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									                                Financial Aid Information

Our goal is to make enrollment at The Kingsbury Center available to all students who would
benefit from the Kingsbury difference. Many Kingsbury students receive funding from their local
school districts, and we strongly encourage non-funded families to pursue funding to help defray
the costs of tuition, counseling and therapies. Other funding options include educational funding
organizations, religious and civic organizations, and even grandparent gifts.

The financial aid program at Kingsbury Day School is guided by our belief that parents have an
obligation to pay the educational expenses of their children to the extent that they are able. The
purpose of the financial aid program is to fill the gap between the actual cost of a year’s tuition
and what a family can realistically be expected to pay toward this cost.

Need-Based Financial Aid

Once a student has been offered admission and the family has applied for financial aid, a
need-based award is determined on the basis of demonstrated financial need without regard to
gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, and national or ethnic origin.

How Demonstrated Need is Determined

Financial aid awards are decided by the Financial Aid Committee. Parents requesting financial
aid are required to complete the on-line National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS) Parent’s Financial Statement (PFS), and
submit their 2013 Federal income tax return.

The methodology used by the Financial Aid Committee to determine the parental contribution
considers many items, including gross taxable income, assets, liabilities, the age of parents,
family size and the number of students in tuition-charging schools. After an allowance for basic
necessities and taxes, the remaining funds are considered income available for education. The
parental contribution calculated by the Financial Aid Committee might differ from the NAIS/SSS

Required Financial Aid Documents

Kingsbury requires the following two documents in order for a family to be considered for
Financial Aid:

 1. 2013 Federal income tax return as soon as it becomes available.

 2. PFS report from NAIS/SSS. This report is sent to us directly from the NAIS/SSS after you
    complete the PFS form. The form can be filled out on-line at
Frequently Asked Questions

How do we apply for financial aid?

       Submit a copy of your 2013 tax return to Kingsbury as soon as it becomes available.
        February 17, 2014.

What is SSS?

The SSS is an agency that calculates financial need based on income, assets, expenses,
dependents and other factors. The SSS reports to the school an amount it has determined the
family can afford for an independent school education. This value, along with other financial
considerations, is reviewed to determine the level of financial aid for which the family qualifies.

How do I know if my family will qualify for financial aid?

The Admissions Office will notify families in April whether and how much financial aid they were

What is the difference between financial aid and a scholarship?

“Scholarships” are merit-based awards, which Kingsbury does not offer. Financial aid grants are
awarded on the basis of need, as determined by the Kingsbury Financial Aid committee. Any
student who is accepted to Kingsbury may apply for financial aid.

Could requesting assistance negatively affect the chances of being accepted for admissions?

No. Admissions decisions and financial aid decisions are made independently.

                                     FINANCIAL AID CHECK LIST

_____ Parent Financial Statement (PFS) mailed to the address on the PFS booklet by February
17, 2014 or completed on-line at by February 17, 2014.

_____ Submit copy of federal income tax return for 2013 as soon as it becomes available.

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