OLRM Affiliated Guild Roster

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					Thank you for taking the time to fill out this important information.

Here are some simple instructionsto insure that we receive all the correct data:

1) Please turnon your CAPS LOCK now. This will allow us to directly import this information into ou
withoutcorrection. Also please use the 2 letter abbreviation for you state if you live in the USA.

2) After reading the instructionsclick on the tab below titled "OLRM Affiliated Guild Roster"

3) On the first row provide the basic information for the guild. Please use the guild name in the nam
other informatiion matches your information please fill it in anyway.

4) In the remaining rows fill in the information for ALL your guild members including yourself.

5) Save this information often as you work!

6) Once you have entered information for all members save one last time.

7) Open you email software, and begin a new email addressed to

8) Attach this file BEFORE sending your email.

9) Send the email - That's all.

Thanks again for all your work for the Queen of Heaven.
 t data:

 port this information into our database
 if you live in the USA.

ated Guild Roster"

e the guild name in the name collumn. If the

s including yourself.

OLRM Affiliated Guild Roster

                                                                     State or
Member Name           Mailing Address 1   Mailing Address 2   City            Postal Code   Country/ Region   Phone Number   E-Mail Address

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