Who_Are_My_Heroes by niusheng11


									               THEME: Goal Setting, Reflections and Self-Assessment
Lesson: Who Are My Heroes?
Learning Outcomes
 Students will reflect on the behaviour and personality traits of their heroes, in order to examine
  why they admire this person.

Essential Question:
 How can our heroes help shape the characteristics we would like to see in ourselves?

 Grade 9

 2 x 15 minutes

 Write Essential Questions on the board
 Who Is My Hero handout


Lesson 1 – 15 minutes
1. Write essential question on the board.

2. Engage students in a discussion about their heroes. Guide students in reflecting how their heroes
have changed from when they were young (ie: grade one) up until their present age.

3. Start “Who Is My Hero” worksheet. Review all the questions prior to the students starting, to
ensure they understand what is being asked.

***Optional teaching strategy, teachers may want students to discuss these questions in small groups
of two or three, giving a time limit of 45 - 60 seconds per question. Remind students that these
discussion questions are mainly to get them ready for the Reflection.***

Lesson 2 – 15 minutes
1. Allow students time to finish their worksheet.

2. Discuss how analyzing our heroes can help us find our own goals. Explain that sometimes in
   order to identify our goals, it helps to look at those individuals we admire most. We may admire
   a few things about more than one person; after all, we want to become our own person, not just
   the one we admire. Examining our heroes is just one step in realizing our goals.
                         WHO IS MY HERO? – Reflection Worksheet

1. Who were your heroes when you were five or six years old?

2. What kind of characteristics did they possess?

3. Who were your heroes when you were 10 or 11 years old?

4. How would you describe the personality or behaviours of this hero?

5. Who are your heroes now?

6. Have your heroes changed over time?

7. How have your heroes changed? Why do you think there is a difference?

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