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					CORNELIUS WOOTEN P.O. Box 11172 Pensacola, Florida 32524 (850) 995-1467 (Home) (850) 206-8580 (Cell)

OVERVIEW AND ATTRIBUTES:  A SITUATIONAL LEADER who has training and experience in higher education administration, business, industry, and banking. Expertise and proficiency in leadership, creative problem solving, mediation and conflict resolution, motivation, strategic planning, financial management, financial analysis and planning, negotiation, and business information system technology. A CHANGE AGENT AND FACILITATOR. Student center leader. Customer service oriented. Principle centered. Proponent of: Shared Governance; Participative Management; Democratic Process; and Continuous Quality Improvement. Goal Oriented; Performance Oriented; and Service Oriented. Broad knowledge of current, proven, and generally acceptable business practices to improve institutional effectiveness, accountability, and operations. Advocate of diversity and excellence – understands and appreciates the role diversity plays in the attainment of excellence. Activist – Economic development and workforce development initiatives. Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida Received Doctor of Philosophy Degree Major: Higher Education Area of Concentration: Academic and Administrative Leadership and Management Minor: Business Management Atlanta University, Graduate School of Business, Atlanta, Georgia Received Master of Business Administration Area of Concentration: Finance with strong preparation in accounting Dean’s List (upper 5% of class) Savannah State College, Savannah, Georgia Received Bachelor of Science Degree, Magna Cum Laude Major Areas of Specialization: Accounting and Business Administration Minor: Economics

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CORNELIUS WOOTEN PAGE 2 SKILLS: LEADERSHIP SKILLS:  VISIONARY  Knowledge of current issues impacting higher education at the national and state level.  Ability to lead and direct an educational institution to academic and operational excellence.  Ability to execute the vision and policies of governing board and administration.  Proficiency and ability to articulate institutional goals and needs to various governmental entities, governing board, business community, alumni, partners, and supporters. MANAGEMENT SKILLS:  Ability to motivate faculty, staff, and students.  Ability to promote collaboration and cooperation.  Ability to manage institutional resources in a businesslike manner.  Thorough knowledge and understanding of organizational management and development, educational finance, and facility planning. ADMINISTRATIVE AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SKILLS:  Demonstrated abilities and expertise to provide administrative and financial oversight and directions to various functional areas: accounting, budgeting, grants and contracts, payroll, auditing, collective bargaining, human resources, auxiliary enterprises, procurement, physical plant operations, public safety and security, environmental health and safety, administrative computing, academic computing, telecommunications, facilities planning, institutional research and planning, planning and evaluation, and technology support. ACCOUNTING AND BUDGET MANAGEMENT SKILLS:  Thorough knowledge and experience in fund accounting. Experience with computerized financial accounting systems, and human resources/payroll systems. Thorough knowledge and experience in the budgetary cycles of private and public colleges. Experience in the preparation and management of college budgets.  Accounting and finance training and experience in areas of business and industry, banking, colleges and universities, and service organizations. HUMAN RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS:  Ability to inspire trust, develop good relationships, and to positively interact with students, faculty, staff, governing board, governmental agencies, and all university/college constituencies.  Communicate effectively, concisely, and clearly in speaking and writing.  Develop rapport quickly and easily.  Excellent listener.


ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE: SENIOR ADMINISTRATIVE FELLOW Alabama State University 2006 to Present Serves as Senior Administrative Fellow. Engages in numerous senior administrative mentorship engagements under the direct leadership of the University President. Provides expertise and staffing support for the University’s strategic planning committees. Provides service and expertise to the University in the areas of business affairs, financial management, human resources, facility management, auxiliary enterprises/services, continuous quality improvement, customer service, economic development, community development, strategic planning, mediation, policy development, and business information system technology. VICE PRESIDENT FOR ADMINISTRATIVE AFFAIRS/ASSISTANT PROFESSOR University of West Florida 2001 to 2005 Served as the chief administrative, business, and financial officer. Reported directly to the President. Coordinated all facilities planning, construction, and space utilization related functions, and promoted a sound fiscal environment within the educational life of the university which enabled it to flourish. Served as liaison with campus executive and management personnel, Board of Trustees, various segments of public higher education, and federal, state, and local agencies to improve the university’s business and financial operations. Served as university ambassador. Planned, organized, staffed, and provided leadership and directions for the following business and financial functions:  Administrative Management—human resources/personnel administration (2001-2003), fiscal administration of sponsored programs, space management, environmental health and safety, and risk management and insurance.  Business Management—auxiliary enterprises, business services, purchasing, contracts, facilities management, public safety, and construction administration.  Fiscal Management—institutional budgeting – operating, capital, auxiliary enterprises, student activities; cash management, investment management, and administration of endowment funds.  Financial Accounting and Reporting—general accounting, financial reporting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivables, and cashiering.

