flowers in any container; no dimension greater than 30cms INFANT and JUNIOR SCHOOLS SECTION Judge; Mr J W Burrows Special feature classes for work produced to special rules by children at school 85 Reception Year - A Football Picture 86 Years 1 & 2 - A Picture of 'Me & My Friends Playing Football' Years 3 & 4 - A Picture of 'The Narnia Football Team' - playing or posing 87 88 Years 5 & 6 - A Picture of 'My Impression of a World Cup Football Match' 55

SATURDAY 8th JULY 2006 Class No. Description Entry Fee

Total Fee Name ...........................................… Age (Children's Classes)..……. Address…………………………………………………………….... ................................................................................… Tel. No.......................................................................… Tick box if you are part of a family entry (see rule 12) Entry Fee: 15p per entry. 10 entries or over - £1:50. Children's classes free. Completed entry form, with the correct fee, should be returned on or before 6th July 2006 to any member of the Keyworth Horticultural Show Committee. Late entries accepted on the day of the show between 8:30am and 9:00am only. Please help the show to run smoothly by sending in entry forms early. Entries to be displayed in the marquee by the entrant between 8:30 & 10:00am Entrants may use the Village Hall car park but must vacate it by 10:30am. The Horticultural Show Committee wish to record their appreciation to the following businesses who have donated prizes:EWAN BURNS Hairdressing 6 The Square, Keyworth MOORES NURSERIES Stanton-on-the-Wolds COULTHARDS Main Street, Keyworth THREADS Main Street, Keyworth SIX ACRES NURSERIES Loughborough Road, Costock VILLAGE NAILS The Square, Keyworth Keyworth Arts Association - Childrens Prizes Keyworth and District Gardening Association - Annual Award and to VILLAGE HAIR, The Square, Main Street, Keyworth who will be displaying the Show Trophies

(Special rules supplied directly to schools apply to Classes 85, 86, 87 and 88) 1. All entries, including young people's classes, must be the sole work of the exhibitor, all of whom must be of amateur status. Teenagers to be between 13 & 20 on 8th July 2006. 2. Produce in classes 1 to 28 must be grown in exhibitors own garden or allotment. Variety of plant should be displayed if possible. 3. All cookery exhibits must be displayed on a plain paper plate, plain doilies may be used. Exhibitors to provide their own plate, vases or appropriate containers and be responsible for collecting them after the show. 4. Flower arrangements may be displayed on boards and bases up to sizes specified. 5. Exhibitors will be given a personal entry number and a sticker for each entry and they must ensure that each exhibit has their entry number clearly displayed, that the exhibit is staged in the correct class location and that it complies with the description in the schedule. Clerks will be available on show day to give advice and assistance. Any reserved entry to have "R" clearly written on the entry number sticker. 6. One entry form per entrant, photocopies of form are acceptable. Entry forms with the correct fee to be returned by Thursday 6th July 2006 to any committee member. Late entry forms can be accepted on show day but only between 8:30 & 9:00am. 7. Entry fee is 15p per entry; 10 entries and over - £1.50. Children's classes free. 8. All exhibits to be staged between 8:30 & 10.00am. Presentation of exhibits will be taken into account. Entrants must vacate the Village Hall car park by 10:30am. 9. Judging will commence at 10.30am. The judges decision is final. During judging only judges, judges clerks and the committee shall be allowed in the Marquee. 10. No exhibitor may be awarded more than one prize in any one class. 11. Points are awarded on the basis of 3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. These points will be used in assessing the winners of certain trophies. Overall Winners are the exhibitors with the most points; the Family Trophy is awarded to the family with most points. In the case of a tie the winner with the most first prizes will be awarded the trophy. Classes 34, 85, 86, 87 and 88 are not included in points system. 12. To compete for the Family Trophy a minimum of 2 family members living at the same address must have submitted to any class; one of the family members must be under 12. Families can enter in the family name, e.g. 'Smith Family' or as individuals. All entries competing for the Family Trophy must have the box on the entry form ticked. 13. Any competitor wishing to lodge an objection must do so to the Chairman before 3.00pm on the day of the show. 14. All exhibits in the Fruit, Vegetable, Flower, Cookery and Preserve classes, unless reserved by the exhibitor, will become the property of the Committee, sold at the close of the show and proceeds donated to the Keyworth Show. All other exhibits may be donated for sale or as a raffle prize. The sale will commence at about 4.15pm. 15. No exhibit is to be removed from the Marquee before 4pm. Exhibitors are responsible for removal of exhibits that are not sold at the end of the show. 16. The committee shall have the power to deal with all matters not provided for in these rules. Whilst every reasonable precaution will be taken, the committee cannot be responsible for any loss or consequential damage. The Committee's decision is final. Affiliated to, and sponsored by Keyworth Playing Fields Association Charity No. 522231. Proceeds in aid of capital projects for member clubs.

Alternative versions of the schedule are available on request - tel 9375233
Further information at horticultural@keyworthshow.org or www.keyworthshow.org

TROPHIES and AWARDS To be presented at 4:00pm in the Marquee by John Cottee To be kept by the winner for one year Last Years Winners

Keyworth Bowl Blakey Family Family with the most points K.P.F.A. Cup Jean Ulyatt Exhibitor with most points Ashworth Memorial Cup Jim Goodman Overall winner - vegetables George Astill Trophy J Stansfield & M Carey Overall winner - fruit Keyworth Cup Dorina Allen Overall winner - flowers Stanton Trophy Margaret Dutton Best Exhibit - flower arrangements Keyworth W.I. Rose Bowl Elizabeth Collins Winner - novice flower arrangements Siswick Challenge Cup Marion Carey Best bottle of wine Chairman's Tankard Not Awarded Best bottle of beer John Hartley Trophy Jonathan price Child with most points Keyworth & District Arts Assn. Trophy Toby Bachra Best child's entry Dorothy Gunson Trophy Valerie Wells Best petite or miniature flower arrangement John Stephens Trophy Mr J Reeve Best vegetable in show Rains Trophy Kerry Inglis Child's miniature garden Ulyatt Challenge Cup Brian Turvey Overall winner - cookery and preserves Carey Trophy Michael Hewitt Overall winner - wines Kadzinuni Cup John Kynaston Most points for Photographic entries Normanton Cup Hazel Jordan Best Artwork/Craftwork/Needlecraft in Show Jeanne Inglis Trophy New Trophy Best use of colour in Flower Arrangements Keyworth & District Gardening Association Marion Carey Annual Award: 2005 - Best Vase of Flowers 3 Childrens Cups Jonathan Price;Joe Palmer Awarded for best in age groups and Katie Langton Teenagers Cup Amy Barker Awarded for best in age group Prize cards are awarded to all 1st, 2nd & 3rd winners in each class Prizes for Childrens Classes: First £2.00; Second £1.50; Third - £1:00

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