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the Seven Dimensions in Life
Understanding the Seven Dimensions in Life, you will undoubtably learn who you are today; discover who you were yesterday; and you will learn who you will become tomorrow if nothing changes. The Seven Dimensions in Life are:
You do not have to be religious to be spiritual. Your spirituality and human nature is formed by the philosophies you have been introduced to and have accepted to guide you. Being spiritual also includes, having a profound sense of belonging. Being comfortable with and believing in yourself. Two characteristics not easy to master.


Your emotion is the non-logical portion of your state of mind. You will first become afraid before you realize why you are afraid. You can fall in love without even thinking about it. You can be filled with hate and anger before you realize why you are irritated. Your emotions are formed by combining your current mood with how you are reacting to the circumstances that surround you.


Is you in the physical sense. It is the first thing people notice about you. Whatever happens in the outside world that comes in contact with your mind will affect your spirit and emotion. In return, how your mind reacts to it, will affect how you will react to the outside world. Almost everything beyond this point is related to things you can quantify.


From the earliest days of your life, the family zone will have the greatest direct impact on your future. Here is where you will develop your social skills and learn about the most important thing you can learn within your family zone. The most important thing you will ever learn from your family zone is the art of relationship. You will connect with everything through a relationship.


Money is not about living life. Money is about helping people live happier lives. If it did not, any type of capitalism would have failed and socialism would have become the dominate system of government in the world.


You will spend a majority of your life in your career zone, and yet for many it is the most unhappiest place to be.


Your Eco-Zone is where you will find your future family, friends, enemies, mates, loved ones, and colleagues. It will provide you the means to develop your career and accumulate wealth and value. The eco-zone is your environment, the one created for you to exist in.


In The Big Book on Achieving LARGE GOALS, Carlos takes you through a complete step-by-step process to identify the various areas of life which contribute to success or failure. Whether it is your career, your family, your spouse, or even your life you want to improve, then you have to read this book. Carlos believes you have the potential within you to achieve great success in your life. Using a strategy developed by Carlos, you’ll be able to identify, plan and accomplish any goal you set for yourself. Discover your strengths, your values and what you really want out of life. Why are you living in life instead of living life?

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