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Blessed are You, Lord and Father of All Life, who has given to us the gift of the father of our family. Today we Life as Sacred Journey by David Thomas honor him Few people nowadays have had the and we thank exact experience described in today’s You for the Gospel. It’s about the great storm on the lake. Jesus, apparently sound numerous asleep, as with his disciples. You can things almost feel the fear in the boat. The disciples, who were no doubt expert that are boatmen, must have wondered ours whether this was the end for them, because of him. His love for us has been a sign of Your divine affection and a sharing in Your holy love. His continuous concern for our needs and welfare is a mirror of your holy providence. And so we honor him today. Bless him this day with Your strength and holy power that he may continue to be a sign of You, our God. Bless him, Lord with happiness and good health, with peace and with good fortune, so that he who has been a Sharer of your very life, may live forever with You. This blessing and all graces, we pray, descend upon the fathers of all of our families. Amen
and for Jesus.

A community of joyful, active, faith-filled people who give thanks to God by generously sharing their individual gifts and talents to serve the needs of all.

WEEKEND MASS SCHEDULE Saturday—5 PM Sunday—8 & 10:30 AM
Parish Office 6202 W. Saint Joseph Road Evansville, IN 47720 School 6130 W. Saint Joseph Road Evansville IN 47720

Office: 963-3273 Fax: 963-6254 School: 963-3335 Fax: 963-3335 Convent: 963-5731 Prayer Chain: 963-3149
Fr. Gene Schroeder—Pastor
E-mail gschroeder@evansville-diocese.org

Parish Staff

Julie Kempf—Secretary
E-mail jkempf@evansville-diocese.org

Sharon Vogler—DRE
E-mail svogler@evansville-diocese.org

Kristan Gilles
E-mail kgilles@evansville-diocese.org

Director of Liturgy Melba Wilderman—Principal
E-mail mwilderman@evansville-diocese.org

Mrs. Becky Dosher School Secretary Mrs. Amy Meyer Sacramental Preparation Mr. Dave Richter—Custodian

Eventually the disciples were able to awaken Jesus. One can just imagine Jesus slowly opening his eyes, maybe having a great yawn, and then inquiring why the disciples had disturbed is quiet sleep. Meanwhile the boat is being gradually filled with water as the gigantic waves relentlessly pounded their fragile boat. They were going down and he was yawning! Eventually, he gently calmed the storm, although we might wonder if the storm was outside the boat or inside their spirits. We all have stormy moments. it may be brought on simply by the winds of change in our lives. People become ill and sometimes they die. This can be very hard for us. We worry about our children. More storms. But Jesus wants us to know that no matter how frightening it all can be, God remains with us. Strengthened by that belief, we may easily make it through the most turbulent of days and nights. In what areas has fear become your master and shrunk your life small?

CELEBRATION OF THE EUCHARIST JUNE 21, 2009 TWELTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME SATURDAY, JUNE 20 Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time 5:00 PM FATHER’S DAY For all Fathers SUNDAY, JUNE 21 Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time 8:00 AM FATHER’S DAY—For all Fathers 10:30 AM FATHER’S DAY—For all Fathers MONDAY, JUNE 22 Weekday 6:30 PM Ivan Simon, David Angermeier (1953), Emily Elpers (1964) TUESDAY, JUNE 23 Weekday 7:30 AM Al Wigand, Margaret Seitz (1868), Christopher Hillenbrand (1878), Elis Farny (1894), Francis Reidford (1922), David Tieken (2005) WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24 The Nativity of John the Baptist 7:30 AM Cyrilla Reker, Leo Will (1905), Carol Happe (1905), Leo Koch (1994), Joseph Elpers (1995) THURSDAY, JUNE 25 Weekday NO MASS Infant Brack (1868), Guilelmus Hillenbrand (1873), Sylvester Greubel (1975), Victor Frank (2001) FRIDAY, JUNE 26 Weekday 7:30 AM John Warren SATURDAY, JUNE 27 Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 5:00 PM Cynthia Straub, Frank S. Maurer, Theresa Maurer, Valada Martin, Leona Barrett, Agnes Dezember, T.P. Lewis, Mary Hillenbrand, Norma Moutoux, Elisabeth Tepohle (1863), John Hoefling (1882) SUNDAY, JUNE 28 Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 8:00 AM Dora Happe, Ray Fehrenbacher, Susan Gardner, Joe Blankenberger, Marion Wagner, Elvira Lehman 10:30 AM Marilyn Jochum, Marcella Brugger, Peter Stocker (1871), Magdalene Vernerale (1881), Mary Englert (1954)


