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Hero's Jouney


									Siddhartha Gautama
The Hero’s Journey
       What’s in it for you?
What is the Hero’s Journey?

  It is the archetype (paradigm)
  of all human experience
  through major life transitions,
  particularly the transition
  from adolescence into
(term, coined by Carl Jung)
It is the process of the
development of the self,
achieved by resolving the
conflicts arising at life’s
transitional stages, in particular
the transition from adolescence
                    to adulthood
Hero’s Journey -
 3 Basic Elements
§ Separation
    (after Call)
§ Transformation
   (confronting Shadow)
§ Return
    (to Community)
 Small Group Qs:
§ What do I see as my life task for
  the next 4 years?

§ When will I figure out what I’m
  going to do with my life?

§ What do I want to do at this point
  in my life?
                     Siddhartha Gautama
Siddhartha’s Journey
  Why was Prince Siddhartha
  unhappy, even though he
  had everything?
• CALL - What was the goal of
         Siddhartha’s quest?

• TEMPTATION - What was
        Mara’s argument?
• RETURN - What was
       Siddhartha’s gift?
“The Buddha’s Journey” - Stages
• Siddhartha’s life before Call
  • His Call to Adventure

     • Threshold of Adventure; Guardians
            • Challenges and Temptations
                  • Helpers; Mentor
                       • Abyss
                            • Revelation
The Hero Journey chart
3 Basic Elements
 § Separation
     (after Call)
 § Transformation
     (confronting Shadow)
 § Return
     (to Community)
Step 1 - Separation (The Call)
 § Would-be hero senses imbalance or
   disharmony when she is called.
§ The Call invites the initiate into the
  adventure; to cross the Threshold
  (often assisted by a mentor or guide).
§ The initiate has something taken from her,
  her family or her society and her quest is
  to reclaim it (senses something is lacking in
  her life and must find what’s missing).
Step 2- Initiation & Transformation
    § Initiate begins the journey into the
      unknown. On the voyage she goes deeper
      into the unknown; requires risk-taking.
    § On the journey the initiate faces a series of
      challenges (temptations?) By meeting these
      successfully, over time, she is transformed.
    § These challenges reflect the initiate’s needs
      and fears and require her to face
      ‘the dark side’ in the Abyss.
Step 2- Initiation & Transformation
   § When she reaches the Abyss, the initiate
     faces the greatest challenge of the journey;
     must surrender self completely and face
     fears alone.
   § Here, facing the dark side, is where she
     must “slay the dragon.”
   § In this part of the journey the child moves
     from dependence to independence. Some
     do not succeed and retreat temporarily.
Step 3 - Revelation and Return
§ After overcoming fears, transformation
  becomes complete.
§ Transformation:
     ü From fear to courage
     ü From ignorance to enlightenment
     ü Dependency to independence and
        personal power
 § Atonement: Initiate becomes at-one with
   her new self.
Step 3 - Revelation and Return
 § Transformation (through “crisis”) has
   brought the initiate into harmony with life
   and the world. In a real sense she has been
   § Revelation = Gift received (i.e., new level
     of skill and awareness)
     § Christian message: Die to ourselves so
       that we might be “born again.”
   The Pattern of the Quest
                             Return at a
                             Higher Level

The Known      The Unknown    The Known
 The Call Refused ?
“…If we turn away and oppose these
forces of life, we push them deep into the
   From here these gods have a great deal
of power.
   To realize themselves in human
consciousness, these gods will knock, in
the shape of crises, at the door of our
      - Friedemann Wieland, The Journey of the Hero
       Facing the Known
§ What is your “Call to Adventure?”
  (identify what excites you about your
  transition into college)

§ Are there times when you want to
           “refuse the Call”?
§ What do you find assists you in this
  transition? (mentor? aid?)
   Facing the Unknown
§ What are your greatest fears about
  crossing the threshold to college?
  § Which, if any, of these is your

    § What can you do to help alleviate
      these fears?
       Call Refused?
§ When someone refuses the Call, she is
  refusing her own need to grow.
§ She is refusing the power and freedom that
  come with “rebirth.”
§ The journey/ adventure which would have
  liberated the hero, giving confidence and
  power, causes dependence and fear instead.
§ By rejecting growth, the non-hero
  surrenders her ability to act.
  Carpe Diem!

Seize the Day!
Philosophers’ Stone
• The “stone” sought by ancient
alchemists which was reputed to
turn all other metals into GOLD

• Believed to grant immortality to
the bearer; (e.g., the Holy Grail)

• Represents Destiny/ Dream/
3 Steps in Walking the Labyrinth
1. Journey inward: Imagine your
   journey; What is your Call?
2. Transformation and illumination;
   arrival at the center; acceptance
   of the call.
    3. Revelation and Return

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