CORNELIUS WOOTEN PAGE 4 MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS Financial Management:  Instituted standards, streamlined operations, and increased operating efficiencies in the midst of university budget reductions.  Provided institutional financial management and oversight during periods of budget reductions and retrenchment of resources.  Initiated efforts to increase wages, salaries, and benefits throughout the university.  Led and implemented efforts to integrate the university budgeting process with the planning process.  Led efforts to improve the process for the timely reporting of financial and institutional reports.  Implemented the preparation of the mid-year budget report and several budget and financial related reports. This effort resulted in all budget and financial records being open to all university constituencies.  Provided leadership and direction for the implementation of a university-wide budget reduction plan and resource retrenchment process. Operational Management/Administrative:  Provided coaching, leadership, and directions in the university-wide Hurricane Ivan recovery efforts.  Initiated efforts with Baptist Hospital (Pensacola, Florida) Leadership Institute to develop and implement a campus-wide service initiative, ―Making Way for Excellence.‖ Serves as the university’s liaison to the Baptist Leadership Institute.  Restructured Administrative Affairs Division resulting in improved inter-departmental coordination and communication; greater employees’ ownership and accountability; and increased service delivery capabilities and outcomes.  Increased overall productivity and enhancements by 100% of all divisional areas and units including: financial and accounting services, procurement and contracts, budget office, facilities services, human resources, police, business services, and environmental health and safety.  Implemented university-wide customer service initiatives.  Restructured and enhanced Minority Business Enterprise Program, which resulted in over a 33% increase of award contracts for minority and women vendors and contractors.  Led efforts to coordinate Enterprise Resource Planning System initiatives to install administrative information systems by July 2004 and July 2005. Provided leadership to management team and staff throughout the duration of various technology integration projects.  Assisted in improving the university’s image and visibility throughout the Pensacola community.  Streamlined processes and procedures via process improvement and re-engineering projects. Computerized numerous job tasks, processes, and forms used throughout the division and university-wide.  Created a new and improved divisional image throughout the campus resulting in increased productivity, increased employees’ pride and morale in the workplace.

CORNELIUS WOOTEN PAGE 5       Established communications and improved relations with various employee groups, including: Police Benevolent Association (PBA); American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees (AFSCME); USPS Council; and Black Employees Association. Instituted community crime prevention and public relation program. Promoted divisional training for all employees to improve efficiency. Led efforts related to professional development and business development thereby: 1) increasing lifelong learning opportunity for employees; and 2) increasing partnerships with various governmental, business, industry, and professional organizations. Led efforts in process improvement and continuous quality improvement initiatives. Provided leadership for divisional efforts to win national awards and recognition including: o National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Outstanding Agency Accreditation Achievement Award for 2003, o National Purchasing Institute, Inc., Excellence in Procurement Award for 2002, o College and University Mail Service Association (CUMSA) Golden Stamp of Approval Award for 2002-2003. Led efforts to improve parking services on-campus. Restructured a new transportation system that included the implementation of a Trolley System.


