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									Welcome to Precious Bali Villas

Private holiday accommodation for families vacation and lifestyle retreats in Bali,
paradise island.
Precious Bali Villas is private holiday rentals villas collection to escape the monotony of
family vacation, romantic honeymoon sanctuary and discover private lifestyle retreats.
Each Bali Villas is the epitome of elegant home comfort featuring fully air-conditioned
bedrooms, exposed living areas, and tropically landscaped garden environments, individual
swimming pools, and fully equipped gourmet kitchens.
Our holiday rentals accommodation features Bali Villas in Jimbaran, Bali Villas in Seminyak,
Bali Villas in Canggu and Bali Villas in Legian.
Why Stay in Precious Bali Villas ?
More Privacy – Choosing to stay in a Bali villas as opposed to a standard hotel room offers a
heightened sense of privacy. You are free to come and go as you please without the hassle of
worrying if you are disturbing others. There are strictly no time keeping rules and you are able to
break convention with a midnight swim or simply choosing to stay up all night to watch the sun
More Personalized Service – A dedicated team of Bali villas staff are available to anticipate and
take care of all your needs. This one-on-one personalized service is the epitome of luxury and
you can choose to have meals prepared by a Bali villas cook or even professional Bali villas
Chef, be chauffeured around in a Bali villas private vehicle, be indulged with an in Bali villas
massage treatment Or simply entertain a small gathering of friends with private small party.
More Affordable, More Space and Facilities - Bali Villas accommodation is generally a more
affordable option in comparison to staying in a hotel room of the same caliber. You also have the
added incentive of enjoying facilities such as your own private swimming pool and tropical
garden that you don’t have to share with others.
Precious Bali Villas is a perfect families holiday accommodation in Bali.

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