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Fathers Day Gifts B DUPUIS CASS CITY

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News Items from Gagetown Area
Mr. and Mrs. James Hogue and .Mrs. John Leach of Saginaw were Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Palmer. Franklin B. McComb and son, Charles, of Portsmouth, Ohio, spent the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Hobart and other relatives in this vicinity. Miss Catherine Rocheleau of Detroit and Mrs. Richard Downing •went to Traverse City Sunday where Mrs. Downing attended the postmasters' convention the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hemerick and Miss Margaret Burleigh have moved to a cottage at Rose Island for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Freeman and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lenhard spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kehoe at their cottage near Mio. Terry Kehoe celebrated her seventh birthday Saturday by having several of her girl friends at her home. Games were played and ice cream and cake were served. Miss Thresa Langhlin spent Friday and Saturday with her sister, Mrs. William C. Hunter. Mrs. Harry Comment entertained the bridge group at her home last Friday, three tables were at play. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mayer have moved from the McDermid 'home to the farm home of Mrs. Anthony Kleich, southwest of 'town. Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Proulx, at Pleasant Home Hospital, a 7% -pound baby girl, Sunday morning. "They named her Diane 'Lynn. Miss Ardeth Owens of North "Bradley is visiting Mr. and Mrs.


David Williams. Mrs. Williams is graduating exercises of the Unionconvalescing from a recent mastoid vine High School. Graduates from Gagetown were Mildred Schwartz, operation. At a recent meeting of the Gage. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Comment Marilyn Langlois, John Lich, Mary and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Comment Ann Tenzer, Darold Hornbacker, town 4-H Club. The following new visited .Saturday and Sunday in Harvey Needrich and Patrick Gos- crew of officers was elected for Pontiac at the home of Mr. and lin. At the class night program, the summer months: President, Mrs. Lewis Grappan and attended Wednesday evening, Mildred Sch- Caren Cummings; vice presigraduation exercises Sunday eve- wartz, Marilyn Langlois, John Lich dent, Marie Sontag; secretary, ning. Their son, Marvin Grappan, and Mary Ann Tenzer gave ora- Janice Fischer; treasurer, Floy tions. Presentation of awards was Ashmore, song leaders, Joyce and was among the graduates. The Gagetown Grange met last held Friday morning and John Shirley Morell; recreation, Jo Ann Tuesday evening for their regular Lich was presented with the all Fischer, Donald Simmons Ralph June meeting at the Winton .School. star award for the best athlete of Leyva, Sandra Fischer and Ruth A picnic for the Grange will be the year. Friday eyening, all grad- Hendershot; club reports, Merton uates attended the alumni ban- Hendershot. Mrs. William Ashmore held June 24. Miss Mildred Schwartz and quet and were admitted as mem- is club leader and Mrs. Stanley Muntz is her assistant. Donald Schwartz visited friends in bers of the alumni association. Detroit over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lich enter- The group will hold its "Go to Lt. and Mrs. Lloyd Hanson of tained several relatives and friends Church" services Sunday evening Frankfort, Germany, cabled Mrs. Sunday afternoon at their home at 8 o'clock in the Gagetown School Hanson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. honoring their son, Jack, who was Jgym. Willis Campbell, Cass City, George Miklovich, of the arrival among the graduates of the Union- will spealc on the subject, "Inof a 8 Ib. 4 oz. daughter, born ville High School. stincts." Wednesday, June 6. Lt. Hanson has Others taking part in the serThe Boy Scouts held their first been in the Air Corps for 10 years. meeting last Friday evening and vice will be JoAnn Fischer, Mary Mrs. Hanson is the former Cecelia will meet in the near future for Henderson, Margaret Munro and Miklovich, who served for 7 years further instructions necessary for Ruth Hendershot. in the Air Corps. members of the organization. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Densmore Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnston, attended the rodeo at Bad Axe Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rabideau and Sunday. Jack Gerenous visited .Sunday in Floy Ashmore accompanied Detroit with relatives. Clarence David and Cecelia JohnMaster Daniel ston to Detroit where they visited I several days last Rabideau spent week with his friends over the week end. aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Alger Joseph Leyva and son, Ralph, Generous. Sunday supper guests spent Sunday in Detroit and at- at the Generous home were Mrs. tended the ball game. Agnes Bedore, Mrs. Malvina ComMr. and Mrs. Joseph Leyva and ment, Mrs. Frank Generous and family spent Friday in Marlette J. C. Pitcher. with friends. ! Paul Generous spent several Mrs. George Hendershot and days in Sebewaing recently with daughter, Mary, attended funeral Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Pitcher. services Tuesday afternoon in Over 50 Per Cent Are Elkton for Silas Norton. Ignorance Is Bliss fit Least 30 Years Old Several from here attended A little old lady listened attenMost American homes—and farm tively while the young priest preached a sermon on marriage. homes in particular—were erected After the sermon the little old lady more than a quarter ol a century murmured: "I wish I knew as littlf ago. ANNOUNCING THE 1951 about it as he does." Nearly 23,000,000 of the estimated 42,000,000 homes in the nation are VERY EMBARRASSING ,at least 30 years old. Millions of ithese older homes are in need of imodernization and repair. FOR THE The expected cutback in new home construction as a result of

