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November - Red River Basin Commission


									                                                            Thirty-fifth Meeting
                                                                       of the

                                              Red River Basin Commission
MOORHEAD:                                           November 1 & 2, 2006                                                                WINNIPEG:
119 5th St, PO Box 66                                     Holiday Inn                                                          206-309 Hargrave St
Moorhead, MN 56561-0066                           Grand Forks, North Dakota                                                   Winnipeg MB R3B 2J8
218-291-0422  218-291-0438 F.               Wednesday 1:00 PM – Thursday 4:00 pm                                    204-982-7250  204-982-7255 F.

Wednesday:          November 1, 2006 @ 1:00 PM – Begin the Board Retreat
Thursday:           November 2, 2006 @ 8:30 AM – Finish the Board Retreat
Thursday:           November 2, 2006 @ 11:00 AM – Begin the Board Meeting

Directors: Joe Belford, ND Counties; Brian Charles, MB Municipalities; Lindy Clubb, MB Environmental; Sheryl Corrigan, MN State; Jerry Dahl, MN
Counties; Judith DesHarnais, Federal; Jon Evert, MN Counties; John Finney, MN Watersheds; Tom Fischer, ND Watersheds; Dale Frink, ND State;
Bruce Furness, ND Cities; Dave Gera, MB Municipalities; Dave Glatt, ND State; Jake Gust, ND At-Large; Ron Harnack, MN State; Dean Hildebrand,
ND State; Melissa Hotain, MB Tribal; Eddie Madsen, SD At-Large; Herm Martens, MB Municipalities; Gene Merriam, MN State; Don Norquay, MB
Provincial; R. S. “Bud” Oliver, MB Cities; Donald Osborne, MN Cities; Bill Paulishyn, MB Municipalities; Allen Pemberton, MN Tribal; Riley Rogers,
ND Cities; Sam Schellenberg, MB Water Co-Op; Bill Schwandt, MN Cities; Warren Seykora, MN At-Large; Mike Shkolny, MB Cities; Muriel Smith,
MB Provincial; Chuck Spitzack, Federal; Fred Stark, ND Cities; Genevieve Thompson, ND Environmental; Steven Topping, MB Provincial;
Constance Triplett, ND Counties; Henry Van Offelen, MN Environmental; Ben Varnson, ND Watersheds; Larry Whitney, MB At Large; Dan Wilkens,
MN Watersheds. Vacancies: MN Cities, ND First Nations/Tribal and SD Governor Appointee.

Ex Officio: Duane Boutang, Canada; Judith DesHarnais, USA; David Johnson, for MP Alcock; Valerie Gravseth for Sen. Dayton; Maynard Pick for
MN Rep Peterson; Pam Gulleson for Sen. Dorgan; Joan Carlson for ND Rep Pomeroy; and Curt Kuhl for Sen. Conrad.

Alternates: Donald Elston, ND Watersheds; Ken Evenson, ND Cities; Dennis Fewless, ND State; John Holland, MB Municipalities; Paul Houdek,
ND Cities; Lee Klapprodt, ND State; Glen Koroluk, MB Environmental; Curt Kreun, ND Cities; Rick Martel, MB Water Co-Op; Chuck Meyer, MN
Tribal; Stephanie Miranowski, MN Counties; Oliver Nelson, MB Tribal; Velma Oakland, MN Counties; Ron Osowski, MN Watersheds; Erin Prochnow,
Ex-Officio; William Regehr, MB Provincial; Jon Roeschlein, MN At Large; Allen Ruzicka, ND Counties; Alana Schoenbach, MB Municipalities; Murray
Seymour, MB Municipalities; Paul Swenson, MN Cities; Mark TenEyck, MN Environmental; Robert Thompson, ND At Large; Gary Thompson, ND
Watersheds; Mark Voxland, MN Cities; Hetty Walker, ND Counties; William Weaver, MB At Large; Dwight Williamson, MB Provincial; Robert Wright,
MN Watersheds.


