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Pieces of History - List Counsellors Inc by pengxuebo


									                Pieces of History Military Memorabilia
                 Suppliers of military medals, books, videos, wings, and badges

                       118,323        Last 12 Month Buyers                 100.00/M
                        25,000        Aviation Book Buyers                  +5.00/M
                        33,000        Military Book Buyers                  +5.00/M
                        46,000         USA Badges/Medals                    +5.00/M
                         9,700       Foreign Badges/Medals                 150.00/M
                        15,000              Gift Buyers                    125.00/M
                        28,201             Multi Buyers                    +10.00/M
                        31,000       L-03 Month Buyers-Avg                 +10.00/M

Profile: Pieces of History is one of the world's largest suppliers of military medals, books,
videos, wings, and badges. The catalog is filled with thousands of military items dating back
to the civil war and beyond. Included in their inventory are: Shoulder Sleeve Insignias,
Special Forces & Elite Forces Insignias, Airborne Ovals, Airborne Flashes - Badges - Wings,
and Army Astronaut Wings... just to name a few.

                                92% attending/graduating College
                              40% purchased military related books
                                         Average age is 55
                                         Unit of Sale: $75
                                        Gender: 88% Male
                              Source: 40% Direct Mail – 60% Space
                               Selects: Geo $8/M & Gender $8/M
                                       Format: Email $75/F

Updates: Quarterly

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America Remembers                   International Home Shopping              Patton Museum Foundation
American Legion National Hdqtrs     National Maritime Historical Society     Sportsman’s Guide
Design Toscano                      National Museum of the US Army           Weider History Group
Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller       National Rifle Association
General Aviation News               MBI Postal Commemorative

                                  List Counsellors, Inc.
                                    609-259-0600 phone
                                     609-259-7753 fax
                       Contact with your inquiries

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