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Tam Denholm
[PHP Developer]
Personal Profile
I am very much a PHP enthusiast, it is something I pursue both on a personal and professional basis. I love creating code to tackle new and exciting challenges that lie ahead of me. My keen interest in computing has provided me with a widely varied amount of knowledge in the web development area. For around 5 years I have studied development technologies and this has provided a springboard for me to become a professional PHP web developer. Before pursuing a career in computing I had trained as a chef in a four star deluxe hotel in the centre of Edinburgh. Whilst I enjoyed this role, computing is my passion and I decided to pursue it as my career. However, the post did allow me to prove to myself and others that I have communication skills and can work as a vital part of a team. This would be advantageous to any post when communicating with colleagues, superiors and clients. I am an excellent troubleshooter, very practical, always willing and helpful. I am a great believer in working smarter rather than harder and to strive to be not only efficient but effective aswell. My goals in life are to continue to build onto my knowledge exploring beyond the PHP web scripting language and onto other languages like Perl, Python, Java and C/C++. For the immediate future though, I find working within PHP thoroughly enjoyable and continue to learn every day.

Technical Skills
My technical skills include advanced knowledge of PHP especially object orientated programming particularly with PHP5. My knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS is advanced and I have the ability to code any design to functional, semantic and validating markup with accessibility, usability and SEO benefits combined. Competent knowledge of Generic SQL (using mostly MySQL), Linux server administration and assisting web technologies such as JavaScript (and AJAX), XML based technologies and utilising my PHP skills work with external files and protocols. I have experience in database design, working with MVC frameworks, image manipulation, creating website automation and data mining scripts, working with a multiple popular API’s provided by Google,

Twitter, Yahoo, Ebay and many others. My main area of experience is developing Content Management Systems for SME's to administer their own websites. Other Skills include; usage of Windows, Linux as desktop and server environments, hardware maintenance, network setup and general computing skills.

Employment History
Imaged Ltd. Technical Director Aug 2007 - Present
Imaged Ltd is my own company, I use this company to contract through but also run my personal projects from it. From Aug 2007 to present, i started a few personal projects while doing a small amount of support work and freelance work direct for clients. My personal projects included launching a few web properties that reflected my interests, including a web development chat community, bug tracking software, web host for an additional revenue stream and a technology jobs site. I also entered a competition called Innovation Labs that was run by the BBC and myself and my partner won a finalist position in the Scotland Region with a project called isMyCity. We won £5,000 and were invited to stay in the four star Macdonald Forest Hills Hotel & Resort near Aberfoyle for one week which was to discuss our idea to BBC commissioners. From this experience we have been invited to London to talk about our idea further. PHP Developer (Contracting in London) April 2007 - Aug 2007 I spent six months contracting in London, i worked for two companies when i was there, at one point i was providing support for both of them. In my six months in London i was developing CMS systems for a number of the agencies end clients, taking the photoshop designs and coding them into semantic xhtml/ css and then building custom CMS applications into them. Clients included a local photographer, an international Black Sambuca brand, Martin Millers Gin and a local cleaning supplies company. All of these websites were given custom CMS solutions. I was also responsible for the development side of two promotional sites for Scottish & Newcastle and Alliance Pharmacy. These two sites are very similar to each other providing similar features with a different skin, they both use the same homebrew MVC framework that allows easy reuse and redeployment of the features within the site. I constructed all PHP, XHTML, CSS and Javascript for these projects while working with the designer, project manager and account manager to ensure the site was delivered within the very tight deadlines and up to standard. The next major project i worked on was a single module for two sister sites for the international cruise company, Royal Caribbean Cruises. I had the task of developing an API that the front end developers could use to generate "live pricing". The system parsed CSV files to a database on a daily basis and then the API returned raw data based on search perameters allowing the front end developers to implement the design around the results.

Amoungst these projects i was also providing PHP support and basic general technical support as well as writing small modules for other sites. Other duties included the setting up of development, staging and live servers, leading more junior developers, liasing with the other parts of the company as well as the client from time to time. Freelance Web Developer November 2004 - April 2007 During this time my role as a freelance PHP Developer consisted of working as a silent subcontractor under NDA not to disclose myself to the end client. I developed a number of different solutions including online ordering and customisation of a DIY conservatory site. I have completed development of a backend recruitment site indexing CV's for easy retrieval and also created a booking system for a private vehicle hire company. While freelancing i have come across multiple payment gateways, API's and content management systems. I have also completed my fair share of standards based XHTML and CSS conversions. Some of the things I regularly tackle are:

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Shopping cart systems Ordering platforms Membership areas Database creation and data mining Collaborating third party applications Creating customer management systems Easy marketing tools

Usually the client has a rough idea of what they want but also seek advice on the specific ways in which to tackle their problem. I usually find the best solution for the client that will allow them to carry out their work in the most efficient manner possible without giving them something they dont need.

I enjoy keeping up to date with the current technology related news, gaming, cooking and maintaining a good physical health. I am constantly studying web development in a conscious effort to refine my skills and keep them up to date. I like to attend regular PHP meetups and related web technology conferences to mix with my community of peers.

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