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FRC Newsletter June July August 2014


									                   4800 Golf Road, Suite 450, Eau Claire, WI 54701 | phone 715.833.1735 | fax 715.833.1215 | email

  June, July, August                                                                              Summer 2014| Volume 15 Issue 2

  FRC Staff

  Lisa Hood | Operations Manager                                  Notes from the FRC Staff:
                                                                  Summer is finally here! We couldn’t be more excited
  Melissa Lokken | Parent Educator
                                                                  about all of the summer fun that FRC has planned for
                                                                  families, adults, and children.
  Lita Prorok | MATCh Specialist                                                  As you probably know, FRC is run solely on grants and
  Amanda Shilts | Parent Educator
                                             donations. This means that our fundraisers and donations are essential for                           the continuation of our programs. We have great opportunities for you to
  Marie Guzman | Resource Educator
                                             make a difference this summer. Check out Large Vehicle Fun Night on June                            24th. This is a free event however donations are strongly suggested and
  Board of Directors
                                             greatly appreciated. Registration is now open for the third annual Where in
                                             Eau Claire scavenger hunt on July 11th! For details see page 5. We are look-
  President Brook Steele | Sacred
  Heart Hospital                             ing forward to a fun adventurous evening with more amazing teams than
  Vice President Dave Swan | Retired,        last year! Raffle tickets are now available for a chance to win a trip to Lake
  UW-Stout                                   Tahoe, iPad, or gift card basket worth over $500!
  Treasurer Dr. Emily Smith-Nguyen |
  Smith & Prissel Chiropractic               Also this summer, back by popular demand, Play n Learn Discovery Days!
  Secretary Dr. Jennifer Eddy | Family       Discovery Days is an opportunity for parents and children to learn together
  Physician                                  through theme based centers. You can find more details on page 3. Registra-
                                             tion is required for each Discovery Day that you wish to attend. You can reg-
  Jeff Sauter | GTP & Associates
                                             ister by stopping in, calling or online at
  Kathy Attermeier | Community
                                             We hope you take time to visit FRC soon to learn and grow with your child!
  Wendy Sue Johnson | Attorney
  Cray, Asher & Raihle Law Office

  Katy LoRusso | Create a World
                                              Stop in and visit the FRC
  Ann Kaiser | Sacred Heart Hospital          playroom, sponsored by
  Melanie Koehler | Peoples Bank

              Center Hours | Monday through Thursday 9 am—3 pm, and Friday 9 am—1 pm
Drop In and Play Hours | Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9 am –3:00 pm, Wednesday, 11:30 am—3:00 pm
                                                     Friday, 9 am —1 pm
              Center Closed | Friday, July 4 |Tuesday, August 19th |Monday, September 1st
               Parents As Teachers
 “I love FRC because I can make sure my babies are on
          track and get ideas to do with them.”

         “I love the home visiting girls; they are always
             there to help when I am feeling down.”

Parents As Teachers is designed to
provide guidance and support to
families of all configurations and life
circumstances. We provide timely
information on child development,
intellectual growth, social development,
motor skills, and help parents understand
and have appropriate expectations for
each stage of their child's development. We offer practi-
cal ideas on ways to encourage learning and to gain new
insights and share their experiences, common concerns
and successes.

            We Couldn’t Do it Without You!
     Thank you          to our volunteers & donors!
Donors: Marlene Arntson, Brook Berg, Rachel Hart Brinson, Robin
Burch, Charter Bank, Children’s Place, Clearwater Kiwanis Club,
Sandra Coolidge, Kathy Cooper, Stacey Dayton, EC Seymour Lions
Club, EC Morning Rotary, Eau Claire Academy, Samantha Haley, Kay-
la Hayes, JC Penney Corporation, Kiwanis Club of EC Indianhead,
Mega Charities, Mom’s Club South, Kathleen Mullins, The Northwest-
ern Bank, Jon Paraise at ServPro, Peoples Bank Midwest, Kristina
Rieder, Jeff Sauter, Southside OB/GYN Medical, TTM Technologies,
Watch Us Grow, Women of the Valley

                                     Summertime is a Great Time for Potty Training!
 Most toddlers learn to use the toilet between 2 ½ and 3 years old. This can be a big step in your child’s development. It takes practice and time- and
 there will be mistakes! You can help your toddler prepare, but remember that she will develop this skill at his/her own rate.

 Some common signs of readiness are: staying dry for two hours or during nap, regular bowel movements, making grimace sounds during bowel
 movement, telling you when they are wet, and showing an interest in using the potty.

 To help prepare children to use the toilet: teach your child consistent words for bathroom functions, let them observe family members, read books, get a potty
 chair of his/her own where they can sit when ready, help them learn to dress and undress properly, and teach them how to wash hands after.

 Ways to help your child make a successful change: wait until they show you they are ready, be patient, encourage change when family life is calm, never shame
 or punish your child for having accidents as its normal for children to revert to wetting pants even after they have stayed dry for many days.

