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List of most Centers



Name                                               Acronym Director
Advanced Computing and Communications
                                                   ACCT        Charles Morrow-Jones
Technologies Lab
Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and
                                                   ACCAD       Maria Palazzi
Aeronautical and Astronautical Research
                                                   AARL        Gerald M. Gregorek
Agricultural Technical Institute                               Chris O. Igodan
Airworthiness Assurance Center of Excellence       AACE        Carol Gregorek
American Language Program                                      Louis W. Holschuh
Animal Genetics Lab                                            Michael Davis
Aquatic Ecology Lab                                            Roy A. Stein
Arabic Individual Language Learning Center                     Margaret Mills
Bacillus Genetic Stock Center                                  Daniel R. Zeigler
Biochemical Instrument Center                                  Richard P. Swenson
Biodynamics Laboratory                                         William Marras
Biomedical Engineering Center                                  Mauro Ferrari
Borror Lab of Bioacoustics                                     Doug Nelson
Bosendorfer Lab                                                Peter Tender
Byrd Polar Research Center                                     William Berry Lyons
Campus Chemical Instrument Center                  CCIC        Ming-Daw Tsai
Campus Electron Optics Facility                    CEOF        Hamish L. Fraser
Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility             CMIF        Dick Burry
Center for Accelerated Maturation of Materials     CAMM        Hamish L. Fraser
Center for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
                                                   CAMMAC Robert H. Wagoner
of Automotive Components
Center for Advanced Polymer and Composite
                                                   CAPCE       L. James Lee
Center for Advanced Processing and Packaging
                                                   CAPPS       Steven J. Schwartz
Center for Advanced Study in
                                                               Thomas A. McCain
Center for African Studies                                     Okey Onyejekwe
Center for Automotive Research and Intelligent
                                                   CAR-IT      Georgio Rizzoni
Center for Aviation Research and Aerospace
                                                   CARAT       Nawal Taneja
Center for Biostatistics                                       Stanley Lemeshow
Center for Cognitive Science                                   Peter Culicover

Center for Epigraphical & Paleographical Studies               Stephen V. Tracy
Center for Excellence in Manufacturing
                                                               William L. Berry
Center for Folklore Studies                                    Amy Shuman
Center for Health Outcomes, Policy & Evaluation                Dev Pathak
Center for Health Policy Studies                               Stephen F. Loebs
Center for Human Resource Research                             Randall J. Olsen
Center for Industrial Sensors and Measurements     CISM        Henk Verweij
Center for Information Technology Management                   Waleed Muhanna
Center for Integrated Design (proposed)
Center for Intelligent Transportation Research     CITR        Umit Ozguner
Center for International Programs                              Cheryl Ryan

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Center for Labor Research                                     Charles J. Slanicka
Center for Lake Erie Area Research                CLEAR       Jeffrey M. Reutter
Center for Latin American Studies                             Jerry Ladman
Center for Law, Policy, and Social Science                    Canukke Gebert
Center for Learning Excellence                                Donna Evans
Center for Mapping                                            Joel L. Morrison
Center for Materials Research                     CMR         Arthur J. Epstein
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies                   Anna A. Grotans
Center for Molecular Environmental Health         CMEH        Randall E. Harris
Center for Molecular Environmental Health                     George E. Milo
Center for Real Estate Education and Research                 Ronald Racster/Anthony Sanders
Center for Retrovirus Research                                Lawrence Mathes
Center for Slavic and East European Studies                   Irene Masing-Delic
Center for Socio-Legal Studies                                L. Camille Hebert
Center for Special Needs Populations                          Larry A. Magliocca
Center for Stress and Wound Healing                           Ronald Glaser
Center for Survey Research                                    Paul J. Lavrakas
Center for the Study of Teaching of Writing                   Beverly Moss
Center for Urban and Regional Analysis            CURA        Edward J. Malecki

Center on Education and Training for Employment   CETE        W. Michael Sherman
Central Ohio Center for Economic Education                    Abbejean Kehler
Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory                      David D. Woods
Comprehensive Cancer Center                       CCC         David E. Schuller
Confocal Microscopy Facility                                  Richard W. Burry
Criminal Justice Research Center                              Ruth Peterson
Die Casting Research Laboratory                               R. Allen Miller
East Asian Studies Center                                     Bradley Richardson
Edgar Dale Media Center                                       Donna Evans
Eisenhower Clearinghouse for Science and
                                                  ENC         Leonard J. Simutis
Mathematics Education
ElectroScience Laboratory                         ESL         Walter D. Burnside
Engineering Research Center for Net Shape
                                                  ERC/NSM Taylan Alton
ERIC Clearinghouse on Science, Mathematics &
                                                  ERIC/SMEEavid L. Haury
Environmental Education
F. T. Stone Laboratory                                    Jeffrey M. Reutter
Fontana Corrosion Center                          FCC     Gerald Frankel
Food Industries Center                                    Winston D. Bash
Forbes Center                                             ?
Frank W. Hale Jr. Black Cultural Center                   Larry Williamson Jr.
Gas Turbine Lab                                           Michael G. Dunn
Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Research
                                                              Donald R. Houser
General Clinical Research Center                              William B. Malarkey
Graphics and Animation Laboratory                             Rick Parent
Great Lakes Aquatic Ecosystem Research
                                                  GLAERC Jeffrey M. Reutter
Heart and Lung Research Institute                        Mark D. Wewers
Imaging Sciences Laboratory                       ISL    Bruce Atwood
Information Processing Systems Laboratory                Randy Moses
Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research               Ronald Glaser

