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									 U-pick, prepicked                       Brentwood-area cherry-picking beckons
 cherry locations                        Memorial Day weekend is typically the peak of the U-pick
     1. Pomeroy Farm                     cherry-picking season, which stretches into June. But the dry, warm
     2. Dwelley Farms                    winter means the cherry crop likely will be smaller this year and the
                                         season shorter. Many East County growers sell these treats along with
     3. Lopez Ranch
                                         other produce at roadside stands, and others invite the public to do
     4. Salvador Family Farm             the picking themselves. Harvest Time, an association of East Contra
     5. Maggiore Cherry Ranch            Costa County farmers, each year produces a map showing where
     6. Mike’s U-pick                    visitors can check out farmers’ crops. Here are the cherry growers
     7. Tachella Family Farms            listed:
     8. Maggiore Ranches                                                                                 Prepicked

                                                                                                    Main St.
     9. DC’s Extraordinary Cherries                                             24                       U-pick
    10. Lon’s Farm Stand (Allard Farm) Oakley                                          Knightsen         Both
    11. Nunn Better Farms                                       Delta Rd.

    15. Bacchini’s Fruit Tree                                       2
    20. Chavez U-pick Cherries                                         46 33                     Fischer Ave.
                                                      Fairview Ave.

    21. The Farmer’s Daughter                                                    Sunset Rd.
                                                                                                      Brentwood Blvd.

          Produce and U-pick Farm

                                                                                                                                                                         Eden Plains Rd.
    22. Von Uhlit Ranch                                                                                 Sunnys Way          Sellers Ave.
    23. Wolfe Ranch
    24. The Stand at Knightsen               Brentwood                                                  Orwood Rd.
    26. Seko Ranch Cherries
                                                                                Chestnut Ave.
    32. Heritage Family Farm
    33. Smith Family Farm                                  5                    Balfour Rd.             38
    34. Pease Ranch                                   26
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Byron Highway

                                                 Eureka Ave.
    35. Bloomfield Cherries
                                                 Creek R

                                                                                   Brentwood Blvd.
    36. Papini Family Orchards
                                                      35      41 Payne Ave.
                                                           7                      Concord Ave.
                                                23             36
    37. Freitas Ranch Cherries                            49
                                                                                                                                           Sellers Ave.

                                                                      Orchard Lane

    38. Berry Best                                     32             6
    40. Laird Ranch                        4                            43
                                               3          21 47                        48 34
    41. Chan’s Fruit Stand
                                                               Marsh Creek Rd. 37
                                                                                     Walnut Blvd.

    43. Papini Farms
                                          Creek Rd.

                                                                         20                                      4
                                                                                                                                                          Ho man

    46. RC U-pick Cherries                   9                                                     10     To Discovery Bay,
                                                                                       4                     Stockton
    47. Enos Family Farms                                     Vasco
                                                                       Rd.            Lane
    48. Enos/5 Star Cherries                                     Ca

    49. Tachella U-pick Cherries                                         D           8                       Byron
 Note: The map numbers correspond with the                   Map             lo

 online maps and lists at www.harvest4you.com.                                                 area                                                                                                                 J4
                                                                                                                                                            To Live

                                                                      Concord                                                                                                              1 mile
 There are gaps in the list of growers because this

 map depicts only cherry farms.

Source: Harvest Time in Brentwood                                                                   Tracy                                                                                   BAY AREA NEWS GROUP

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