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					                                                  I ADMIRE…                                         Londonne Ayers
                                                                                                      Sept.20, 2010
                                                                                                      Hum 8 Blk. A/E

       When I moved to Canada, Ms.Walker, my 3rd grade teacher, was the only consistent face I saw other than

those of my own family. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see her everyday of the week. The reason for that is

Mr.Wojuck was our teacher on Thursdays and Fridays. I think I connected better with Ms.Walker rather than

Mr.Wojuck because she was a girl. She helped me find friends in this strange new country and introduced me to the

Nancy Drew series. To this day I have kept those friendships and love Nancy Drew books.

       I admire Ms. Walker because she helped me with the transition of one country to another. I also admire her

for her many roles. You now know she was my teacher, but she’s also a life guard, a friend, a black-belt, a

caretaker (for her mother in Victoria), and my mom’s swimming buddy. Plus, she strengthens my mom’s swimming

(in exchange for some of my mom’s pie). They don’t swim together as often now because Ms. Walker is living in

Victoria with her very ill mother.

       I’m amazed at how healthy she keeps herself and others around her. For me that’s a talent as well as a

characteristic. Her most important qualities and/or characteristics to me are that she is caring, loving, kind,

energetic, and motherly. I think so highly of Ms. Walker, that if someone were to be better than her in any way, they

must have touched heaven or done something of equal significance. I’m so glad Ms. Walker has been in my life for

so many reasons. I wish I could see her more often than I do now. And I also wish I could know more about such an

incredible person.

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