St. Paul reminds us in the second reading that Christ died “so that those who live might live no longer for themselves.” What we give to and do for others, we give to and do for Jesus! JUNE 14, 2009 $ 11,875.35 JUNE 15, 2009 Auto Debit Collection $ 4,890.00 WEEKLY BUDGET $ 17,500.00 TOTAL INCOME TO DATE $ 671,352.33 BUDGET TO DATE $ 717,500.00 MAINTENANCE COLLECTION $ 93.00 CHILDRENS COLLECTION $ 15.86
YOUNG STEWARDS WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THE COLLECTION LAST WEEK: Melissa Blythe, Joshua Clem, Amy & Lindsey Deig, Adam & Abby Elpers, Gabriel & Danielle Gries, Gage Johnson, Jessica Kelley, Kameryn & Kaitlyn McGehee, Amelia Reckelhoff, Nicholas & Brianna Rogge, Danielle Schmitt, Sydney & Maisy Seib

The Lord’s Way

RAISING THE ROOF FUND JUNE 14, 2009 $ 3,748.00 JUNE 15, 2009 Auto Debit Collection $ 106.00 TOTAL TO DATE $ 198,303.93 PAID ON LOAN $ 3,000.00 BALANCE DUE ON LOAN TO DIOCESE $ 12,000.00 MISSION OUTREACH Haiti Collection $ 75.00 Haiti Collection 6/15 Auto Debit Coll. $ 106.00 Haiti Students $ 2,100.00 PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL AND NURSING HOMES

DEACONESS: Herman Schmitt PINE HAVEN: Alberta Fehrenbacher, Betty Will, Brenda Koester SOLARBRON TERRACE: Valeria Elpers, Clarence & Catherine Miller, Clarence and Mildred Rexing NORTH PARK NURSING CENTER: Norm Moutoux McCURDY RESIDENTIAL CENTER: Charles Baylor ATRIA ASSISTED LIVING: Bernadette Jean STERLING RETIMRENT HOME: Avila Fehrenbacher CYPRUS REHABILITATION CENTER: Larry Hoefling
June 21: Tom Kempf, Cecilia Koch, Glen Shane, Stephanie Stewart, Blake Wilderman June 22: Todd Kempf, Cecilia Kuester, Ben Lasher, Ken Schaefer June 23: Margie Aydt, Bob Beshears, Debra Gries, Sandy Raben, Doris Taylor June 24: Kathleen Cook, Rick Elpers, John Manger, Sharon Voelker, Erin Wolfe June 25: Mason Kempf, Ron Kempf, Jon Tenbarge, Jessica Wallace June 26: Gary Beverly, Tim Bishop, Marianna Elpers, Doris Head, Ryan Lane, Mel Luigs, Monie Titzer, Stacey Vickery, Theresa Woodward June 27: Joyce Elpers, Jonelle Garrett, Bernette Locklar, Lauren VanNess June 21: Doug & Jennie Daza, Rick & Ann Heldt June 22: Randy & Darlene Appler June 23: Joe & Cathy Crowdus June 24: Chick & Jean Duncan, Chris & Laura Clem June 25: John & Sylvia Reckelhoff, Ken & Susie Schapker, Jim & Jan Hermann, Jason & Kim Kinnaman June 26: Greg & Dana VanBibber June 27: Garland & Bonnie Hermann, Dennis & Joanie Schneider

PRAY HIM FORWARD & PRAY HER FORWARD: The Vocations Office for the Diocese of Evansville is very excited to announce a new initiative to help all of us to better understand and encourage vocations. The theme of Praying Them Forward is a call to all of us to recognize that we have a role to play in helping young men and women to discern God’s call in their lives. Check out the parish resources, blogs of priests and religious sisters, tips on how to help your children or friends who need some guidance, and much more. It’s all at www.stationforvocations.org. Let’s work together to build a culture where listening for God’s call is a little easier.


