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									                                                     Lesson Plan

Subject Area(s): Computer Literacy                                                 Grade: 1

Computer Lesson: Special Keys/Type to Learn 4



Goals and Objectives

         Knowledge Outcome

             1.   Students will understand that you must use your left hand to type on the left hand side of the

                  keyboard and right hand to type of the right hand side of the keyboard.

             2.   Students will understand that the F and J keys on a keyboard are raised to help you know where

                  your fingers should sit.

             3.   Students will understand the difference between i/l, o/0 keys.

             4.   Students will understand the purpose of the shift, delete, return, space bar

         Performance Outcome

             1.   Students will be able to sit at the computer with the correct posture.

             2.   Students will be able to type with two hands.


         Student will be evaluated on the basis of their ability to sit properly at the computer, keeping two hands on

the keyboard.


         Students need to learn the correct posture for sitting at the computer and realize that they need to use two

hands to type. They need to understand how to use the shift, delete, return, space bar keys.

Materials and Supplies

         MS Word, Type to Learn 4 installed on each computer, each students needs to have an account created for

themselves, keyboard, mouse, headphones, Avermedia

Set Induction

         Today we will be using an application called Type to Learn 4, which will help us become better typers. We

will be using two hands to type and we are going to try to sit the correct way at our computers as well.

         There is a correct way to sit at a computer. You should have your feet on the floor in front of your chair,
          your back should be straight and both hands should be up by the keyboard. Show students this using one of
          the computers in the room. Make sure they can see each of the 3 points mentioned.
         Using the AverMedia show students the “teachers keyboard” – Which keys look different from the rest?
          The f and j keys should look different since the both have a bump on them.
         Place you left index finger on the f key and your right on the j key. Tell kids to notice that you left hand sits
          on the left hand side of the keyboard and your right hand sits on the right hand side.
         Any keys on the right hand side of the keyboard should be typed with right hand. Any keys on the left hand
          side should be typed with you left hand.
         Open MS Word so kids can see the following keys/letters being typed.
         Call out letters/keys and ask kids which hand should type that letter.
         Point out the following letters/keys and discuss their importance. Delete, shift, space bar, return, comma,
          period, question mark, exclamation point, o/0, i/l – Look at each row of keys.
         The space bar is the largest key on the keyboard and we can use our thumbs to press that key to make a
          space in between words and letters.
         Show the students the desktop of your machine using the overhead projector. She them how you click on
          the TTL4 icon on the desktop to open the app.
         Once they are in the app they much type in their username and password, which are the same.
         Give directions to students on how to use the program. Follow directions that are given on screen.
         Make sure that you keep both hands on the keyboard and sit up tall and straight.


          Students will learn to close out of the application and clean up their workstation. They should 1st click the
icon of the door and then the exit button. When they are finished closing out of the application they need to put their
headphones on the hook, stand up and push their chair under the desk.

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