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									             Official Tournament Application Form                 *This application form is only for tournament registered shops.
                 English Edition Cardfight!! Vanguard Shop Tournament Application Form
                                                                                                                    Tournament Period
                                       Cardfight!! Vanguard                                         April
                                                         Sanctioned Tournament                                Mar/31/2014-Apr/27/2014
                                                         All applications must be submitted by:Mar/10/2014

・This application form is for English Edition Cardfight!! Vanguard only.
・Please email the completed form to your official distributor which you have registered with.
・Official PR card support will be for 「English Edition Cardfight!! Pack Vol.9」(PR cards for April to June period only)
・PR Card Support:「English Edition Cardfight!! Pack Vol.9」 1 random pack (1 card/6 designs total) per player
・Recommended Tournament format: Double Elimination format

◆All released English Edition Cardfight!! Vanguard cards may be used for this tournament.
◆Japanese Edition Cardfight!! Vanguard, counterfeit or modified cards may not be used for this tournament.

*All fields are Mandatory
Shop/Venue name                                                                Organizer's name

Shop/ Venue Address                                                              TEL

                                                                                 FAX                         EMAIL

Tournament information for official homepage updates

*Please block out your preferred dates. **only one tournament is allowed per week (mon-sun)

           mon tue wed thu                         fri     sat   sun                        Start time                   No. of Players

           Mar     Apr
                              2         3          4       5     6
           31       1
            7        8        9        10          11      12    13                    :     ~

           14       15       16        17          18      19    20                    :     ~

           21       22       23        24          25      26    27                    :     ~
        Entry condition(s) such as fees (if any)                         Pre-Registration      Pre-Registration Method
Timings:         Please select a reasonable start time.
Player numbers:                      Please do not apply for player numbers exceeding your available seating area.

Entry Conditions:                    We advise free entry for all players
                                     The recommended maximum entry fee is USD $5.00
Tournament limits:                   Only one (1) tournament is allowed per week
Application cut-off:                 We will not entertain applications past the cut-off date listed.
                                     Please ensure all fields are correctly filled up to facilitate the process.
Tournament report:                   Please ensure timely delivery of tournament reports.
                                     Failure to do so may result in rejection of future applications.
All information regarding tournaments will be posted online at the following sites:

Should you need to make changes to the tournament date(s), please inform us in advance.
We will not entertain changes to tournament dates and times after the cut-off date.
                           Application Closing Date:                           Mar/10/2014 (Monday)
                                                Tel:                           +65 6337 1153

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