Foundation Doctor Induction - London Deanery by hcj


									Foundation Doctor Induction

  Philippa Shallard, Manager NW Thames Foundation School
   Dr Clare Van Hamel, Director, Severn Foundation School
                 Dr Charlotte Askew, F2 NWTFS
            Structure of Session

1.   Background: Philippa Shallard
2.   F1 Induction survey results: Clare Van Hamel
3.   F2 Induction: Charlotte Askew
4.   Discussion on Best Practice: Audience
5.   Conclusions: Philippa Shallard
Transition Time
            Preparation for F1
• Different for each Medical School
  – Practical medicine courses
  – Compulsory shadowing
        Transfer of Information
• Declaration from Medical School to
  Foundation School and F1 Trust
  – Health and welfare
  – Educational progress
• Only as good as the Medical School makes it
  – Surprises each year
           Induction pre-2012
• No national guidelines on length or content
• Some 2 weeks, some 2 days
  – Some paid, some unpaid
• 1st Wednesday in Aug =‘Black Wednesday’
  – 2009 publication findings
• Shadowing/induction pilots at Bristol, East
  Anglian and Cardiff
  – ‘From Scared to Prepared’
                     Induction 2012
• March 2012 Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director
  announced compulsory 4 days paid shadowing/induction
  before first Wed in Aug
• Key Learning Outcomes:
   – Demonstrate they are familiar with new working environment
   – Describe their responsibilities for safe and effective patient care,
     including how to seek supervision
   – Demonstrate familiarity with IT systems & procedures
   – Understand what their roles & responsibilities are, and their
             What Went Well
• Shadowing outgoing F1
• Introduction to other members of clinical
• Top tips from outgoing F1
  – F1 handbooks very useful and all Trusts should
    have one
• Lectures on prescribing fluids, insulin and
   Areas for Improvement in 2013
• Outgoing F1s need guidance & objectives to meet when
  showing an incoming F1 around
   – Consider induction checklist for all outgoing F1s
   – Ensure outgoing F1s know this is an expected part of their job
• Many F1s were on leave so incoming F1 had no one to
   – Consider restricting F1 leave on 1,2,5,6 Aug 2013
• Tour of whole Hospital by outgoing F1
• Familiarisation with all equipment & IT systems the F1 is
  required to use
• Guidance on who to ask for help out of hours
• E-Portfolio induction from outgoing F1 as well as PG Centre
   Areas for Improvement in 2013
• Shadowing best done in the morning so incoming F1 sees
  handover & ward rounds to give best idea of what job is
• If incoming F1 is starting on call or on nights then must
  shadow an on call or a night
• Suggestion that incoming F1 shadows outgoing F1 on day 1
  then visa versa on day 2
• Run a virtual patient admission with incoming F1s deciding
  actions at each stage and using appropriate forms etc
• Explanation of different shifts & where to go to and who to
  report to
• ID badges, log-ins etc. given out on first day of induction
   – Some did not have these 2-3 weeks into the job!

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