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					NCFE Level 3 National Award in Desktop Publishing Skills - 9258

Peter Downie

Assignment No. 2 Use DTP Skills to Produce Stationery for a Business, Event or Service.
DTP can be used to produce (among other things) stationery, advertisements, logos and flyers. This assignment asks you to design a logo for a company or its product/services. It is to familiarise you with basic graphic and text handling and editing facilities of CorelDraw, especially the enhanced layout facilities such as the imposition tool. It should also highlight the differences between CorelDraw and Publisher, and provide portfolio evidence for assessment. New Skills: Tasks: PCs Imposition Tool, Page Setup, colour separations

1. Open CorelDraw and set the page up with the following parameters:    Paper size: Orientation: Margins: A4 Portrait 0.75 cm

1.1.1 4.1.3 3.1.1 range 3.1

2. Create or design a company logo for the company or service using graphics and text. (This does not have to be too intricate.) Adjust the size of the logo to the standard company size. (Normally 2.5cm square or less) 3. Save your logo and print a copy centred at the head of the A4 page. 4. Open a new CorelDraw drawing. Design and print a three-fold leaflet advertising the same company or it's products/services. Incorporate the same logo. Save your design. 5. Proof read the printed copy and adjust the balance of the publication, if required, to make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Re-save the leaflet and print a copy. 6. Design a business card for the same company or service. These are normally 9cms x 5cms. Try to achieve the same 'feel' as the three-fold leaflet. Save your design. Use CorelDraw's imposition layout to print as many of this size cards as you can on a sheet of A4 card. 7. Use CorelDraw's imposition layout to print two A5 size adverts from assignment 1 on a landscape sheet of A4. Ensure accuracy of layout. 8. A commercial print company requires colour separations. Print colour separations for the advert.

1.1.4 1.1.3 1.1.3,, 2.1.6 1.1. range Knowledge all PCs

1.1.3, 2.1.1, 4.1.3, 2.1.6 1.1. range

4.1 Range

1.3.1, 4.1 Range

For anyone who is stuck for an idea, a three-fold for this course is needed. Your tutor can provide all the information and graphics needed. (Times, college logos etc.)

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21 November 2009