Director Attendance: Dan Wilkins, Herm Martens, Tom Fischer, , Riley Rogers, Bruce Furness, Joe Belford, Dale
Frink, Paul Swenson, Jake Gust, Craig Evens, John Finney, Ben Varnson, Melissa Hotain, Dave Gera, Jim Ziegler,
Jerry Dahl, Bill Paulishyn, Don Norquay, Steve Topping, Muriel Smith, Jon Evert, Henry Van Offelen, Hetty Walker,
Warren Seykora
Alternates Director: Lee Klapprodt, Brenda Elmer, Duane Boutang, Rick Martel, Bob Wright, Stephanie Miranowski
Others: Ken Vein, Garrison Conservancy; Diane Ista, Wild Rice Watershed; Don Buckhout, MN DNR; Steve Maag,
Giddings & Associates; Beth Kurz, EERC; and staff Lance Yohe, April North, Jennifer Steward, Rachel Asleson, Julie
Goehring, Ruth Lewis

     1. Approval of Agenda M/S/C Dahl/Paulishyn to approve the agenda with changes
     2. Approval of September 7, 2006 Minutes (A) M/S/C Martens/Walker to approve the minutes
     3. Executive Director Report – Yohe (B) Report filed with Minutes.
     4. Retreat Follow-up
           a. Discussions and Actions During the retreat, participants discussed possible processes to add
                actions, develop and package the Action Agenda as a manageable tool. The Executive committee will
                use the information gathered at the retreat to develop a 2007 work plan. The Action Agenda will be
                the reporting mechanism for each of the NRFP goals at the Conference.
                M/S/C Thompson/ Martens to put the review of the NRFP Action Agenda and development of the
                State of the Basin Report to the purview of Plan Implementation Committee.
                M/S/C Furness /Thompson to set the RRBC Board of Director meetings quarterly; staff will
                incorporate the necessary tours and retreat as appropriate.
                RRBC encourages people to come to meetings and allow Alternates and Directors to sit at the table
                (differentiate when voting occurs).
     5. Reports
           a. Executive Committee – Wilkens (C) Wilkens reported on the Exec minutes M/S/C Martel
                Thompson to approve and file the minutes of the Executive Committee.

RRBC Minutes November 2, 2006                                                                                                         Page 1 of 4
           b. September Financials– Martens (D) Martens reported on the September Financials. M/S/C
               Martens/Rogers to accept and file the September financials.
                    1. 2005 Audit – Maag Steve Maag Giddings and Associates indicated the audit is a combined
                        US and Canadian report reflecting the accounting of both offices. M/S/C Martens/Evert to
                        accept the 2005 audit.
           c. Nominating Committee –Oliver Yohe reported on the nominating process. The ND Counties were
               nominitated Belford Walker. Cities ND Walaker, Hillsboro, Neilson, DL; Grand Forks Curt Kreun Olson,
               Mayor Moorhead, Breckinridge, Ada & Frazee, Warren. MN Counties will meet at JPB meeting in Nov.
               MN Watersheds at the red board meeting, ND watersheds meeting in Dec; RMs will elect-
               Environmental community strategy for nominations. First Nations/Tribal nations in US visiting in the
               next months. At-large members elected at the conference. All serve a 2year term.
           d. Plan Implementation Committee – Klapprodt Some of the activities of PIC were discussed at the
               board retreat, Klapprodt reported. PIC is attempting to inventory projects and programs in the Basin
               and is working on a survey for this assessment. Some drafts of State of the Basin Reports on flood
               damage reduction and water quality are in review at the committee level. The draft of the FDR will be
               reviewed in detail at the next meeting. PIC wants clear goals and direction from the Board. The WQ
               workshop (April 19, 2006) was successful. In 2007, RRBC will provide a conservation workshop.
                    1. SCD, SWCD, CD Dialogue and Meeting – Lewis The three jurisdictions have set up a
                        planning committee for the Conservation Symposium, held January 22-23, 2007 in conjunction
                        with the conference, Lewis reported. The invitation-only event involves those that are
                        participants in Basin projects from US and Canada.
           e. Legislative–Harnack (Election Report) There will be changes in the board participation due to basin-
               wide elections.
           f. Facilitation/Mediation-Yohe
                    1. Drought Plan Strategy The committee should have a recommendation to bring to the board
                        in January. Out of Basin Discussions This and the Drought Plan Strategy issues are
                        addressed in the RRBC to the BOR letter (January 2006). Pembina Trans-boundary
                        Discussions The need for the discussions regarding (road/dyke) issue came out of the
                        Pembina Tour (June). The subcommittee members are engaged in discussion. There are
                        several studies, by RRBC, and other agencies that are in various stages of development.
                        Yohe reported on three cross boundary issues.
           g. Communications Committee – Evert An international slate of speakers will present during the
               Annual Summit Conference, Evert reported. Polar explorer, Lonnie Dupre the events and speakers of
               the conference. Awards,
                    1. 24th Annual Summit Conference – Asleson Asleson reported 4,000 conference brochures
                        describing the event’s agenda, registration and sponsorship opportunities will be mailed out in
                        the coming days to past participants and partners. Staff has been working on securing
                        sponsorships, $4,100 have been received for the 2007 event. conference theme, The Ripple
                        Effect: Working Today for a Better Tomorrow, reflects the current marketing efforts.
                    2. Water Minutes/Ripple Effect – Goehring 24 ripple effects and water minutes submit articles;
           h. Partnerships:
           Devils Lake- Belford: Devils Lake has gone down 2 feet into Stump Lake; the lakes are equalizing. They
           are preparing for next spring and the problems created by run offs. This year the Devils Lake outlet pump
           did not run due to high sulfates and no flow. Repairs to roads and infrastructure due to wave damage will
           cost the region significant dollars. The cost of re-routing of HWY 281 is around 40 million dollars. Many
           roads are acing as dikes as such the DOT is conducting a study (nearly $70 million) to certify roads as the
           dam capabilities and structures. The water supply line to the city is a critical issue as it was built in 1960s
           and could have a major blowout.
           Rivers West – Martens: RW has worked hard at getting the Red River designated as a heritage river in
           Canada. The conference is in June 2007.
           ND Aquatic Species – Fischer: There has been milfoil found at Dead Colt Creek, a Sheyenne- infestation
           could foul the structures downstream. Fish and Game followed the procedure to treat a barge for zebra
           muscles; the process worked the way it was supposed to.
           Pembina River Basin Advisory Board – Walker: The committee will deal with the issue of the water
           coming in from the west. Next meeting Nov 3, Walhalla

