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					Dear Bruno, We have a very important matter to discuss with you again. The World SMEs Forum is the most essential reason to be supported by other supporters and sponsors whether they will provide us with budgets to organize the GA meeting. We do need your kind cooperation from the WTPF and other worldwide Trade Points to reschedule the program again. Otherwise, we will not be supported with enough budgets for this meeting. However, we have other important reasons which I like to let you know. 1. The government and private agencies are ready to support the GA meeting in Thailand. Anyway, they think only GA meeting cannot fully benefit to the country’s SMEs. Additional activities should be organized at the same time to promote more benefits to all sectors. 2. The supporters and sponsors would like to have the World SMEs Forum organized at the same time since the WTPF carries on duties to help and promote SMEs. The two important events can go well together and will provide more advantages to SMEs directly. 3. It is not neccessary for the WTPF to be an organizer. But the WTPF can promote the organization and networks to all SMEs enterpreneurs and participants of this event. We would like to invite you as the President of the WTPF to be our speaker for the World SMEs Forum. Also, all Trade Points will be invited to participate this event. Moreover, the Economic Ministers of all Trade Points are welcomed to join, too. 4. Apart from benefits to the WTPF, all Trade Points in every region can obtain full benefits from this event in terms of economic cooperation and others. Additionally, we have the space for the WTPF to organize its exhibition so as to introduce its network and services. 5. I admit that at the time we asked the government agencies to help support the GA meeting in Thailand, we were fully supported by them. However, some uncontrollable problems due to the political reasons occur when the event is approaching. I would like you to recognize this main point and understand our situation. 6. The changed date of the GA meeting, hopefully, will not affect to other things because we can inform all Trade Points again. However, the program schedules are still based on the former schedule, just only changing the first date (7 November) for the World SMEs Forum and the rest (8-9 November) for the GA meeting. On the other hand, if we can organize the World SMEs Forum on the date we ask for your approval, it is highly possible that the least developed countries will be supported for this meeting. 7. I do confirm that this World SMEs Forum is not only important for CMTP but also useful for the WTPF and all Trade Points. 8. Thailand Prime Minister will preside over the World SMEs Forum. Meanwhile, the Royal Thai Government by the Ministry of Industry will invite the UNCTAD’s Secretary-General, Dr.Supachai Panitchpakdi, to participate this event too. I would like you and Arlette to visit Thailand as soon as possible. Please inform us your schedule so that we can manage about the plane tickets and accommodation for both of you. Also, I will be pleased if you could consider the date for the meeting again since it is the most important reason for the sponsors to support the meeting in Thailand.

Yours sincerely, Nopphol Mongkolsoot CMTP

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