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The Rockstar Review


									The Rockstar Review
News on Everything Diabetic Rockstar & Fight It Directly to your E-Mail

By The Numbers:
1716 Rockstar Members 269 New Stars This WK. $12,240 Cash Raised $15,200 Donated Supplies 280 Meters Sent

Reader’s Digest “Make It Matter” Is Out

Figure 1 "Photo by Rudy Archuleta 2008 We are very excited (and humbled) by the recognition from the Reader’s Digest “Make It Matter” program. Thank you to those individuals who helped make this possible…And thank you for being important members of our growing community and social movement. If you haven’t read the article, you can check out the online version here. Also, there is a less publicized (But AMAZING) video put together by the online department at Reader’s Digest. Check it out!

Upcoming Events:
The Rockstar Cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines. May 31, 2009 Carnival Cruise Lines has extended the booking period for the Rockstar Cruise, a fundraiser for Fight It that will visit Jamaica, Key West and Grand Cayman over a period of six nights. For more info, you can check out the Group page on DR or contact Kerry, our volunteer organizer, at rockstarcruise @ To book, or talk with a Carnival Cruise Line representative, call:

New York Fundraiser Announced
Our first fundraiser of 2009 will be in New York City on January 29. The event, to be held at Gold Street Bar in the financial district of Manhattan, will be a DJ event featuring our largest prize raffle to date. Come celebrate the recent Reader’s Digest recognition with Christopher Thomas and other Rockstars. The event will begin at 8:30 PM and go until the last person remains standing. Check out the “Facebook Event” page or the DR Event page for more details!

New Member of Our Board of Directors
At a little over a year old, Diabetic Rockstar continues our quest to stabilizing our Board of Directors, and we are excited to announce the latest addition. Aimee Macdonald of Arizona will replace Ashley Stremme effective January 16, 2009.


Organizing a Rockstar benefit event is easy! Our team of Event Planners and Board Members will supply you with everything you need to make a successful and memorable fundraising event. Concerts, DJ Parties, Bowl-A-Thons, you name it, we can help you…help others.

Ashley, one of our longest tenured members of the website, will be taking some time away from the Board to focus on other projects. Her enthusiasm and natural excitement will be missed, and we wish her good luck on all her endeavors. Ashley, like previous Board Members Amy Garay and Sarah Glover, will retain site administrator status. We anticipate (and greedily expect) a return by Ashley sometime in 2009 to our DR Staff in some capacity. Aimee joined Rockstar on November 4th, making her selection to the Board the fastest appointment in your young history. We are extremely excited to add Aimee, as her energy is a shot of adrenaline to our site and staff. Aimee will continue her Chat Room hosting as well as taking on other Board responsibilities. Check out the PDF of our official Diabetic Rockstar Organizational Chart.

E-Mail Us now to start planning your city’s Rockstar Event!

New Features Continuously Added!
As Diabetic Rockstar continues its rapid growth, we are working hard to continue to grow and evolve the main website to fit the needs of our members.

There are two amendments to the chat schedule to announce. The Monday 9:30 “Fight It” chat will be once again be a “New Member Chat”, moderated y Christopher Thomas. We also are pumped up to announce the new “Kids” chat on Saturday afternoons. Check the chat page for full schedules!

Last week we told you about the new custom member search, where you can browse members based on location, age, gender and diagnosis type. Well, we went back to the workshop and produced some more exciting developments. On the Groups page we will be adding some tabs to help members peruse the groups based on things like locations and activities. We posted the Region links yesterday. If you can’t find a group that suits you….Well, create your own! We also replaced the “TRR News” tab with an “About Us”, which is further subcategorized with an updated Terms of Use, the before-mentioned TRR News and the Staff Bios.

The Rockstar Cruise Has a Pre-Launch Party!
If you didn’t know, you should: The 2009 Diabetic Rockstar Cruise still is open for booking! We have locked up half of our allotted rooms, so space is filling fast! As if you needed even more reason to come set sail for some fun in the sun, plans are underway for a special Cruise Party near the port. American Diabetes Wholesale, one of our charitable partners located in Florida, is working with Diabetic Rockstar on putting together a pre-sail extravaganza with tons of merchandise, giveaways (including a Goodie Bag filled with valuable diabetes items for all of our cruisers) and entertainment. Just a reminder, but 6% of all your purchases through ADW are donated back to Diabetic Rockstar to help financially struggling diabetics. To take advantage of this partnership, follow the banner link provided on the bottom left of DR’s main page or call 877-241-9002 and give them the code “diabeticrockstar”.