RRBC Minutes November 2, 2006                                                                                  Page 2 of 4
         Roseau River International Watershed – North It was voted that there would not be a Conservation
         district formed, The RRBC will continue to meet regularly as they finalize the Roseau River Watershed
         Plan in MB and talk about areas where they can cooperate.
         South Valley Initiative – Madsen: Lewis reported that the third quarterly meeting was in Sisseton with
         attendance by representatives from Fish & Game and USDA; discussion focused on riparian conservation
         concepts for landowners. Received commitment from NRCS to be involved in the Rapid Watershed
         Assessment. The March meeting will address hydrology issues and recap the education of this year to
         asses what the group wants to achieve. Next meeting Spring 2007
         Joint Powers Board (MN) – Evert: Dahl reported during the next meeting they will elect RRBC officers.
         Next Meeting Nov 30, Mahnomen
         North Chapter – Paulishyn There were some public involved in the September meeting. The next is
         planned for the village of Dunotter.
         International Red River Board – Wilkens: Next meeting January during RRBC Conference
         Aquatic Ecosystem Committee – North: Next meeting January during RRBC Conference
         ND Joint Water Resource Board – Varnson: The Next meeting is Dec 7 in Bismarck. There is
         discussion by the board regarding changes to law and jurisdictional funding mechanisms for the WRD. The
         exec committee will review the plan for the RRWRD.
         RRWMB – Finney: RRWD Submitted ___ setback levee to the 10-year event along the Hay Creek. To
         save effort they can tie it with a FEMA ditch clean-out.
         Upper Sheyenne – Varnson: Two dams selected for reconstruction included fish passages-getting
         partnerships for this activities Next meeting November 17
         Greenway on the Red – Thompson: Restoration activities done for season, CREP comp packages
         strengthen, recreational efforts, US heritage river designation, Game & Fish undertook 12000 acre for
         emergency flood and 3000 for permanent flood plain and can be used for rec. Metro Cog is working on a
         greenway in Fargo; and wants integrated LiDAR mapping to better identify priorities. Looking for
         sustainable funding for the organization and is in the process of restructuring the board.
         IWI – Swenson/Whitney: IWI is working on a basin-wide LiDAR package. There is interest and a cost
         savings to do the entire US portion of the basin at one time. Issues that need attention include the
         ongoing costs, where the info will reside, how to make it publicly accessible and to ascertain cost/ benefits
         ratio. There is a role for RRBC to get funding. Work continues on Nutrient Ion analysis. Hosting a scientific
         conference March 13-15. It is kicked off with the River Watch youths. A new internet flood forecasting tool
         (from IWI and NOAA) will be available in Dec to see what the Weather Service predicts for flooding in your
         area. Beta testing a River Watch public database for data collected by students and schools. Need to work
         with RRBC to build up the River Watch system.
         Flood Damage Reduction Work Group (MN) – Swenson: The technical committee has a subcommittee
         developing guidelines for culvert and ditch design. Phase 1 model is complete and was reviewed at last
         EERC – Kurz: Kurz reported on some of the activities of the EERC. EERC is working to complete the
         Waffle ® economic evaluation with NDSU. Results are to provide policymakers estimates of the cost-
         effectiveness of the Waffle concept and sensitivity of cost-effectiveness to key parameters such as rent
         payments, holding times, etc. Modeling is proceeding using Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) EERC is
         working on the development for HEC RAS model to the CA boarder- the model will soon be ready for use.
         RFP water conservation trust fund for water quality modeling… The Red River Water Management
         Consortium will conduct a field study to look at what forms phosphorus bonds and is transported.
   6. Unfinished Business
           a. EPA – 2 Watershed Initiative Proposals: Working with several partners (ND DoH, GoR, Riparian
              Project, River Watch, ND Extension, Upper Sheyenne, SVI, Water Resource Reps, and other local
              entities) a proposal was developed and circulated for review. After further discussions and
              consideration of the tight timelines, matching fund requirements, and support letter requirements it was
              determined that the proposals would not be sufficiently ready for submittal. The group will meet and
              de-brief on the effort and the concepts and develop strategies to move forward on the identified need,
              from other funding sources, or in preparation for next years round of grants.
           b. Pembina LiDAR RRBC has entered into agreement with PFRA to do the Pembina LiDAR project
              through the sub-contractor: LiDAR International Services, Inc. (LSI). The project is underway, with the
              flyover starting on October 25, 2006. In the course of the agreement discussions, we pursued the
              option of delaying the Pembina LiDAR to link with a proposed basin LiDAR sometime in the future.

