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					invitation Pricing	(color	chart	on	page	2)

Your	invitation	is	the	first	impression	your	guests	are	going	to	have	of	your	wedding.	Make	that	impression	 something	special	and	choose	Designer	Photo	Imaging	to	help	create	something	they’ll	remember.	 Have	the	directions	printed	on	the	back	for	free	and	you	not	only	save	yourself	money,	but	you	 decrease	the	chance	of	your	guests	forgetting	the	directions!	You	can	also	save	on	postage	 by	having	a	postcard	rsvp.	By	having	just	the	two	cards	you	avoid	the	additional	postage	 required	that	other	traditional	wedding	invitations	with	multiple	pieces	of	paper	incur.


Any	of	the	designs	you	see	can	be	altered	for	any	other	occasion.	Other	options	could	be:	a	save	the	date	 card,	a	bachelor/ette	party,	bridal/baby	shower,	a	graduation	or	birth	announcement	or	a	swanky	party.

4x5.5 (per box of 25)
1-2 boxes 3-4 boxes 5+ boxes

how to order:




1.	 E-mail	or	call		 Teresa	Setterlund	at	763-226-0917. 2.	 In	the	e-mail	or	over	the	phone	specify:	 •	 Size	of	invite	 •	 Type	of	paper	(watercolor,	linen	or	pearl)	 •	 Design	choice:	template	name	or	custom	 •	 Colors	 •	 Text	(specify	the	kind	of	event) 	 •	 Quantity 	 •	 Shipping	address 3.	 Once	the	invitation	is	done	you	will	receive	 a	proof	to	approve	or	make	changes	to. 4.	 After	approval	the	invitation	will	be	printed	 and	shipped	to	the	address	you	provided. 5.	 Payment	can	be	made	by	check	or	PayPal	 once	the	order	has	been	completed.

5x7 or 5x5 (per box of 25)
1-2 boxes 3-4 boxes 5+ boxes




additional options:

Custom	design	$20	 Add	map	to	directions	$20
Paper Descriptions:
Invitations	are	printed	on	cardstock	available	in	3	 different	papers	(an	80	lb.	watercolor	texture,	a	90	lb.	 linen	texture	or	a	100	lb.	metallic	pearl).	Colors	may	 vary	slightly	depending	on	which	paper	you	choose.	 You	cannot	mix	papers	on	a	single	box	order	of	25.		

ordering requirements:

E-mail:			 Phone:	763-226-0917		•		Minneapolis,	MN

•	Cards	must	be	ordered	in	full	packages	of	25.	 •	Pricing	is	per	design,	with	a	single	design	per	order. •	All	card	prices	include	envelopes.	

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