Willis Campbell To Speak at Gagetown 4-H Meet





Many Farm Homes Need Remodeling

Mr. and Mrs. William Ashmore, Jr., and children of Gagetown were Tuesday evening visitors of Mrs. DeEtte J. Mellendorf. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Quinn, Sr., were Saturday visitors of their son and his wife, Mr. and . Mrs. Lester Quinn, at Brown City. Mrs. Richard O. Loss and children, of Port Huron returned to their home Thursday after visiting relatives and friends here since Sunday evening. Mrj and Mrs. William Ashmore, Sr., and grandchildren were Tuesday evening visitors of their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kozan, of Cass City. Mr. Ashmore and Mr. Kozan were also business callers in Caro Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Emil. Klec of Wilson were Tuesday evening callers of their niece and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Quinn, Sr. Louis and Margaret Ann Kozan of Cass City spent Friday evening and Saturday with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Ashmore, Sr. They accompanied their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kozan, home late Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Quinn, Sr., and William Severn attended the funeral services of their aunt, Mrs. Electa Power, at Kinde early Wednesday forenoon. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Maharg of Cass City were Friday evening callers at the home of their son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Maharg. Lawrence Summers, Thomas Quinn, Jr., and Robert Davison attended the G. I. School in Pigeon Monday evening. Mrs. Thomas Quinn, Jr., and children, Mrs. Thomas Quinn, Sr., and Mrs. Norris E. Mellendorf and children were business callers in Cass City Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Charter of Cass City were h/>st and hostess at the Grant-Elkland Id-range on Fri-

day evening. Pvt. Donald MacCallum is staFuneral services for Mrs. John tioned at Fort Riley, Kansas. Mrs. Ralph Tebeau returned White, 47, of Detroit were held home Friday evening from the Tuesday at 2 p. m. in the Douglas Convalescent Home near Bad Axe, Funeral Home here. Burial was in after spending several weeks there Elkland cemetery. Mrs. White died Sunday in Harper Hospital, Deand she is feeling better. Mrs. Elsie Himeman of Union- troit, where she had been a patient ville visited her nephew and his for a month. She had been in failwife, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moore, ing health for the past 18 months. She was the former Miss Rena for a few days. Crandell of Cass City. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Maharg Surviving is her husband, two entertained the following guests sons and a daughter, her father, for dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. William Crandell, living in WoodMaynard Doerr and children, Mr. stock, Ont., and a sister, Mrs. Wiland Mrs. Daniel Sherman of De- liam Ruppal, of Cass City. troit, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McDonald and grandson, Thomas Mrs. Stanley B. Mellendorf and Herron, and Mrs. James Phelan of children were business callers in Gagetown. Samuel Ashmore of Detroit spent Cass City Friday afternoon. The little Misses Donna and Saturday evening and Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Diane Moore accompanied their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. EdAshmore, Sr.. and his children, Janis Knight, daughter of Mr. ward Brown to Port Huron, Sunand Mrs. Ephraim Knight, and day, and visited a week with Nancy and Joann Miljure, daugh- them and other relatives. The Woman;s Society of Christters of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miljure, have been having an attack ian Service will meet with Mrs. Helen Jeffery this week Thursday. of the measles the past week. The seniors of the Owendale The officers will be installed by High .School returned home Satur- Mrs. Arthur Moore. day from their trip to Washington. Sheldon and Betty Martin of All had a fine time on their trip. .Grant and Frederick Schultz of Floyd Ellis is working in Bay I Owendale went to Pontiac Saturiday. Mr. and Mrs. Barnes and City these days. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Quinn, Sr., daughter, Nancy, gave a farewell were Sunday visitors of Jack and surprise party for Sheldon, who will soon leave for the navy. Rose Stapleton at Gagetown. A nice crowd attended the Chil- Mr. and Mrs. Levi J. Helwig dren's Day program at the Grant were callers at the home of the Methodist Church Sunday fore- latter's mother, Mrs. DeEtte J. noon. Those who prepared the pro- Mellendorf. Mrs. Mellendorf acgram were Miss Elva Marie Blair companied them home to visit a and Mrs. Clark Sowden. few days. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Welborn Mrs. Elsie Himeman of Unionand children returned to their ville visited Mrs. Katherine Mchome at East Moline, 111., Tuesday, Cauley on Monday. after visiting the past week with D. Welborn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pine Tree Shilling James Welborn. The "pine tree shilling," fits* Dossen Ellis is visiting at the New England coin, was designed by home of his brother and sister-in-' Joseph Jenks who in 1644 molded thf? first iron made in America. law, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Ellis.

