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									April 2007

God’s Littlest Angels
This August we are having our first annual “International GLA Day”. Our goal is to raise all of the funds for the first phase of the new orphanage, which will include the Baby House, Office/Shop, Guest House, and Director’s home. The idea is to get as many GLA supporters to raise funds on that day as possible. Our goal is to raise $300,000 in that 1 day! What you can do: • Plan a fundraiser like a bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon, swim-a-thon, golf-a-thon, or whatever you want to have.

God's Littlest Angels
Unit 2081—GLA NEW! 3170 Airmans Drive Ft. Pierce, FL 34946 Ph: 011-509-511-6475 New! Email: Web Page: NEW! Prayer Requests
☺ Pray for a dedicated person to take over LaDawn’s position. ☺ Pray for all of our premature babies, that they will grow and stay healthy. ☺ Pray for the EMI team that is coming in May to design the new orphanage at Ft. Jacques. We ask that God gives them and us the vision and wisdom for an orphanage that will meet all our needs. ☺ Pray for continued peace in Haiti.

Invite people over for a Bar-B-Q or a sit down dinner and ask them to donate to GLA what they would have paid at a restaurant. You can show them the video that GLA is including in this newsletter. Get your mission group at church to put on a “Fellowship Lunch” after church one Sunday and ask for donations. Show them the new GLA video. Have a garage sale. If you cannot put on a fundraiser, there will also be a number of events going on where you can help find sponsors. One of our board members in Canada will be participating in a canoe-a-thon in Calgary; he needs people to sponsor him rowing his canoe! There are other people who need sponsors for that day. Write to Jean or Doug and ask for the email address of someone who is participating in an activity that day. Hold a baby shower for the babies at GLA. Ask everyone to donate to the building fund rather than give a gift. Have your punch, cake, and play games too! Come up with any idea, simple or crazy, to raise funds for the Baby House phase. When you decide on an idea, let Doug at know so that he can keep us all updated on what events will be happening that day.

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If you want to do a fundraiser but cannot do it on August 11th, that is OK. The idea is to do one around that time; it may be in July or September too. Presently, we have fundraisers being planned in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Colorado, and France. Set a goal for how much you want to raise. Make a plan and ask others to help you. If you need help with ideas, contact Doug Rollings and he will help you with your with fundraising ideas. For more information contact Doug Rollings at or telephone: 403-938-3098.

Send US funds to: God’s Littlest Angels % Mrs. Jean Bell 2085 Crystal River Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80915 Send Canadian Funds to: God’s Littlest Angels, Canada P.O. Box 984 Okotoks, Alberta T1S 1B1

Please make US & Canadian checks payable to:

GLA Fundraising Video
Included with this newsletter, you will find a video donated to us by Joel Trimble, a missionary in Haiti. He has a TV program that is shown in Haiti and the USA called “La Bonne Nouvelle”. Joel brought his camera crew to GLA to film. We asked him if he could develop a 6 minute film that we could send to all of our supporters so that you could see the work we are doing in Haiti. Unfortunately, this DVD is not compatible with the European format. We are very proud of the video that Joel made for GLA. This video is on a small DVD but it will fit in your computer or DVD player without needing an adaptor. You can show it to your family, friends and anyone interested in our work here in Haiti. Use the video in August to help us raise the funds needed to break ground for the 1st phase of our building plan. We are senidng you this video as a gift. See the land, the kids, and what the Lord is doing at GLA. If you did not get a video, please write Jean at or Doug at They will send you a video.

God’s Littlest Angels
All gifts are tax deductible. Sending Boxes of Donations: If you have donations of supplies and clothing to send to the orphanage, please send them to our Colorado address. The boxes will then be put on a shipping container and sent to Haiti. Personal gifts for your adopted child should be sent to our Ft. Pierce address.

LaDawn Penner is leaving GLA in June 2007
LaDawn has worked with adoptions, photography, and updates along with a hundred other jobs since returning to GLA in June of 2005. We were moving in a new direction in our adoption program when LaDawn arrived and God sent her to us to organize all of the paperwork and procedures. We needed someone who loves details, and LaDawn was that person! She is responsible for taking photos of all of the kids at the main house. It is truly a day you have to participate in to appreciate! Eighty plus children being changed, hair done, and photographed all in one day! LaDawn then works at getting the photos cropped, resized, and sent out to adoptive parents along with an update on how each child is developing. It is hard work and she has done a wonderful job keeping families informed and up to date on how their child is doing at GLA. Before the children can talk well, they shout “LADAWN” from the balcony when they see her walking by. We know that God can send us another person to do the work. However nobody can replace LaDawn, her love for the children, and her tireless work for the adoptive families and their adoption process. She hopes to continue working in the adoption field in some way when she returns to Canada. We will all miss her very much and wish her the best.

Two Staff Positions Open in Haiti
We are interviewing for 2 staff positions: Adoption Coordinator and Photographer/Update Coordinator. We are requiring a 12 month signed commitment for both positions. A small monthly salary along with room and board are provided. The Adoption Coordinator position needs to be filled prior to June. We encourage anyone interested in either position to contact Jean Bell at or Dixie at for more information and an application.

