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					            ADVISING: Sentence-forms that commonly give advice

The parentheses around the ellipsis mean that the verb doesn’t always need an object or

___ You should v. (…).
___ You ought to v. (…).
___ Have you tried v. -ing (…)?
___ Have you thought of v. -ing (…)?
___ Why don’t you v. (…)?
___ What you need to do is v. (…).
___ What you want to do is v. (…).
___ Do yourself a favor: Imperative v. (…).
___ You’d better v. (…).
___ What I think you should do is v. (…).
___ If I were you, I’d v. (…).
___ If you know what’s good for you, you’ll v. (…).
___ What once worked for me was v. -ing (…).
___ It’ll be better/easier/less work/less expensive in the long run if you v. (…).
___ Stop fooling yourself; imperative v. (…).
___ If you want to be smart, imperative v. (…).
___ My advice is to v. (…).
___ Listen to me: Imperative v. (…).
___ Take it from me: Imperative v. (…).
___ Take my advice: Imperative v. (…).
___ It might help to v. (…).
___ How about v. -ing (…)?

Label each of the above sentence-forms according to how pressing its pressure on the listener is:
Light, Medium, Heavy or Versatile. Ask an American to give you this information.

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