To register or get more information and/ or to offer your help, contact Sharon Vogler (963-3273)

LITURGICAL MINISTERS SCHEDULE (EM=Eucharistic Minister, S=Servers, L=Lector, GB=Giftbearers, G=Greeters) SATURDAY & SUNDAY, JUNE 27 & 28 5:00 PM Eloise Hamner, Ron & Margaret Angermeier, Sarah Fehrenbacher, Jan Hermann (EM), Catherine Schneider, Nathan Werner (S), Mike Reffett (L), Tom & Jerri Kempf (GB), Jean Lannert (G) 8:00 AM Kathy Fehrenbacher, Delores Folz, Greg & Denise Lehman, John Manger (EM), Noah Schnur, Frank Peterlin (S), Tom Blythe (L), Greg & Denise Lehman (GB), Dick & Kathy Griese (G) 10:30 AM June Beverly, Becky Dosher, Paul Hillenbrand, Amy Tenbarge, Emily Tenbarge (EM), Katy Dezember, Bayleigh Wessel (S), Michelle Schmitt (L), Pat & Shari Kempf (GB), Ron Eickhoff Family (G)

MONDAY: 7 am-7 pm Eucharistic Adoration MONDAY-FRIDAY: 8:30 am-NOON Vacation Bible School WEDNESDAY: 7 pm Marian Prayer Group
JUNE 20: Nativity Free Youth Car Wash, 9 am JUNE 26: St. Philip Steak Dinner/Dance, 5:30 pm, $15 per person JULY 11: St. John’s Daylight Men’s Club Steak Dinner, 6 pm

Thanks to the following people who have returned their summer social tickets
Jim & Jan Hermann Dave & Becky Richter Glenn & Julie Conley Ron & Becky Mayer Donna Gaupel Tim & Lisa Adler Dave & Lori Wolf Dave & Karen Hellenberg Dennis & Joanie Schneider Bob & Christi Beshears Angie Gries Robert & Nancy Angermeier Steve & Lea Elliott Joe & Lorri Fritch Larry & Stella Ubelhor Larry & Theresa Chapman Charles & Joan Niemeier Cindy Baumgart Mary K. Geuss Rose Ellen Unfried Mary Lewis Ruth Rice Steve & Marica Frey Herman & Cindy Schmitt David & Michelle Duncan Cyril & Barb Gerteisen Russel & Dorothy Stratman Rob & Mary K. Hahn Tom & Bryanna Barron Anna Mae Gries Diane & Bill Layman Charlotte Titzer Jon & Bernette Locklar

Summer Social News

The SCRIP Drawing Winner for March was Betty Hosak and or April was Cindy Baumgart. Sat., June 27—5 pm: Missy Singer & *Melissa Gillenwater Sun., June 28—8 am: *Donna Niemeier & Partner Sun., June 28—10:30 am: *Michelle Shane ST. JOSEPH AND ST. WENDEL BASKETBALL CAMP July 14th—15th—16th at St. Joe 3-4 Grade boys: 7:30-9:30 am 5-8 Grades boys: 9:30-11:30am 1-2 Grade girl & boys: 11:30 am-1 pm 3-4 Grade girls: 4-6 pm 5-8 Grades girls: 6-8 pm Cost is $20 per participant. Questions? Call Brian Price, 812-327-0689, bprice@flosourcevalve.com or Scott Straub, 812-963-1166, straub@sit-co.net

They are accepting late applications and appeals for tuition assistance for the 2009-2010 school year until June 25, 2009. If you have questions, please call Margaret Angermeier at 812402-6700, ext 302. You may download and print an application from either of the Catholic high school websites: www.materdeiwildcats.com Please remember in your prayers Marion Wagner, the father of Margie Hartman, and Joe Blankenberger, the father of Alan Blankenberger and grandfather of Megan, Adam and Kendra Blankenberger, and Elvira Lehman, the mother of Dan Lehman and aunt of John Bergwitz who died this past week. May God grant them eternal rest and may His peace be with his family and friends.

Early Bird Winner for June 21—Mary Guess
SPECIAL THANKS THIS WEEK TO...Anna Mae Gries for the donation of a beautiful quilt. WORKERS—CAN YOU HELP? We’re looking for someone to help coordinate cleaning the dinning room tables after people have finished their dinners. We get a lot of our 5th through 8th grade students to help with this, but we need someone who can help coordinate this effort. A parent of a child in one of these grades would be ideal! COUNTRY CRAFT BOOTH and CHINESE AUCTION ITEMS ARE NEEDED. Call Pauline Elpers (963-3864) or Kathy Hall (963-6341) for the Country Craft Booth and Kathy Kenderson (963-8142) and Connie Coomes (963-3581) for the Chinese Auction.. CHILDREN’S FUN TENT The Children’s Fun Tent area is in need of donations of $20-$100 in order to rent inflatables for the Social this year. Donations of $100 will receive free wristbands for their families to jump all day. We’re also looking for any small trinkets, prizes, bags of candy, or gently used small items for the Children’s Tent. Call Lisa Douglas 963-8122.

35 more days until fun in the sun! Sunday, July 26 —–SPREAD THE WORD—

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