Fundraiser in Colorado Springs set for August 24th
We will be holding our 1st annual Colorado Springs Fundraiser on Friday, August 24th. We are really excited to be able to have a fundraiser in Colorado Springs, our US headquarters. We plan on having an authentic Haitian dinner with a silent auction. Several of our adoptive families are planning on coming to the event - some from as far away as Oregon and Pennsylvania! Mark your calendar today and plan on coming to help us raise the funds needed to build the first phase of the orphanage compound. We need all of you to come and bring your friends too! Watch future newsletters for exciting details about the fundraiser. Pray that God will bless everyone’s effort and make this a huge success!

Joyce Canada Carol, Mark, June, Steeve, Judy USA Charlie, Will, & Don USA Steve, Steve, Jerry, Kelsey, & Lesley Canada The Nixons USA Brit USA Rebecca Canada Timothy USA
Erma, Leo, LaDawn, & Shirley Canada

Sandy USA

Greet Belgium

Molly & Karyn USA

Jack, Dean, & John Canada Connie USA

Andrea USA Emily & Betty Canada

Steve & Kathy

Yvonne Netherlands

Glenn & June Canada

Daphney & Danielle USA & Canada

Laura, Brett, & Pat Canada

Angels for Adoption
John Rigaud Jr.
15 Apr 2005

31 Dec 2006

6 May 2006

26 Feb 2005

1 Oct 2005

27 Dec 2005

1 Jan 2007

8 Sept 2004

9 Feb 2007

1 Dec 2004

30 Sept 2006

14 Nov 2003
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5 Oct 2006

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Special Needs

Wencia & Djoulynson
23 May 2005 16 Dec 2002

Sivencia, Falancia, Jiovenda
4 Mar 2005 3 Mar 2001 18 Nov 2003

Sadrack & Thamar
8 Dec 2003 26 Sept 2001

We finally closed on the land in Fort Jacques on Tuesday, March 27th! The title is good and the land is ours! We are very thankful to now move forward with getting plans for the first phase of building drawn out and the work started. We have 5 different teams coming this summer and we will start clearing the land and marking out the building sites. The first team to arrive will be 10 to 12 members of EMI (Engineering Ministries International) based in Colorado but with a branch office in Calgary. They are recruiting architects, builders, water system experts, and many others to come to Haiti and design the orphanage and support buildings for our first phase of building. Go to their web site at; if you have the skills needed, think about volunteering to be part of the EMI team! Shortly after word got out in the community that GLA had bought property, the owners of the adjoining land came and asked if we would be interested in buying 8500 sq meters of land. This is 2.10 acres. They are asking $150,000 USD for the additional land. The land is flatter than what we bought and has fewer trees on it. It is farmed right now and has been terraced. The land overlooks the airport in Port-au-Prince. After much prayer and consulting with board members, we feel that we should try to buy this land so that there is more flat land where the orphanage will sit. Everyone feels that in the future if we want to expand the ministry, it would be best to have adjoining land to build on. We are close to having enough in the land fund to purchase the property. We will need to raise an additional $50,000. God has blessed this project so much already. We know that if it is His will for us to get the additional land, the funds will come. Please join us in prayer for the additional funds.
With God, all things are possible!

“Forever Families”
The Kerstens Family Jeff The Netherlands The Willis Family Jimmy & Divenson USA The Rushlow Family Kemberly USA The Pellaers Family Ednor The Netherlands

The Kuhn Family Herline The Netherlands

The Langlois Family Graceline France

The Bergervoet Family Sabine The Netherlands

The Sikkena Family Rose Berline The Netherlands

The Boulard Family Nadine Spain

The Christenson Family Taïcha & Johanna USA

The Miles Family Dayana USA

The Molinero Family Abelendo Spain

A Family is a blessing It means so many things Words could never tell The joy a family brings.

Author: Unknown

The Hari Family Valinda USA

Jansen vander Sligte Family Kervens The Netherlands

A Family is a bond of faith That even time can’t sever A gift to last all of our lives A Family is forever.

Did You See Our New LOGO on the First Page?
Our old logo was taken from a graphic work that we colored brown and put a halo on it to resemble a Haitian baby; however we wanted our own, original logo. So we asked our friends at Bethany Adoption Services in Michigan if their graphic art department could help. Joe Mercier, a designer who works for Bethany, designed the new logo. It took many emails back and forth and many changes to make us ladies here at GLA happy, but he did eventually satisfy us all and we love the new logo. We want to thank Joe and Bethany for their help. Hope you like it as much as we do!

New Web Site is now ON-LINE!
Go to and check out our new web site! We want to thank Wayne Spivok and the staff of “I Design” in Calgary, Alberta for developing the web site and spending many hours teaching us how to add, edit, and manage our new site. We have found that it is very hard work to get it just the way we want it to look! But finally, we think it is completed enough to put it on-line. We will continue to work on it in the next few weeks but want it up and running so you can enjoy it. Please, if you find any errors in spelling or grammar, let us know so we can correct them. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy having an all new look.

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