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									Advocacy for people with disability
in South Australia
Advocating is speaking up for people with disability and helping them to
get the things that they want and need.

Advocating for people with disability can be part of the work of disability
services. Sometimes when staff advocate for a person with disability
there can be a conflict of interest. For example, a staff member must
follow the rules of the service but you might want something different. If
there is a conflict of interest, it is generally better for you to ask for help
from a separate advocacy agency. They will be able to independently
advocate on your behalf.

An advocate is a person you choose to speak for you. They make sure that people
listen to you. They might help you with talking or writing letters. There are many
forms of advocacy.

Self-advocacy is when you speak up for yourself. Advocates from agencies can help
you learn about your rights and how to speak up for yourself.

Informal advocacy is when you ask a friend or family member to speak up for you.

Family advocacy is when an advocate works with your parents and family members,
so that the family knows how to best help you.

Citizen advocacy is when an advocacy agency matches you with a volunteer. The
volunteer gets to know you and finds out what you need. They speak up for you and
help you to get the support you need.

Individual advocacy is when an advocate works with a person to sort out bigger
problems. These problems might be neglect, abuse or when your rights are not met.

Advocacy agencies are funded by the Commonwealth Department of Families,
Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA). You can ask one
of these agencies to help you. Their services are free.

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These agencies provide advocacy services in South Australia:

Aged Rights Advocacy Service Inc
This service is for older people
16 Hutt Street
Adelaide SA 5000
PO Box 7234
Hutt Street SA 5000
Phone: 8232 5377 or 1800 700 600 (country callers)

Brain Injury Network of South Australia (BINSA)
This service is for people with acquired brain injury (ABI)
70 Light Square
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 8217 7600 or 1300 733 049 (country callers)

Citizen Advocacy South Australia Inc
This service is for people with intellectual disability
Unit 1, 76 Sturt Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 8410 6644

Disability Advocacy and Complaints Service of SA
470 Marion Rd
Plympton Park SA 5038
Phone: 8297 3500 or 1800 088 325 (country callers)
TTY: 8297 4144

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Disability Rights Advocacy Service (formerly MALSSA Inc)
This service is for people with disability who speak languages other than English
Shop 4, 80 Henley Beach Road, Mile End SA 5031
Phone: 8351 9500

Family Advocacy
This service is for families of people who are registered with Disability Services,
Novita Children’s Services or Autism SA
5 Ninth Street,
Bowden SA 5007
Phone: 8340 4450

Independent Advocacy SA Inc
This service is for people with intellectual disability
99 Frome Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 8232 6200 or 1800 999 884
Fax: 8232 6255

NPY Women's Council Aboriginal Corporation
This service is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability
This service does not cover all of the state or country
Gate 2, 3 Wilkinson Street
Alice Springs NT 0870
PO Box 8921
Alice Springs NT 0871
Phone: 08 8958 2345

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