Groupie of the Week:
Diabetic L.I.F.E.
Make sure to check out this awesome new group!

The New “Chip In” Campaign is Underway
As you know, Diabetic Rockstar relies of the generosity of many individuals, whether it is at events, through sales of Pride or Clothing merchandise, purchases through any of our dozens of partners and donations to fund our non-profit activities. Every so often we unveil a campaign for a specific cause in relation to our overall mission. For the remainder of January through February we are happy to announce a new “Chip In” campaign with 100% of funds raised going to the purchase and distribution of testing strips for those who are financially unable to adequately afford them. Set up similar to our current Paypal method of accepting donations, using the Chip In button provided on the front of Rockstar will start a Paypal process of donating. We are still accepting regular Paypal donations, obviously, but have started this separate campaign exclusively for testing strips, which are the most expensive daily cost associated with diabetes yet also the easiest to “cut corners” with, a dangerous practice to say the least. If you are able to, please donate to this campaign, whether it is just a buck or a hundred. It all makes a difference. Our goal is to raise $1000, which, thanks to our partnerships, could be enough to purchase a month’s supply of strips (of various meters) for anywhere from 40-60 people desperately in need of aid.


Rockstar Everywhere
FACEBOOK: Christopher Thomas Profile The DR “Page” The GROUP The CAUSE YOU TUBE: Diabetic Media MYSPACE: CT’s Myspace

Rockstars…. Spread the Word!
The more people that learn about Diabetic Rockstar, well, the better our Community becomes, and the more people we can help with the charity. Here are some ways you can help spread the word: Posting a Badge on your Myspace or blog Inviting your friends and family Purchasing clothing, stickers or bracelets Did you know that you can also ass RSS feeds of our forum topics and blogs to your website, or on your Facebook and Myspace pages by using custom applications available by those respective sites?

Coming soon… Diabetic Rockstar’s very own official “Myspace”!

Diabetes is a Funny Word
With everything going on lately, we sort of stopped advertising/soliciting for our “Diabetes is a Funny Word”. But have no fear, the project is still in our plans! Submissions for “Diabetes Is a Funny Word”, our collection of humorous diabetesinspired stories, tales, anecdotes and jokes, are open. The summer 2009 release, a fundraiser for Fight It, will be produced and edited by Christopher Thomas and published/distributed by Diabetic Rockstar (Basically meaning the retail price will be significantly lower than most paperbacks in an effort to boost fundraising sales). Writers selected for inclusion (submit early so get your spot, we’ll only take between 12-18 stories and 40-50 anecdotes/jokes) will receive a copy of the book, a bunch of Rockstar merchandise and a gift certificate to Amazon (One of our fundraising affiliates, check the link on the front of DR) or our online clothing store. For more details, e-mail Christopher Thomas.

NEW Websites Coming!
The Diabetic Rockstar family will be growing on February 1st, 2009! We will unveil the following sites:

The Rockstar & Fight It Hall of Fame The Rockstar Mentoring program Adopt-A-Diabetic We currently are looking for web design volunteers to help us build and launch these sites!

Volunteers Needed!
Diabetic Rockstar, Inc. relies on the unbelievable and selfless contributions of a number of volunteers, from our Board of Directors to Mentors, down to Chat Moderators and Site Moderators. We have needs for the following volunteers. If you can help, please contact Chris or Ben!

The Rockstar Review Newsletter is published by Diabetic Rockstar. Diabetic Rockstar, Fight It and The Rockstar Review are created by Christopher Thomas, and maintained by Thomas and the Rockstar Board of Directors, including vice-president Ben Gubar. Contact information: Diabetic Rockstar PO BOX 20503 New York, NY 10021

      

Website Building and Design Chat Moderators Newsletter Design/Editors Legal Public Relations & Marketing Event Organizers Video, Audio and Photography Production

We ESPECIALLY NEED Website builders and Designers as we prepare to launch an additional 3-4 sites under our management by or around February 1st.

To donate to Diabetic Rockstar, click on the Paypal link on the front of DR or send check/money order to Diabetic Rockstar, PO BOX 20503, New York, NY 10021. We also accept new or unused diabetes supplies for distribution through our Fight It program. Products can be sent to: Diabetic Rockstar, Fight It Donations, PO BOX 20503, New York, NY 10021. Non-Profit information for Diabetic Rockstar, Inc. can be obtained by writing to the same address or e-mailing Christopher Thomas.

Christopher Thomas, President Ben Gubar, Vice President

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