Business and Services/Auxiliary Enterprises:  Privatized and negotiated major contracts for auxiliary enterprises and business services operations.  Renegotiated provisions of food service contracts resulting in improved services, renovated facilities, and extended hours. Facilities Services:  Strengthened the overall facilities services operations. This resulted in an improvement in the total appearance and general maintenance of the campus. Implemented the following formalized programs: Campus beautification, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and custodian.  Provided leadership for new construction and major renovation projects including: International House $2.5 million Residence Hall $6.5 million Health, Leisure, and Sports Facility $15.6 million VICE PRESIDENT FOR ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE/ASSISTANT PROFESSOR University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, Oklahoma 1996 to 2001 Served as the chief administrative, business and financial officer of the university and reported directly to the president. Facilitated, coordinated, and managed all matters related to the administrative and business side of the university. Provided policy guidance, decisions, and planning for the following operations: Architectural and Engineering Services, Auxiliary Enterprises, Compliance Office, Institutional Budgeting, Controller’s Office, Equity/Affirmative Action Office, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Purchasing, and Public Safety.

CORNELIUS WOOTEN PAGE 6 Major Accomplishments:  Directed the University Strategic Planning Process.  Directed major capital construction projects in excess of $55 million.  Initiated a resource reallocation process.  Developed and implemented a new comprehensive budget development system. Decentralized budget process.  Led privatization and implementation efforts for food service, bookstore, printing, and motor pool outsource operations.  Led off balance sheet financing and construction initiatives for two residential housing projects for 600 new beds totaling over $20 million.  Increased campus-wide parking. Implemented a transportation shuttle system.  Improved Administration and Finance Division image and visibility.  Restructured and streamlined Administration and Finance Division. This action resulted in: o streamlined administrative processes and operations – improved customer service. o increased productivity. o improved service delivery capabilities.  Led transition to implement a new information management system – finance, human resource, development/alumni modules.  Coordinated technology initiative with Assistant Vice President for Information Technology to install computers on the desk of every faculty and staff and to wire the entire campus.  Implemented procurement card system.  Developed: campus beautification program and custodian program resulting in a cleaner and a more landscaped campus.  Increased employee pride in the workplace and employee morale.  Computerized requisition process and work order system. VICE PRESIDENT FOR ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES AND ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois 1994 to 1996 Served as the chief business and financial officer of this public university with combined fund balances in excess of $185 million (approximately $140 million current fund). Reported directly to the President and provided planning, decisions, and policy guidance for the University community relative to all administrative and financial related matters and business functions. Was responsible for providing leadership, directions, and support for the following areas: Business Services, Human Resources, Budget Operations and Analysis, Auxiliary Services, Physical Plant, Public Safety, Collective Bargaining, and Golf Course. Major Accomplishments:  Reorganized the Administrative Services Division. This initiative: a. improved the synergy, overall efficiency, and productivity of the Division. b. improved employee morale within the Division. c. improved professional relationships, communications, cooperation, and collaboration between divisional staff and throughout the University community. d. improved efforts and developed new initiatives to articulate expectations for divisional staff to become more customer oriented.

CORNELIUS WOOTEN PAGE 7          Developed a capital budgeting process. Negotiated a new food service contract. Assisted in the negotiation for two new labor contracts. Provided leadership and coordination for the planning and construction of a new campus recreation and wellness facility. Led efforts to complete capital improvement and renovation projects (including ADA) totaling in excess of $26 million. Revised and/or developed new policies and procedures pertaining to grants and contracts, budgeting, accounting, payroll, and financial reporting. Improved the campus landscape and design and developed a five-year campus beautification program. Instituted a benchmarking program for the Administrative Services Division with emphasis on the improvement of customer service, customer satisfaction, and customer improvement. Established a mechanism to review and improve various aspects of Auxiliary Facilities System (bond revenue) including accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting.

VICE PRESIDENT FOR ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, Florida 1993 to 1994 Served as the chief administrative, business and financial officer of the college and reported directly to the President. Was responsible for providing leadership and directions to the following operations: Comptroller’s Office, Institutional Budgeting (capital and operating), Purchasing, Human Resources, Facilities Planning, Physical Plant, Public Safety and Campus Police, Information Technology (academic computing and administrative computing), Technology Support and Area Networking, Telecommunications, Institutional Research and Planning, Planning and Evaluation, Business Services, and Auxiliary Services. Major Accomplishments:  Developed a new budgeting process.  Streamlined accounting and financial reporting practices and procedures.  Strengthened the overall physical plant operations. This resulted in an improvement of the total physical appearance and maintenance of the campus.  Provided leadership and assisted in the development and implementation of the following initiatives: Employee Incentive and Recognition Program; first year formation of a certified Police Department; on-line requisition system; computerized payroll/personnel control system; and computerized work order system. VICE PRESIDENT FOR BUSINESS AND FINANCE AND ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF BUSINESS Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri 1988 to 1993 Served as the chief business and financial officer of the University and reported directly to the President. Coordinated fiscal and facilities planning as a major part of the University’s on-going institutional and academic development process.

