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					15th Board of Student Organizations Friday, November 18, 2005 Room 207 Payson Smith (Portland) Meeting Minutes I. II. III. Call to Order: 2:00 PM New Group Welcome: Delta Epsilon Chi Attendance A. Absent: Baha’i Campus Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, Conte Covey, History Students Association, IEEE, Interactive Simulation Group, International Nursing and Social Services Organization, Somali Student Association, Student Nurses Organization, Economic Forum, Queer Insurgency. B. Defunct: Campus Crusade for Christ Approval of minutes – October 28, 2005 A. BC/CR B. Passed by consensus Announcements A. Executive Announcements BSO exec. committee meetings: Fridays at 9*, Tuesdays at noon *the e-committee does not meet on BSO Fridays 1. Caroline Young, Secretary – Office Hrs: Mon. 9am-3pm a. update contact information at this site: http://student-groups.usm.maine.edu/bso/forms/contact.html b. The BSO has gotten an internal listserv – Blackboard To join, sign on to Blackboard => community tab => search for BSO => enroll. We will post minutes, agendas, proposals, and helpful information for BSO groups c. Sergio has worked hard on the BSO website, go see it at: http://student-groups.usm.maine.edu/bso/ maybe you’ll find a picture of yourself in our photo gallery! 2. Sarah Mayberry, Vice President – Office Hrs: Tue/Thu 10-1 a. We approved $100.00 in start up funds for Somali Student Association b. Motion to approve the actions of the Executive Board in excusing PSA from the October 7th meeting i. CR/IAJE ii. Passed by consensus c. join our Finance committee, responsible for making 06-07 BSO budget i. PS – Mike McAllister ii. AAAS – Shorty Eung iii. ASU – Anya Tobin iv. ACM – Richard Best v. HSO – Michelle Tripp d. Budget Request Forms are available, pick one up e. Scheduled Student Organization Officer Trainings are complete; if you have not fulfilled your requirement, get your availability to Sarah by next weekend so one more training may be scheduled, usm_bso@hotmail.com 3. Sergio Descart, President – Office Hrs: Tue/Wed 12-4 a. our December 9th meeting location has changed – instead of the 7th floor of the library, we will meet in 213 Abramson b. Introduction of the Gallery i. Kathleen Pease, Coordinator of Student Senate Operations ii. Chris O’Connor, BSO Advisor iii. Michelle Alger, Student Senator iv. William Burke v. Jessica Barilone vi. Diana Richardson vii. Joseph Turcotte (Ski&Ride) viii. Marchelle Corbett (Ski&Ride) ix. David Cole (Ski&Ride) x. Joel Desmond (Ski&Ride)



xi. Jesse Pilgrim (Ski&Ride) xii. Seth Leonard (Ski&Ride) xiii. Jason Lavoie (CR) xiv. Tina Aldrich – Coordinator of Recreation and Fitness) xv. Luke Ostheimer B. Special Guest Stars  Chris O’Connor – nothing to say C. Group Announcements 1. Ms. Corbett – Ski&Ride Club is doing a fundraiser at UNO’s Bar and Grill tonight, please support us, 20% goes to Ski and Ride Club. 2. AAAS – Tea Party 10-1 Monday, free tea and cookies! 3. ASU – Ceramics Department doing a fundraiser Nov. 28th and 29th 10-3 in the Woodbury Campus Center 4. PS – 3 events a. Panel Discussion on Political Prisoners – Dec 1, 7pm, Law Building b. William Burke – My Winter Vacation in Iraq c. Philosophy undergraduate conference in the Spring 5. SIFE – free book trade over blackboard – give contact information and name of book – sife@sife.usm.maine.edu Proposals B. Motion to accept Proposal 15-7 from College Republicans for $750.00 1. PS/SRC Point of Information – what is CPAC? 2. CR – Conservative Political Action Conference, largest in the country, 150 per person 3. ACS – there was a mistake in the proposal, motion to amend total request from $75.00 to $750.00 a. ACS/IAJE b. Passes by consensus 4. BS – All set 5. USWSO – any fundraising? Answer – student contributions used to be the same thing as fundraised money, we do have student contributions; we haven’t had a chance to do fundraising ourselves yet 6. ASA – only way it was publicized was by email? Expectation is that it is open to everyone Answer – we have been getting flyers up since we put in the proposal; the discounted fare we’re getting from the state means that our numbers are limited 7. TLF – this conference isn’t until February, why ask for money now? Answer – the money must be in by December 15th 8. AFS – there are slots for 10 people, is anyone signed up? Answer – close to 10 people signed up, we’re not sure yet; if only 8 people go, we will return the remaining money to Special Projects 9. CD – did you try to get some money from the state party? Answer – the State committee is paying for the hotel, that’s their contribution 10. ASU – when we go to conferences, we are expected to pay a certain amount straight up, are your members going to do that? Answer - yes 11. Passes 40-0 B. Motion to accept Proposal 15-8 from Philosophy Symposium for $450.00 1. ACM/BC 2. PS – this semester our goal has been to promote philosophical discussion; next semester our events will center on solving problems. Doug Allen is a great speaker; we want to present him with $450 because he will be there all day and be part of 2 events, and will stay overnight as a result. 3. ACS – there is no exact date for this seminar on the proposal, why? Answer – it will take place sometime in March, probably on a Thursday; also, there is some money left in our Startup Funds, but we want to use it to help William Burke 4. SMOC – yield 5. TLF – don’t mean to always be at loggerheads with PS; if it’s happening at the middle of spring, would be in support at the beginning of the spring semester, but not now Answer – this professor needs us to schedule him in advance; groups shouldn’t get requests in at the last minute


