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									Pre-conditions of your registration: 1. You have to be affiliated (as a staff member or regular volunteer) with an organisation involved in HRE/EDC and/or intercultural learning in the EU or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Turkey. 2. Your participation is binding after you have received a written confirmation from the conference office. Should you be unable to attend the conference, please notify us in writing as soon as possible. In case you have to cancel your participation later than 10 Oct 2008, we have the right to charge you for the accommodation costs. 3. With the registration you indicate your preferences for workshops and discussion groups. Should the interest in certain groups be unexpectedly high, please consider alternative options. 4. Please fill out ALL the blanks in the registration form. The description of your organisation and your motivation will help us to create appropriate networking opportunities for the conference. 5. Registration Deadline is 31 Aug 2008. We will notify you via e-mail until 15 Sep if your registration is accepted. Should there be more applications than conference seats available a selection will be made on the basis of the individual motivation and the composition of diverse organisational profiles, geographical and gender balance.

Finances: Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 300,- €. Flight tickets can only be accepted if the distance exceeds 400 km. Taxi costs cannot be accepted. Please arrange your journey in the most economical manner, (APEX or discount airfare, economy class plane ticket or second class rail fare). DARE will arrange your accommodation in the Hilton Danube. Please indicate if you prefer to share a double room, which would allow us to invite more participants. All lunches, dinners and coffee breaks announced in the programme will be covered.


Registration Form: Vienna Conference 14 – 16 November 2008 A. Organisation: Full legal name of the organisation: Country (in English): Name of the organisation in English: Full postal address of the organisation: Phone/fax of the organisation: Website of the organisation: Description of the organisation (ca. 1,000 characters):

B. Participant: First Name: Last Name: Function within the organisation: Full postal address of the participant, if different from the organisation: E-mail: Phone (landline for international calls): Cell (international calls): Languages: Description of your motivation to participate in the conference (ca. 1,000 characters):


C. Please indicate your preferences for the following workshops and discussion groups during the conference (please give numbers: 1 for first preference, 2 for second, 3 for third, 4 for fourth and 5 for fifth preference)

□ Presentation and Discussion: Teaching complex issues like the EU and globalisation in adult learning □ Workshop: How to teach and learn about children´s rights (in German language) □ Workshop: EDC/HRE: Teaching and learning through key concepts □ Workshop: Arguing against racist prejudices and xenophobia □ Workshop: Working against homo-/transphobia without giving in to racist stereotypes □ Workshop: Reshaping Intercultural Learning □ Workshop: Betzavta (“togetherness”) training based on an innovative conflict-based educational concept □ Workshop: Gender-based discrimination - Viewing gender from different angles □ Workshop: Intercultural competences in adult education: assessment criteria and models □ Workshop: Disability as diversity: towards an inclusive society. Enabling the disabled by disabling discrimination □ Workshop: Theatre of the Oppressed methodologies □ Workshop: Web.2.0, social software, intercultural communication and EDC/HRE □ Discussion group 1: Developing a coherent policy framework for EDC/HRE in Europe: Research meets practitioners meet policy makers from the European to the local level □ Discussion group 2: Practices, concepts and strategies for the integration of migrants and other minority representatives in the work of EDC/HRE-NGOs D. Additional Information for the Conference Office: Is more than one person from your organisation applying for the conference? If so, please give the other applicant´s name here: I would like to share a double room with: Do you have any special needs the conference office should know about (dietary, mobility)?


I confirm that the information given above is complete and correct.

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Please send, fax or e-mail this registration form (p 5/6) until 31 August 2008 to: DARE c/o Mr Reinhard Eckert Zentrum polis - Politik Lernen in der Schule Helferstorferstraße 5/1, A-1010 Wien Tel.: +43-1-42 77-274 43 Fax: +43-1-42 77-274 30


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