Well it's not something I would advise people to go out and do by linzhengnd


									Down under

Well it’s not something I would advise
people to go out and do
It was something kind of thought up on
the spur of the moment
We were in Vanuatu filming for our TV
and the pilot - tually an ex-pat New
Zealander as well
you know in the bar the night before he
was telling me how he used to fly guys
out to do live capture of deer
whether he’d dropped some crazy Kiwi
guys down on to catch a deer
and that planted the seed to me
that and seeing gannets how they catch
their fish
and I just said to him, when we were
flying back from a shoot from an island,
Do you mind if I leap out of the
helicopter and try and catch a fish

They do, and I mean that particular one,
I mean I’ve done a lots of sort of extreme
fishing things
but that one was more or less done as a
and it’s taken off
I mean, it was intended on being a joke
in the first place
but once I got so close to the first time
I figured, you know, I really think I can
do this
and it took me eleven months of
attempts, but I did finally pull it off

Probably the jumping out of the
I’ve handled lots of fish so I wasn’t
scared of the fish
and a marlin’s never deliberately going
to try to run me through with its bill
you just make sure you don’t whistle or
anything like that to get its attention so it
doesn’t look up – because that would be
it’s a well-known thing amongst
fishermen, marlins don’t swim around
with their bills pointing in the air
maybe if it was coming to the surface to
my theory was quite simple
stay away from the pointy bit and I
should be OK
I’ve had a lot tougher sort of fishing
challenges that have been sort of more
challenging, you know, and have been a
lot more physically demanding than that
but it just seems to be that that’s the one
that’s got the attention of media all
around the world

The most physically demanding was
catching a northern pacific bluefin tuna
now these things grow to five hundred
and fifty kilograms, so around twelve
hundred pounds
we’d caught some on our show using
heavy big game fishing tackle
and that was a challenge in itself
it was sort of a seven and a half hour
we caught this magnificent tuna, tasted
wonderful, by the way

fishing technology these days, really put
the odds in the favour of the angler
so to sort of even it up a little bit I went
out in a twelve-and-a-half foot dinghy
and used just the hand line
and went er one hundred kilometers off
of the west coast of New Zealand
in the middle of winter
amidst a bit of a snowstorm at one stage
as well
I hooked this giant tuna on a handline
if you can imagine you know two
hundred and fifty kilograms of muscle
and I’m laying in at about I think seventy
kilograms you know wringing wet
so lets say that that fight was skewed in
the favour of the fish
yes, I’m here to tell the tale

I in fact killed one a couple of weeks ago
we’re still eating it now
I’ve caught in the vicinity of eleven
and I’ve killed nine
but all of those fish have been eaten
and I don’t begrudge anyone
killing a fish to eat in in fact I encourage
if more peopl e participated in fishing
and got their seafood by going and
getting it themelves
the oceans would be teaming with fish
its er
the fish that are being sold in markets
we don’t always know how they’ve been
harvested and a lot of the time
there’s a lot of damage not only being
done to the fish stocks but to the marine
environment and sea [ ] as well

Well I think it is
its our evironment
we’ve got the greatest playground in the
we’ve got great adventure up in our
mouintains and our bush
and we’ve got all this ocean and this
wild environment
and I guess our isolation relative to the
rest of the world
means that we’ve sort of always gone out
and made our own fun
and by the very nature of going out to
catch a marlin
it is extreme and we have those fish here
and er
just like we have wild game in the bush
and that sort of thing

ah, there would be thousands
its unlimited
an ocean of opportunity
there’s always a bigger fish now matter
how big a fish you catch there’s always
one bigger out there
and you don’t know how the sea is going
to behave
it really is unlimited
its limited really only by the imagination

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