6. ASA – appreciate that these proposals were planned in advance 7. Point of Information – If this semester’s allocation is depleted, can we go negative? Answer – no 8. AFS – this event is not booked, there is no date; you shouldn’t have to get money now Answer – groups shouldn’t be penalized for planning ahead 9. CR – there’s a fine line between jumping ahead to get money while there’s still plenty of it and needing to know if they can have the event 10. Mr. O’Connor – from a planning perspective and a legal standpoint, you must do contracts with vendors, and contracts may not be signed until you know money is there; professional speakers don’t wait 11. ACDA - yield 12. MS – would PS agree that if the event fell through, the money would be returned? Answer – yes, actually, that must happen, Student Senate Policy 13. Point of Information – can you get money in the Fall but have it taken from the Spring allocation? Answer – you need Senate permission, only in extreme cases 14. ACS (2nd time) – if you want to plan that far ahead, put it into your budget request! 15. Passes 40-0 C. Motion to accept Proposal 15-9 from Ski and Ride Club for $3,500.00 1. IAJE/CR 2. S&R – we raised a lot of money for this trip, we intend to raise more; it would be very expensive otherwise; we know the names of all 20 people going, our request is only for 17% of the total budget 3. ACS – a. was 3,500.00 the bulk rate for the house? Answer – yes, they gave us a free night, too b. you advertised to Ski & Ride people, did you to general students? Answer – yes, at the Husky Fest we had a table, we posted flyers c. More fundraised money? Answer – we got airline tickets a long time ago, they were not cheap; fundraising will help defray costs for students 4. BS – a. how did you choose the 20 people to go? Answer – there is a waiting list, $65 reserves plane tickets; we chose the people to go based on their involvement in the process b. it says there are 22 people in the house on the proposal Answer – we had to lower the number because we couldn’t have more than 20 people in the house c. when is the money due? Answer – Nov. 24, but there are various dates for different costs d. when is this happening? Answer – February break 5. PS – how much will each student pay? Answer – around $700.00 6. CD – how did you find out about the private house? Answer – at first we tried going through Winter Park, but their condos were way too expensive, so we found this private house, right on the shuttle route, and they’re giving us a deal 7. LHSA – a. who is benefiting from this event? How does it benefit the USM community? Answer – we’re passionate about snowboarding, skiing b. If I want to plan a trip to the Bahamas, can I get $3,000.00? Answer – it’s not that simple c. it seems like it’s kind of pricey; I can’t accept it Answer – it’s only 17% of the total price, it’s our one big activity 8. SMA – 3 years ago, I went to Austria with the Ski and Ride Club; we got $200 each for 15 or 16 people; it was an awesome trip, a morale builder, and it was the best trip ever. I wanted to point out that the BSO has given this money before. 9. CR – there are lots of things that happen every year; we get involved with the things that we’re interested in, this is what the Ski and Ride Club is there for 10. ACDA - yield 11. ASU – I support this proposal; there is no conference for Ski and Ride; this is what they do; it allows people who couldn’t normally be able to do it; they raised a %#!@load of money 12. IVCF - yield 13. ASA – as far as the intent to make the trip affordable, $720 per person is still an arm and a leg; you picked people who could pay in advance, which probably means that they could already afford it. I