 Some helpful hints: set up routine times for your child to visit the potty- possibly following each meal, or before sleep times, ask your child or offer potty time
 every two hours. Let your child try out the potty when he/ she is ready even if they don’t need to go, help them clean up calmly after an accident and reassure
 them that accidents are a part of learning, plan bathroom use into your outings to help prevent accidents in public, dress him/ her in clothing that is easy for them
 to remove, and remember that day time dryness happens before night time dryness.

 Books recommendations: Potty by Leslie Patricelli, Big Girl Panties by Fran Manushkin, A Potty for Me! by Karen Katz, Sesame Street: Potty Time with Elmo

                             La Leche League
             Are you breastfeeding or considering it? This
                                                                                            Grandparents and Others as Parents (GAP)
          group offers mother-to-mother support through a
                                                                                         Our mission is to help any family raising relative’s
   series of monthly meetings based upon various topics.
                                                                                       children for any reason. There will not be any summer
 Evening Meetings are at 6:30pm on the first Monday of he
                                                                                               meetings but resume again in the fall.
                       month at FRC.

                                    Summer Play n’ Learn Discovery Days!
  Join us for themed weekly discovery days at the Family Resource Center play area. Discovery stations will include activities for children to
discover through play that are related to the week’s theme. Discovery days are Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 am and are appropriate for children 2
            -8 years (Younger siblings are welcome to attend). Registration is required for EACH discovery day you wish to attend.

                      Families are encouraged to dress or bring anything from home that would extend on the week’s theme.

  June – Wednesday Dates:                                                          July – Wednesday Dates:
  11– Safari– Join us on our kick off to summer, for a mini safari.                9 – Beach Party– Sand and fun indoors. Join us for our summer
  Bring your favorite stuffed animal.                                              beach party!

  18 – Community Helpers– Learn about all kinds of helpers in                      16 – Pirates/Princess—Calling all pirates and princess, join us to
  our community. What do you want to be when you grow up?                          set sail on our royal cruise ship!

  25 – Things That Go- Trucks, trains and automobile fun. Join                     23 – Christmas in July– Who says Christmas is only once a year.
  us to learn about all things that go!                                            Join us to celebrate all things Christmas without the snow!

                                                                 Fall Play ‘ N Learn
                                                         September 3rd—October 9th

                                          Registration Date: Monday August 11th at 10:00am

 Upcoming FRC Events
 Please call 715-833-1735 or visit our online registration page at Just click on “Sign Up for
 Classes!” and complete the form. Registration is required and free child care will be provided for some
 classes as indicated. {All classes will take place at the Family Resource Center in the Oakwood Mall
Monday, June 9                    Exercise and Nutrition for the Entire Family | Dr. Aaron Arfstrom
11:00-12:00 pm                                            Maximized Living Health Center
                          Find out what types of exercise and nutrition are most beneficial for your whole family. Get
                             quick and simple ways to make some very healthy changes with a busy family sched-
                          ule. Find out how exercising only 12 minutes a day is more beneficial than working out for
                                         over an hour! Make sure your whole family benefits from this!
Wednesdays -                      Play ‘N Learn Discovery Days | Melissa Lokken - Parent Educator
June, 11, 18, 25         Join us for themed weekly discovery days at the Family Resource Center play area. Discovery
                            stations will include activities for children to discover through play that are related to the
July 9, 16, 23, 30
                          week’s theme. Discover days are Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 am and are appropriate for chil-
                            dren 2-8 years (Younger siblings are welcome to attend). Registration is required for
                                        EACH discovery day you wish to attend. (See page 3 for details.)

Tuesday, June 24                      Large Vehicle Fun Night | Melissa Lokken - Parent Educator
6:30 - 8:00 pm            Join us in the Macy’s parking lot to climb in all the community vehicles. Children will be able
                           to explore: police car, ambulance, fire truck, construction vehicles, garbage truck & more.
Macy’s Parking Lot
                                                           (See page 6 for more details.)

Wednesday, July 9                        The Parenting Class | Melissa Lokken - Parent Educator
1:00-2:30 pm             The Parenting Class will cover general parenting topics such as; anger management, commu-

FRC | Fee $10              nication, responsibility, co-parenting, discipline and routines. A certificate will be presented
                                upon completion. Class can also be taken through email, see page 2 for details.

Thursday, July 24                   Building Baby’s Brain | Sandi Stanton, EC County BRAIN Team
6:30-8:00 pm              Learn how positive interactions with your baby enhance social and emotional development,

FRC | Fee $10              creativity, and even IQ. Activities for specific ages will be shared and demonstrated. Class
                                        content will be geared towards development from birth to age 3.

                                                 Sponsored by the Eau Claire County Brain Team
Tuesday, July 28                           Bringing Up Boys | Amanda Shilts - Parent Educator
3:30-5:00 pm              Join us to explore how to raise healthy boys, from rough and tumble play, to peer relations
                            and emotions. Participants will learn about the social difficulties of boys, how to problem
                                     solve boy dilemmas and ways to protect their emotional development.