CORNELIUS WOOTEN PAGE 8 Supported the academic, teaching, and strategic missions of the University by providing administrative and collaborative leadership and directions to the following operations: Accounting and Financial Reporting, Auxiliary Enterprises, Computing Services and Telecommunications, Facilities Planning, Institutional Budgeting, Internal Auditing, Personnel, Physical Plant, Public Safety and Security, and Purchasing. Reporting to the Vice President were the Controller, Internal Auditor, Special Assistant to the Vice President, and Directors of Budget, Facilities Planning and Design, Computing Services and Telecommunications, Physical Plant, Safety and Security, Personnel, and Purchasing. Major Accomplishments:  Developed new and revised accounting and financial reporting systems, policies, and procedures.  Improved financial audits.  Implemented a cash management and investment program.  Developed and implemented a comprehensive internal auditing program resulting in improved internal controls.  Converted an initial $3 million deficit into a $5 million surplus within three years.  Increased coordination and planning, and improved the quality of administrative support services by 55 percent.  Increased productivity and planning by 50 percent.  Implemented four new maintenance programs in the physical plant operations resulting in improved systems, buildings, and grounds.  Initiated and completed capital improvement projects in excess of $6 million.  Developed an administrative procedure manual for the business operations of the University.  Coordinated a Salary Program Study and directed the implementation of a new WageSalary Job Classification Program.  Expanded by 55 percent the overall capabilities and utilization of the University computing systems. EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO THE CHANCELLOR Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, North Carolina 1986 to 1988 Supervised, initiated, and conducted the administrative operations of the Chancellor’s Office. Coordinated and supervised the functions of the internal auditing staff. Served as an ombudsman and interacted with Vice Chancellors, other senior administrators, faculty, staff, students, and members of the University community. Exercised independent judgment in the interpretation and enforcement of rules, regulations and University policies. Represented the Chancellor and completed special projects. Assisted and supported the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs in the audit follow-up process and in the development and implementation of institutional policies on fiscal matters.

CORNELIUS WOOTEN PAGE 9 ACTING VICE CHANCELLOR FOR BUSINESS AFFAIRS Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, North Carolina 1987 to 1988 Responsibilities of the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs included financial planning, management, analysis, reporting, budget development and control, accounting, purchasing, safety and security, auxiliary services, and management of campus physical plant and other University properties. Major Accomplishments:  Developed a comprehensive internal auditing program.  Revised student accounts receivable/collection policies and procedures, increasing cash flow by 45%. DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS SERVICES Savannah State College, Savannah, Georgia 1980 to 1983 Supervised and coordinated all matters related to accounting, financial reporting, and payroll related activities. Administratively responsible for general accounting, long range financial planning, financial reporting, budget, payroll, accounts payable section, Cashier’s Office, accounts receivable, and computer business applications. Acted in the absence of the Vice President for Business and Finance. Major Accomplishments:  Coordinated the conversion and installation of a new computerized accounting system and payroll/personnel system.  Increased the administrative efficiency of department by 50 percent. ADMINISTRATIVE FELLOW Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Program 1978 to 1980 Served a one-year appointment as BUSINESS MANAGER – Chief Business Officer – Knoxville College. Reported to the President. Responsible for financial planning and management, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, payroll, personnel and employee benefits, purchasing, contracts, security, physical plant operations, and auxiliary enterprises. Served a one-year appointment as BUDGET DIRECTOR/ASSISTANT CONTROLLER – Fisk University. Responsible for the coordination, administration and compilation of the University’s budgets. Assisted in the management and supervision of the Controller’s Office.