appreciate that you put your entire budget into this, but $3,500.00 is still a lot to ask. The money for the house is due Nov. 24, it seems irresponsible for you to ask money of your members before it’s a sure thing that it can happen. Answer – if I could plan a free trip for people, I would. We had to draw a line somewhere. $65 per person for the house went toward the $500.00 deposit; the owners are working with us 14. SSA – I go to Colorado every March, this is a cheap trip; this is what they do 15. Mr. O’Connor - yield 16. PSA – you’ve been planning this for a while, why not plan something within your established budget? Answer – we’re trying to fundraise, it’s inexpensive for what it is 17. SPA – choosing students that already have money isn’t that bad, they’ve already fundraised and are dedicated on earning it themselves 18. ACM – I move to the previous question a. ACM/BC b. Passes 38-1 19. Passes 37-3 D. Motion to accept Proposal 15-10 from William Burke for $250.00 1. CR/BC 2. Mr. Burke – film entitled “My Winter Vacation in Iraq” about nonviolent resistance 3. CR – funding for this event may be more appropriate from the Senate; sponsored by any student group? Answer – Political Science Department, Philosophy Symposium, Honors Student Organization 4. Pease – in order to access BSO money, you need a treasurer; will one of the student groups come forward and take over this proposal? Honors Student Organization volunteers 5. BS – motion to amend Proposal 15-10 so that the name of the organization is HSO a. BS/CR b. Passes by consensus 6. AAAS – support, would also like to sponsor this, throw down some money 7. HSO – yields 8. TLF – how can your flyers cost $50? Answer – it’s a public event, want to flyer around Portland 9. 40-0 passes E. Motion to accept Proposal 15-11 from Athletic Training Student Association for $2,600.00 1. ACM/GSSO 2. ATSA – wants to reduce costs for students as much as possible, have had fundraisers, got $180 raking leaves in Gorham, have a raffle - $500.00 is the goal 3. SMA – have you thought about driving? It’s only 6 hours away Answer – we did consider it, but I didn’t make the proposal 4. SRC – 11 people, 3 cars would cost way less 5. Point of Information – it takes 14 hours to get to Philadelphia from here 6. AFS – why are you only spending $150 of your budget when you have $800? Answer – not sure, maybe we should put in more 7. Point of Information – it takes 8 hours to get there 8. Point of Information – 2750 (their requested amount and budget contribution) is the cap of 250 per student per trip, they can’t spend more budget money unless the requested amount goes down 9. ACS – a. what are you doing with your fundraised money? Answer – lessen the student contribution, everyone’s strapped for cash b. it was publicized only by word of mouth and in meetings 10. PSA – yield 11. ASA – many unanswered questions, motion to table proposal 15-11 a. ASA/TLF b. Point of Information – when do they need the money? Answer – they must have it by early December, it might make it impossible to go




c. Fails 11/23 Problems: ATSA is asking for the BSO to pay more than the students pay; this proposal brings the group to the cap; they are not using their entire budget; they are not using the fundraising to decrease the proposal; therefore, the BSO should not approve it 12. Point of information – need clarification on Special Projects for Spring semester Answer – budget done by percentages, we will get something, we don’t know how much 13. Point of information – ballpark figure? Answer - around $10,000 14. CR – more money in budget – can you lower the amount from BSO Special Projects? Lack of publicity shouldn’t be such a problem; Why not amend it? 15. ACM – request that the group allocate half their budget to this project 16. Point of Information – how much would that be? 17. Point of Information – ATSA only has $150 of Student Activity Fee 18. Point of Information – look at budget, they have $520 from last year 19. Point of Information – they’re already using $450 of their fundraised money Withdraws request 16. Passes 26-14 Tabled Proposals from October 28, 2005 A. Point of information – tabled indefinitely or definitely? Answer – tabled definitely to this meeting B. PS – table Proposal 15-A and 15-B until the first meeting of the Spring Semester (January 20th) 1. PS/GSSO 2. Passed by consensus Suggestions/Concerns A. TLF – concerned that our meetings have been in cramped rooms – we need the 7th floor of the library B. Mr. O’Connor – will call Conferences to help with the problem, may need some student energy behind it Adjournment at 4:00 pm

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