Funeral Services For Mrs. J. White Held Here Monday

Monday, June 18
POOL SCHEDULE MORNINGS—Swimming instructions under Red Cross and local staff. AFTERNOONS—2-4 o'clock free swim; 4-6 o'clock, 20c per person. EVENINGS—According to weather and demand. SUNDAYS—In the afternoon. PLAYGROUND SCHEDULE MORNINGS—9:30 to 12:00. AFTERNOONS—1:30 to 5:30. EVENINGS—Scheduled games Monday through Friday. The staff is Arthur Holmberg, James Baker and, Harold Oatley. Sponsored in the cdmmunity interest by

Feature of the Week!
IGA Extra Whipped
Mrs. Jones was sitting in the breakfast nook shelling peas when she heard a knock at the back door. Thinking it was her young son, she called, "Here I am darling." Silence. Then a deep voice boomed, "This is not the regular iceman."
The Disk Jockey

IGA §>auer Kraut, 2 29-oz. cans
Catsup Much More Brand, 14-oz. bottle Olives Mario Brand, No. 3^ jar Strawberry Fruit Spread, 2 Ib. jar Sunny Morn Coffee, 1 Ib. bag Del Monte Pineapple Juice, 46-oz. can Breast of Chicken Tuna Flakes, 614-oz. can Wheaties 12-oz. pkg.


Salad Dressing 1 qt 59c
Remodeling of this previously unused barn provided muchneeded space for livestock and hay storage and at the same

IGA Pork & Beans
30-oz. can


time improved the over-all appearance of the farm property
and increasing its value. The


Spinning a new record, disc jock ey Martin Block said, "We've just heard Doris Day's frontside. And now," he continued, "let's look at her backside."
Aw, Heck!

completed barn (bottom) with new asphalt shingle roof, new
siding and other alterations,

IGA Jell-it
Assorted Flavors

contrasts sharply with the dilapidated structure (above) as it appeared before start of the
work. Here's proof that cally sound. re-

3 pkg-s. 20c
Royal Guest
4 oz. pkg., 28c 16 tea bags

A Canton, Ohio, station nounced: "Due to difficulties yond our control, Edwin C. will be with you in just one ment."

anbeHill mo-

modeling pays when the structure of an old building is basi-

Black Tea



Father's Day Gifts

credit restrictions and other controls stemming from the defense program will make materials, such as asphalt roofing, siding, insulation and paints available to meet the pent-up demands for modernization and repairs on the farms of the nation.

Sunshine Hydrox

12-oz. pkg.

Bake a Cake for Father's Day Use These Items
Velvet Pastry Flour, 5-lb. bag IGA All Purpose Flour, 25-lb. bag Sno Puff Marshmallows, 10-oz. pkg Bisquick, 40-oz. pkg. Bakers Shredded Cocoanut, 4-oz. pkg. Betty Crocker Cake Mixes, 20-oz. pkg Sno Kreem Pure Veg. Shortening, 3-lb. tin Marlene Margarine, 1-lb. Swansdown Cake Flour, 44-oz. pkg. Calumet Baking Powder, 16-oz. can 50c $2.05 17c 49c 18c 36c $1.05 29c 39c 24c


All Popular Brands

$1.83 carton This is a Group 4 Store which is the lowest price group.



From $2.98 to $5.98
for summer loafing or luxury. Loomed cotton broadbloth dress shirts.
1 Here's a year-round present 1 | Dad will really love! Keep him |

Just look at a few of the many valuable prizes being awarded tiff TftPTONEWYOftX . and o w««t at I

See Our Wide Selection of Father's Day Gifts. * FREE! FREE!
With each sport or dress shirt sold from now until Father's Day, we will give you, FREE, one necktie.

| looking trim an<d well-turned out 1! 1 every day — by sending his §


Oranges, 200 size, doz. Red Ripe Tomatoes, 14-oz. pkg. Crisp Firm Celery, Ig. stalk Yellow Ripe Bananas, 2-lbs. ...

Ring Bologna, Ib Fresh Pork Liver, Ib Skinless Frankfurters, Ib. Center Cut Pork Chops, Ib. .. Polish Sausage, Ib

| coats, suits, slacks to us — far | California I regular dry cleaning. It's easy |

| on his budget. Easy on you, too 1 1 —prompt service. |


450 39e 55c 69<z

* * * t »:* * *
* »**^»**»j«»>»j«<<^»j+^H.*4»>^^^


Pickup and Delivery


Cass City, Michigan

| Phones |j Cass City 233 I! * liiHimimiinmiiiiimmiimmnimtmiitiiiitiimiiiiimiimiiumiiiiiiiiiiiii * I Pigeon 183


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