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									Conditions for Fall 2009 Promotion “Get a free companion ticket to Paris, London or Orlando” Platinum MasterCard
1. The “Get a free additional plane ticket“ promotion is organized by National Bank of Canada (the “Promotion Organizer”) and will be held from August 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009 (the “Promotion Period”). 2. This promotion is open to all residents of Canada, except for employees of the Promotion Organizer and its subsidiaries. 3. The promotion consists of a free companion airline ticket to Paris, London or Orlando with the purchase of a primary ticket by a holder of a new MasterCard Platinum card. To be eligible for the promotion, clients must sign up for the card during the Promotional Period. 4. This promotion applies to an account opening for a Platinum MasterCard and may not be combined with any other offer by the Promotion Organizer or À la carte Rewards Travel agency. The issuance of a MasterCard credit card is subject to credit approval by National Bank. 5. Applications are to be completed and sent electronically (Platinum card) or by fax before 11:59 p.m. (ET) on December 31, 2009. Mailed applications must be postmarked no later than December 31, 2009. 6. Within 10 to 15 days following the issuance of the Platinum MasterCard, the Promotion Organizer will send a letter to each cardholder explaining how they can take advantage of this promotion. There is a limit of one free companion ticket for each account opened for a Platinum MasterCard. 7. The promotional offer consists of one economy class round-trip ticket for travel on Air Transat between Montreal (Trudeau airport), Quebec (Jean Lesage), Toronto (Pearson airport), Calgary (Calgary International) or Vancouver (Vancouver International) and Paris, London or Orlando. Not all destinations are available from every departure city. Cost of transportation to and from these airports will be the responsibility of the cardholder. To get more details, call À la carte Rewards Travel agency at: 1-800-5613653. 8. Reservations must be made through À la carte Rewards Travel agency. Club Voyages is affiliated with Transat AT Inc. and holds a Quebec permit number. À la carte Rewards Travel agency is a division of Transat Distribution Canada Inc. (ON Reg. #50015084). 9. Reservations for the primary ticket and the companion ticket must be made by the cardholder himself/herself. The primary ticket must be charged by the cardholder to his/her Platinum MasterCard.

10. The primary ticket and the companion ticket must be reserved in economy class for the same destination and the same dates via the dedicated Air Transat agency, À la carte Reward Travel agency at 1-800-561-3653. 11. Taxes and service charges will apply to the primary and the free companion ticket and are to be paid for by the cardholder (airport, tourism and departure taxes, insurance and other charges established by the appropriate authorities). 12. The tickets must be used for travel between August 1, 2009 and July 31, 2010. The last possible date of departure is July 31, 2010. 13. Travel is not permitted during the following blackout periods: To Orlando: from December 16, 2009 to January 10, 2010 and from February 26 to March 10, 2010; to Paris and London: from August 1st to August 31st, 2009, and from December 16, 2009 to January 10, 2010. 14. The Platinum cardholder must make reservations with the dedicated agency prior to the departure date, depending on the availability of flight schedules. Destinations and travel dates are subject to flight availability. 15. The promotion applies to flights only. However, if the cardholder wishes to add extra products, such as hotel accommodations or car rental, the costs including all related taxes for both the cardholder and his/her companion will be the cardholder’s responsibility. 16. The cardholder and his/her companion must hold passports and visas (if applicable) which are valid at the time of travel and for a period of six (6) months after their return, as well as any other documentation required by immigration authorities for travel outside Canada. The costs associated with obtaining passports, visas and any other travel documents are entirely and solely the responsibility of the cardholder and his/her companion. The National Bank and Transat AT inc. shall not be liable and no compensation will be awarded in the event that the cardholder and his/her companion are refused entry into the country for any reason whatsoever. 17. No changes or cancellations can be made once the reservations have been made and the tickets have been issued, whether it is the destination, dates or length of the trip. 18. Cardholders are not eligible for the promotion if their application form is sent after the deadline. 19. The offer must be accepted as is and cannot be substituted for another offer or exchanged in part or in whole for cash. 20. National Bank reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time.

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