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					Longest Sea Beach of World
Earths longest sea beach is Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is unbroken clean
sandy beach. The beach is in the south division of Bangladesh titled Cox’s Bazar district.
Captain Cox was the founder of this sea and the name comes from him. In 1798 he
founded the appealing beach. This beach is about Seventy Five miles / One Hundred
Twenty Kilometer long. It attract lot of tourists from several countries of the earth
                                                                      naturally due to its
                                                                      spongy and smooth
                                                                      carpeting          of
                                                                      silverish sand. It
                                                                      change its color
                                                                      during sun shine
                                                                      and sun set below
                                                                      the blue waves of
                                                                      sea.     The    sand
                                                                      swimmingly sloped
                                                                      into    the   crystal
                                                                      water of Bay of
                                                                      Bengal. Almost time
                                                                      of the year Cox’s
                                                                      Bazar sea beach is
                                                                      crowded. Lots of
                                                                      foreign and local
                                                                      tourist come to
                                                                      cox’sbazar to spend
                                                                      their leisure. For
                                                                      sea bathing it’s a
good place. For these it is known as the tourist capital of Bangladesh. Beside the beach
of cox’s bazaar you may visit Inani, Rami, Kutubdia, Laboni, Moheshkhali, Himachhari,
Sonadia, Teknaf and Ukhiya for enjoy their magnificence. Their wonderful beaches and
their culture and tribal life will pleased your mind. Furthermore Parki and Patenga of
Chittagong is also very well known by tourist for their natural wonder.

Theirs a lot of shops stall hotel motel situated in Cox’s Bazar. Their own made exclusive
dead corals and sea shells are very popular through the world and those are soled by
many vendors. The visitors also like to go the Burmese Market where they collect the
local beauty items and hand made textile, bed sheets and lots of other things. There are
a lot of restaurants along sea beach and visitors enjoy the valuable sea fish food there.
Most of Hotel and motel serves Bangladeshi foods.

For Picnic and Sea Bathing INANI beach is famous. Otherwise, you may go to Himchari
waterfall wich is located Twelve km south of Cox’sbazar is another part of sea beach.
Himchari National Park is biggest wonder for Himchari visitors. Himchari green hills blow
visitors mind in heaven.

Tourist also like Moheshkhali Island too much. It is near Cox’s Bazar coast. You can go
their via speed boat. It is famous for its breath taking view of Island. Its tight green color
of its mangrove forest must amazing and marvelous.

For these reason COX’S BAZAR is the best place what is recommended for tourist who
are seeking for relaxing vacation.

Description: Here we will know about the longest sea beach of the world.