THE KILLS by forrests


									THE KILLS
We met in London, kind of looked at one another and wrote each other down. At the end of a different year, we met again, shook hands, decided to write music together / trans continentally. I was living in America, renting a cheap room, had a borrowed 4-track and a mic made out of a telephone. I sent him tapes. He‟d send me his. We‟d add to each other‟s and send them back and forth. That lasted about 6 months. Neither of us really liked doing it that way. It took too long; it wasn‟t spontaneous. The waiting amounted to so much anxiety. One morning I bought a plane ticket when I got the cash together, called him and said, “I‟m coming, I‟m moving.” January 1, 2000 ended the „postmark‟ sessions. We spent the first couple of months together trying to fix all his broken gear. I don‟t recall us ever successfully fixing a goddamned thing. We wound up going out and buying a couple of 2 dollar guitars from a junk shop and locking the door for four to five months. We did our first recording on a one-legged quarter inch machine over reels of foreign news radio programs. After that we wrote the „Black Rooster‟ ep and booked some time at Toe Rag studios in London, with Liam Watson. Before we went in, we did a few gigs to see if we could pull the songs off live, the two of us. It worked; so we needed a name. 23/02/02 we became The Kills. Two days later we went in and recorded „Cat Claw‟, „Black Rooster‟ and „Wait‟, which combined, were originally recorded as a demo. My visa was to expire by summer; I needed to leave the country. So we booked a 3 month tour of the states for June, July and August. We‟d played 5 or 6 gigs in London

when we flew out. By the time we flew home at the end of August, we‟d driven 14,000 miles, melted two tyres, collected a combined thousand dollars in speeding fines and played over 50 gigs. We filmed each day, including our brief visit to the Ohio Marion County Jail for trying to outrun an officer on route 23. And during a few days off in Detroit, we shot the super-8 films for „Wait‟. We returned to London, did a short tour of the UK and finished at the ICA. We flew to New York again the next morning for another tour, a month that combined the north, south and midwest. Again we wound up in New York and were due to return to London but lost our plane tickets and spent the rest of our cash on a room on 23rd. By the time we made it back, 8/11/02, we were in Toe Rag again and began recording Keep On Your Mean Side on 13/11/02 and finished on the 30th. Mastered on 3/12/02 at Abbey Road, and left on tour with Primal Scream on the 7th. The Kills release their debut album, Keep On Your Mean Side, on March 10th. Further information: Amanda Freeman at Sainted PR on 020 8962 5700 or

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