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 Kid´s crafts There are many reasons for buying some little hand made toys and the sweetest reason is children. Most of them prefer modern and sophisticated gifts and have you ever asked yourself if your child is appreciating his own culture and value others? Not only may Peruvian crafts be beautiful and decorative, but they are well designed and suitable for children mind creation. You will find that this is not only just a simple craft, many handmade crafts are really soft and for prevention are generally out of reach of children but Peruvian crafts are resistant and no matter if it is in your child’s hand there is no risk it gets broken. Your most great satisfaction is that buying a kid’s craft means that you are buying the richest culture of ancient times in the entire world. This crafts combined history and beauty and all of them reflect the natural, softness and quality of Peruvian art. However, if you decide to visit this craft shops be caution when buying some of them could be fake and not show the originality and real culture. So keep aware of this and when you think about Peruvian crafts then think about worldwide culture. Crafts To offer bright, natural and style crafts it needs to be done with high standard technique and high level of skills. Techniques are different according to the material, figures and decoration but skills are the most important element in this issue. Not anyone has the ability, expertness and patient for doing this. This is a very exquisite and amusing job where imagination, cultural knowledge and perfection are really combined. Crafts not only means handicrafts as many people associate but this means general art like visual arts, print, photography, sculptures, fine arts and more. For each one of this Peruvians have thought in the most insignificant detail and its work is according to the standard levels of world wide crafts and for keeping this art quality away from any rupture during your travel some tips are valuable to take into account. First of all, do not keep them within your entire luggage it might be undesirable when you arrive to your destiny and find that all this precious and far away art has been broken. Second one, do not misuse it and when arrive to your place keep it in a very special place where all your guests can appreciate Peruvian art. Crafts for Kids There are many ways for building crafts for children. Some of them are high quality and styled but others you can do it by your own. There is no matter in perfection which is more important are alive colors, big size and topic imagination. With these three requirements your child will be enchanted and enjoy all the time. Some crafts projects use materials around the house for example, eggs, cartons, boxes, string, papers, glue, crayons, paint and more. Some others are better designed with macaroni, oatmeal box, pebble and rock, toilet paper and twig crafts. Many of them are specially done for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children. Topics are really wide you can choose for example, animals, Christmas Day, day of the Dead, Dolls, Easter, Fall, Flowers, Fruits, Grandparents Day, Labor Day, Music, Valentine’s Day, Summer, Lima’s anniversary and the list continues. As you can learn how to do this precious children gifts you can also adequate this techniques and ideas to make other crafts according to your place. By looking at Peruvian crafts then you

automatically think that this is professionally and difficult built but when you work on it though style and carefully techniques then you realize this is no so complicated. Arts and Crafts During the XIX century, in England, there has born an artist movement which recovered the art from middle age and gave it a new sense. Following this historical mind, Peruvian craft is recognized as the art that shows and claims its ancient and rich culture all over the past. Craft is a wide word that means all kind of art, I mean canvas art, framed art, hand painted art, fine art, handicraft art, drawing art and the list grows as much as people become artists. Through long and ancient times men has developed and opened his mind and with a pencil or any tool instead of this and some colors have expressed his soul and culture. Peruvian art or Peruvian craft are just based on this millenary and ancient meaning that is why all this especial art is preferred for all foreigners who is looking for the best ones in all the world. Are you looking for the best ancient art? Do you want to discover how long and rich is Peruvian culture? These answers you will find in Peruvian art or Peruvian craft. Enjoy yourself and discover by your own new ways of art and see how millions of people prefer this than others. Cold Porcelain Wherever you go you will find porcelain for decorating your house, kitchen or any space in your office. If you think about cold porcelain then your choice is according to these tips. Cold porcelain are the most beautiful and elegant ornaments that you will ever find between all kind of decoration. There are many qualities of this material and it is really hard to find a place where porcelain are well hand made. The most appropriate and perfect for special gifts in porcelain ornament are Peruvian cold porcelain. This soft and bright material combined with the charm and generous Peruvian hands is unique and not easy to find. Many of cold porcelain are fake and easy broken but after checking these artist products you will find a place that you will never leave. Most of Peruvian ornaments are exhibited in the capitals anniversary (Lima´s anniversary) which takes place every January of the year. Here you will appreciate the most ambitious inter-disciplinary cultural exercise ever held in this millenary city. As far as Peruvian concerned, this is one of the best times where you can enjoy many visual arts and lots of national artist are invited to show people all the ancient and cultural Peruvian art. Cold Porcelain Favors Cold porcelain is versatile clay which main composition is cornstarch and glue. It is a very easy and handmade material which is non toxic, easy to work and it does not require heating cause it gets solid by exposition to fresh air. Cold porcelain is generally used for baby shower, birthday, graduations, baptism, 1st Communion, flowers, favors, door sings and other creations. As it is very easy to work on it the finish product is very fine and many artists use it to create natural and good looking flowers, make beautiful arrangements, build figures, sculptures, cakes decoration, party favors for all occasions. Peruvian art is also shown in this material its food friendly paste has gained popularity due to its hardness when compared to other products. Cold porcelain keeps all favors as