Wednesday, August 27                     Indoor Sensory Day | Melissa Lokken - Parent Educator
10:00-11:30 am             Come to FRC and get messy. Sensory fun for all; sand, rice, water, clean mud and more!
FRC                           Wear play clothes and plan to get messy (18mo— 7 years) *Registration Required*

         To sign up for classes or receive class updates, visit our website or our Facebook page
                            or call 715.833.1735.

Team Name: _________________________________________________Team Captain’s Name (must be 18+)__________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________ Email: _______________________________________________________________________
Team Member Name: ____________________ Team Member Name: ______________________ Team Member Name:_____________________
Team Member Name: ____________________ Team Member Name: ______________________ Team Member Name:_____________________
                                          Cost of Event: $150 per team (3-6 players) If registered and paid by June 11.
                                                                                 $175 (If registered and paid after June 12)
                                                            Includes: Scavenger Hunt Registration Fee, Food, Music
                                                                    Please send registration and payment by to:
                                                  Family Resource Center 4800 Golf Road Suite 450 Eau Claire, WI 54701
                                                                Make checks payable to: Family Resource Center
 Would you like a jump-start on earning points??!! If your team raises additional dollars to donate to the FRC, you earn points!! We suggest
                                                                 finding a business or others to sponsor your team!
                                                        $50-$100= 5 points | $101-$200= 10 points | $201+ = 15 points
AND…Bring in a donation item off of FRC's online wish list and receive 1 point for each item (up to 10 points).
AND…If your team dresses in a theme, you can also earn 10 points!
General Information:
              5:00-5:45 Check in at Pizza Plus. Captains must attend a Captain’s Meeting at 5:45. Teams will receive their task list exactly
               6:00! Don’t be late!
              The Hunt is on! The object of the game is to complete as many tasks on the list as you can, earning the most points within 2
               hours (6:00 to 8:00 pm).
              Only 1 vehicle per team. Players should work as part of 3-6 person teams.
              Teams must have a digital camera or phone to capture your team completing the tasks. Please use just one phone or cam-
               era to document all of your tasks. Pictures will be used as proof of a completed task. Remember to have batteries charged
               and plenty of room on memory-don’t want to miss out on points due to not having a picture.
              Your team must stay together at all times. You may not split up to “divide” tasks.
              Signed disclosures are required from all team members prior to the start of the event.
              The team that has the most points wins!

Additional FRC Programs

MATCh Moment-
 Although bullying behavior has always been around, the meth-
ods of bullying have changed with time. Violence and cyberbul-
lying are becoming more prevalent. With summer break, the
aspect of bullying within the schools is a limited, but with our
technological advances cyberbullying can continue at any
time. Now is a great time to talk with your children about bul-
lying. Help them understand why bullying others is wrong and
harmful. Offer them the opportunity to understand the effect
bullying has on the victim. Discuss with them what to do if
they are the one being bullied. They do not have to keep it a
secret or deal with it alone. Make sure they understand that
they need to inform you of what is happening. It is important
for you as a parent to know how to go about handling this situa-
tion and getting your child the support they need. If you need
assistance in obtaining ideas for what to say to your child, do
not hesitate to contact the Family Resource Center.

        Contact the MATCh program at:
        715-552-1365 or

                                                                   Postage Stamps          Construction Paper
                                                                   AA & AAA Batteries      Windex
                                                                   Small Paper Cups        Kleenex
                                                                   Toilet Cleaner          Carpet Shampoo

                                                                   Colored Cardstock       Vacuum
                                                                   Hand Sanitizer          Toilet Paper
                                                                   Clorox Wipes            Hand Soap
                                                                   Gift Cards              Copy Paper
                                                                   Tri—Fold Paper Towels   Address Labels

     Thank you to our generous sponsors!

                                               Attermeier Family
                                                 Ayres Associates
                                             Bauman Associates
                                            Carpet City Flooring
                                              Clearwater Dental
                          Clinicare Corp | Eau Claire Academy
                        Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire
                                                Herrick & Hart SC
                                               Ho-Chunk Nation
Sue & Dave                                  Mike & Brenda Moe
                                          Sacred Heart Hospital
                                          Trubilt Collision Center
          Thank   you RAFFLE SPONSORS!                Xcel Energy
          Buffalo Wild Wings, Fazoli’s, Gold’s Gym, Heartland Aviation, Lasker Jewelers,
          Mancino’s, Mega Charities, Metropolis Resort, My Friends Place, Peoples Bank
          of Wisconsin, Red Lobster, Royal Construction, Susan Rusboldt, & Walmart


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                                                                                               PERMIT NO. 1557

 4800 Golf Road, Suite 450
 Eau Claire, WI 54701

 Phone: 715-833-1735
 Fax: 715-833-1215

Look Inside to Find…

 A special thank you to Sacred Heart Hospital for funding the
             printing of FRC’s quarterly newsletter.

               The mission of the Family Resource Center is to provide programs and services
        that build on family strengths through prevention, education, support, and collaboration with
other resources in the community. The Family Resource Center is available to all families and children in Eau
                                          Claire and Dunn Counties.

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