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Institute for Chinese Studies                                    Julia F. Andrews
Institute for Collaborative Research and Public
                                                                 Christian K. Zacher
Institute for Ergonomics                                         William S. Marras/Phillip J. Smith
Interactive Television Program in Advanced
                                                     ITP-APM Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier
Political Methodology
International James Joyce Foundation                         ?
James Cancer Hospital and Research Institute                 Clara Bloomfield
Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre
                                                                 Alan L. Woods
John Glenn Institute for Public Service and Public
                                                                 Deborah Merritt
John W. Wilce Student Health Center                              Ted W. Grace
Justice for Children Project                                     Katherine Hunt Federle
Laboratory for Applied Superconductivity and
                                                     LASM        Ted Collings
Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research      LAIR        John R. Josephson
Low Temperature Physics Lab                                      R. Kent Ludwig
Martha L King Reading Center                                     Carol Lyons
Materials Preparation Facility                                   Margarita I. Rokhlin
Mathematical Research Institute                      MRI         Mike Davis
Melton Center for Jewish Studies                                 T. M. Rudavsky
Mershon Center                                                   R. Ned Lebow
Microscopic and Chemical Analysis Research
                                                     MARC        John Olesik
Middle East Studies Center                           MESC        Alam Payind
Midwest Universities Consortium for International
                                                     MUCIA       William L. Finn
Mining and Minerals Resources Research Institute                 Yogeshwar Sahai
Museum of Biological Diversity                                   John Wenzel
National Arabic Language & Culture Institute                     Margaret Mills
National Association for Research in Science
                                                 NARST           Arthur L. White
National East Asian Language Resource Center                     Diane Birckbichler/Galal Walker
National Regulatory Research Institute               NRRI        Raymond W. Lawton
Network-based Computing Laboratory                               P. Sadayappan
Networking and Telecommunications Research
                                                                 Ray Jain
Neurobiotechnology Center                                        Pappachan E. Kolattukudy
Nisonger Center                                                  Steven Reiss
Nuclear Reactor Lab                                  NRL         Don W. Miller
Office of University Lab Animal Resources                        William P. Yonushonis
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development
                                                     OARDC       Steven A. Slack
Ohio Biological Survey                               `           Brian J. Armitage
Ohio Mineral Research Institute                                  Yogeshwar Sahai
Ohio Sea Grant College Program                                   Jeffrey M. Reutter
Ohio State Carbonation and Ash Reactiviation         OSCAR       L. S. Fan
Ohio Supercomputer Center                            OSC         Russell M. Pitzer

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Ohio Technology Transfer Research Resource
                                                     OTTRRP Robert E. Bailey
Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and
                                                                John Corrigan
Olentangy River Wetland Research Park                           William J Mitsch
Orton Geological Museum                                         Stig M. Bergstrom
Pain Control Center                                             Glen Gravlee
Physics Electronics Lab                                         Vijay K. Sehgal
Piketon Research and Extension Center                           Donald McFeeters
Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
                                                     PMBB       Bobby D. Moser
Policy Research for Ohio-Based Education             PROBE      Franklin Walter
Program in Spatial Statistics and Environmental
                                                     SSES       Noel Cressie
Radio Observatory                                               John D. Kraus
Radiochemistry Laboratory                                       Robert Brueggemeier
Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory                                   E. Scott Bair
Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies                     Pedrag Matejic
Rothenbuhler Bee Lab                                            Susan W. Cobey
Sophie Rogers Laboratory School                                 Michelle Sanderson
Spectroscopy Institute                                          Terry A. Miller
Sports Medicine Center                                          Doug DiOrio
Survey Research Unit                                            Gerald M. Kosicki
The Institute for Japanese Studies                              Bradley M. Richardson
Transportation Research Center of Ohio               TRC        Maria Soliman
University Center for International Studies                     Anthony Mughan
Upward Bound Program                                            Charles Hancock
Van de Graaff Lab                                               Howard M. Dyke
Water Resources Center                                          Earl Whitlatch
West European Studies Program                                   David Cressy
Western European Studies Center                                 Anthony Mughan
Wexner Center for the Arts                           WCA        Sherri Gelden

World Media and Culture Center - opening in 2003

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