CORNELIUS WOOTEN PAGE 10 1977 – 1978 NORTH CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK – Charlotte, North Carolina Credit Analyst – Analyzed financial statements. Prepared credit analyses and documented loan applications. Successfully completed Credit Management School. GEORGIA POWER COMPANY – Macon, Georgia District Accounting Supervisor – Work activities included accounting, financial reporting, customer service, staff supervision, credit evaluations and approvals, and collections. Successfully completed Accounting Management Training Program.

1973 – 1975

OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE: Intern to Deputy Executive Director, Florida Division of Community Colleges; Intern to Vice Chancellor Academic Programs, Florida Board of Regents; Research Assistant, Business Financial Planner, Accounting Supervisor, Financial Analyst, Graduate Placement Assistant, Executive Manager Trainee, and Teacher Aide. TEACHING EXPERIENCE/FACULTY APPOINTMENTS: ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, College of Business University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida 2001 to 2005 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, College of Business Administration University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, Oklahoma 1996 to 2001 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, College of Education and Human Services Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois 1994 to 1996 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF BUSINESS, College of Business Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri 1988 to 1993 INSTRUCTOR, Department of Business Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, North Carolina 1977 to 1978 (part-time) Undergraduate Courses Taught:  Introduction to Business  Compensation Management  Principles of Marketing  Principles of Management

CORNELIUS WOOTEN PAGE 11 CONSULTING EXPERIENCE: CONSULTANT, Division of Business and Finance Savannah State College, Savannah, Georgia 1984 to 1986 Performed organizational assessment of administration and management. Identified problems and developed recommendations for corrective actions.

COMMITTEES: MEMBER of several standing and ad hoc committees (colleges and universities) for the past twenty-five years. Chairperson, Insurance Committee – Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges.

CIVIC INVOLVEMENT: BOARD MEMBER:  Escarosa Regional Workforce Development Board, Inc.  City of Pensacola Enterprise Zone Advisory Board (Chair)  The Arts Council of Northwest Florida  African American Heritage Society  Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce (Chair)  Pensacola Opera  Pensacola Area Chamber of Commerce  FAMU Institute on Urban Policy and Commerce (Chair, Education Committee)  Port of Pensacola Advisory Committee  Lakeview Center/Baptist Health Care MEMBER (Current and Previous): Escambia County Board of Education Task Force on Diversity Leadership Pensacola Class of 2002, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Edmond Public Schools Improvement Committee, Executive Committee of the Board of Regents-St. Mary’s Health Center, Chamber of Commerce (Small Business Council, Education Committee), President and Vice President Athletic Booster Club, PTO, YMCA, Volunteer-Cub Scout, Boys Club. OTHER ACTIVITIES: Mentor to minority college and high school students and young aspiring professionals. Frequent presenter and speaker for various civic, social, and religious organizations.

MEMBERSHIPS IN HONOR SOCIETIES AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS (Current and Previous):  Council for Administrative and Financial Affairs (CAFA) – State University System of Florida  American Association of University Administrators  Council of Oklahoma State Higher Education Business Officers  Illinois State Higher Education Business Officers Group  Council of Business Affairs, Florida Community College System

CORNELIUS WOOTEN PAGE 12            Council of Missouri State Higher Education Business Officers (President 1991-92, Vice President 1990-91, Secretary 1989-90) Central Association of College and University Officers (Member Small College Committee, 1989-91) National Association of College and University Business Officers Southern Association of College and University Business Officers College and University Personnel Association Beta Gamma Sigma National Honorary Society for Business Management Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society American Association for Higher Education Association for Institutional Research Association of MBA Executives, Inc. Society for the Advancement of Management

HONORS AND AWARDS:  Outstanding Young Men of America, 1977 and 1980  Recipient of Exxon Corporation Fellowship, 1975-76  Scholar of the Year Award, 1973  Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 1973 RESEARCH: ―The Development and Testing of a Model to Determine the Financial Viability of Community Colleges.‖ (Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation), 1986. SCHOLARLY, PROFESSIONAL, AND RESEARCH INTERESTS: Finance and General Business; Higher Education Finance; Administration and Governance; Financial Management of Colleges and Universities; Continuous Quality Improvement; Total Quality Management; Economic Development. REFERENCES: Will be furnished upon request.