it was and endless day as they never fade, rot away and disintegrate. Peruvian cold porcelain favors are delicately handcraft and what is most important they are made with love and detail according to your order and this make them as unique in whole world. Each item is high quality and you can choose colors, design and accessories. Enjoy looking at these Peruvian creations you will not find any similar to these ones. Handicraft Art is a synonym of craft. When you think in art then you think in craft the same as if you think in accurate craft you are thinking of Peruvian handicraft. It is also known as craftwork or simply craft, this is a work where decorative creation is made by hand or using simple tools. The artisanship of these items have generally cultural, customs and religion significance. Those items made by machines are not handicrafts. There is a special kind of craft which is called rural crafts; all of them reflect traditional and everyday practical use in an agricultural countryside. Most of these kinds of crafts are not generally recognized and not produced for sell in other places. However, Peruvian handicraft is well recognized because of this kind of crafts due to Peru has been, in the ancient times, an agricultural country and it was the source of economy and the way of thinking of natural people have been around based upon this. Handicrafts are classified in many ways: assemblage which is some kind of collage in three dimensions, beadwork from which you can make any kind of necklaces, crochet, knitting, metalwork, woodworking, mosaic, pottery and ceramics, puppetry, between others. Handmade Jewelry There are many ways and techniques for doing this art. The most known are the metalworking, this is the craft and practice of working with metals this technique is also used for doing oil refineries to delicate handmade jewelry. Another interesting craft is called beadwork, through this you attaches beads to one another or helped by a needle. Most of this craft are similar to jewelry or any personal adornment. In the ancient time, many cultures have employed beads for this purpose too. Archaeological studies refers that it has been used 5000 years ago for religious reasons. Peruvian craft is also important for handmade jewelry designs. Here you will find all Peruvian collection of handcrafted jewelry including, necklaces, pearls, chokers, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, cufflinks, diamonds and much more. The purposes of Peruvian jewelry are most of them religious ones. History says that our forefathers used to wear jewelries especially for those who were government authorities in that sense jewelries were always a symbol of noblesse, race and family condition. Nowadays, Peruvian handmade jewelry is the most famous in the world. In this site, there is a large variety of these jewelries and both elements are combined: ancient and modern designs. Porcelain Doll Porcelain is a ceramic material which is made of clay and is exposed to high temperatures between 2.192° F to 2.552° F. This material after all this process become hard and strong. Porcelain has many uses it is commonly used to make table, sanitary and many decorative wares, fine art objects and tiles. It is also used in dentistry to make false teeth, caps and crowns. Another important characteristic of this material is that is a good insulator which its high resistance allows electricity to pass.

Porcelain Dolls are also part of Peruvian handcraft but it is not so common. You can buy it just in some good and selected shops. If you are a lover of this porcelain craft you should know that there are three categories to choose. The first one is hard paste; which is the most strong from compared to others. The second one is soft paste; its main characteristic is that it is not hard and easy to deformation and the last one is bone china; which is the most common and is made worldwide. Most of porcelain Dolls are made by this last material and you will hardly find the other ones because of its fabrication is not common. Handmade Gifts Handigift is a very uncommon and special way to say how much you love that person. Is uncommon because people generally prefer sophisticated, modern and trade gifts many few people have the idea to buy or to build a handmade gift. It is special because this is an uncommon way and when someone decides to give this kind of gift it sounds like special care about that person. But love and careless is not only good reasons to give handmade gifts, I think there is a good reason that you will share with me and this is that you save much more money. But this benefit is not easy because first of all you should think in a suitable object and the way of doing this. I think some tips are recommended to follow. Try to make a list of all the possibilities that come to your brain. Think about your family or any special date then when that special day comes you have quick handmade gift ideas. Then each year try to invent or create new ideas and you will see that give a handmade gift is no so difficult and that special person will remember you all forever. Leather Handicraft As everyone knows, leather is the best quality in handicraft manufacturer. Leather is characterized by its adaptability, flexibility and aesthetic qualities which make this material to be highly demanded between many people around the world. There are many companies who invest considerably amount of money to gain the best quality and performance to provide clients. As its flexibility you can find many designs and style and are offered in many objects like jewelry, handbags, ladies and men footwear, shawls, tassels, wooden and many others. The leader country in this handicraft manufacture is India; here you will find many tourist and industrial products like horse and animal clothing and accessories leather bags, pursues, wallets and cases, leather chemicals, garments, zippers, sliders, buttons, eyelets and many other trading products. However, there are other quality industries which offer durability and contemporary hallmarks. They are good, innovative and large wide of themes. With a strict and high quality control these industries take first position in students bags, travel bags, executive bags, trolly bags, key chains and more over. As Peru has a rich handicrafts heritage which comes over centuries, leather industry is not so high developed, however there are some leather articles that you can buy but it is not a high industry.

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