RRBC Minutes November 2, 2006                                                                              Page 3 of 4
                Lacking guarantees that the basin LiDAR would have the funds to proceed in the short term (2007)–
                the current funders decided to proceed with the Pembina collect this fall.
             c. CFMP – “Flood Mitigation Strategies” This past summer, IRRB decided to have their Hydrology
                Committee move the CFMP forward. RRBC was to assist. Since there was lack of jurisdictional
                commitment to proceed with a CFMP, a new concept was developed of documenting the Flood
                Mitigation Strategies completed and continuing this course. RRBC prepared a document for the IRRB
                Hydrology Committee review and submitted it to the co-chairs. It is now up to the IRRB Hydrology
                Committee to determine what to do next.
             d. Advanced Flood Warning System Report filed with minutes.
             e. Mike 11 Modeling Session RRBC held a session with basin modelers and agency staff in October.
                Modeling was completed for 20% flow reductions for all tributaries to Grand Forks. Further modeling
                will follow once Manitoba reviews and makes some adjustments to the Manitoba portion of the model.
   7.    New Business
             a. Forecasting Gaps At the September meeting, the National Weather Service suggested that a basin
                network of volunteers, who would record snowfall, snow pack and rainfall, especially in late winter and
                early spring, would be helpful in the modeling and forecasting for spring floods. We should further
                discuss the need and a possible role for RRBC to move this need forward. No action taken.
   8.    Around the Basin Stakeholder Updates (Directors Reports on activities and projects) Topping reported
         In 2005, the province built dykes for the protection of approximately 2,000 cottages on Lake Winnipeg. The
         dykes were tested in 3 storms. Incorporated an Ice Jam …. The Amphibex worked on three tributaries last
         year. The Amphibex was deployed also in Ontario.
         The freeware Google Earth was mentioned to the board.
         There was a cabinet shuffle that resulted in a new Minister of Water Stewardship. Yohe is scheduled to visit
         Minister Christine Melnick next week.
   9.    Other
   10.   Next RRBC Board Meeting: Thursday January 25, 2007 following the Annual Conference.
   11.   Adjournment Adjourned by the Chair

RRBC Minutes November 2, 2006                                                                                Page 4 of 4

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