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Job title:



Title of project:

Brief outline description of the project/initiative and its objectives

Please provide a brief timeline for the project (major milestones, expected
completion date, etc.).

Please outline any training or support the project team, including the student
developer(s), will need in order to fulfil the work.

Please explain how the project fulfils the mandatory ELDG criteria:

  How will the project develop practice at UCL beyond what is currently present within your
  discipline? How will it make innovative use of technology to enhance student learning?

  How will the project share and/or evaluate good practice in e-learning?

  How will the project be continued after the ELDG funding has ended?

Please indicate which of the following non-mandatory criteria the project fulfils
(tick all that apply):

  Does this project develop priority areas highlighted in the UCL e-learning strategy or
  departmental/faculty teaching strategies?      (check box for ‘yes’)
  If yes, please explain how.

  Will the project take a departmental or group (inter-departmental) approach to enhancing the
  use of technologies in teaching?      (check box for ‘yes’)
  If yes, please explain how.

  Note that other innovative or imaginative projects which may not readily fall into one of the
  above categories will also be considered – please give details below if this is the case:
  If this is the case please give details:

How will the project be evaluated?

Note: ELDG funding is normally largely used to cover the cost of student time. We
recognise that it can be difficult to scope e-learning projects and make realistic
estimates of the time required. Therefore, in advance of submitting your application,
we recommend contacting to arrange a meeting to advise to assess
any training and support needs for the project team throughout the duration of the
project. We can also help brainstorm project ideas and advise as to the likely student
time and expertise required, which will help you arrive at a realistic budget.

i.     Please describe the work that the student developer(s) will be expected
       to do, and provide a rough estimate of the number of hours of student
       time the project will require. Please make clear if the student will need
       any specialist skills:

ii.    Please indicate the cost of specialist equipment or software (if any) –
       please provide details:

iii.   Please describe any other expenses:

iv.    If extra money was available, how would that benefit your proposal in
       terms of expanding or further developing the project?

Total cost (ELDG Steering Group Use Only):

By submitting this form you are agreeing that you and your project team:

       Will regularly document progress in a format agreed with your project
        mentor at the start of the project;
       Will actively participate in scheduled networking and dissemination
        events for ELDG recipients and their project team;
       Will provide the ELDG Steering Group with a written evaluation of the
        project, including its impact on student learning, by the end of June
        2013; and
       Confirm that your Head of Department is aware of and approves of this


The completed application form should be emailed to:
by Friday 3rd May 2013, 5pm.

Successful applicants will be informed by email by Friday 24th May, 5pm.


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