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									A-La-Carte (cont.)
Y Video of Marriage License Signing - $40.00 Y “How We Met” Video - $100.00 Y A Special Intro Message - $65.00 Y Additional Taping - $150.00 (2 hours)
(Bridal Shower / Bachelor Party / Engagement Photos / etc.)

Capturing the memories that will last a lifetime.
Tips and Suggestions
Y A wishing well can be a great alternative to
requested or unrequested gifts. Guests give a card with money or a gift card. Many couples use this alternative when one or both have had an apartment or house before. Really, who needs 4 blenders?

Y Slideshow - $2.00 each photo up to 20 slides, $1.00 each after 20
(Growing Up / Our Story / Photographer’s / Honeymoon / etc.)

Y iPod Video - $40.00 Y Screensaver of Slideshow - $30.00 Y Wedding DVD Game - $600.00
(Like SceneIt™ for your wedding)

Y Directions or Map PDF - $20.00

Y Many old traditions point to saving the top
layer of your wedding cake for your one year anniversary. Most cakes go bad after being in the the freezer for one year. Instead, keep it for your one month anniversary. The cake is still good and moist without all the freezer burn. (Wrap the cake in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil before placing it in the freezer. The plastic wrap will keep the cake from tasting metallic.)

Y Watch out when asking friends or family to provide music, food, photography or any other service for the wedding. Their intentions may be good, but issues may arise if you aren’t happy with the results. Just because Uncle Tom has an expensive digital camera doesn’t mean he knows how to use it. Make sure you see or taste samples before “hiring” family and friends.


P.O. Box 1246 • Elkhart, IN 46515-1246 574.370.1271 •

P.O. Box 1246 • Elkhart, IN 46515-1246 574.370.1271 •

Where video, web, & print meet.

Where video, web, & print meet.


n 2004 we started MRG Design & Video to give everyone a video product that is affordable and worth sharing. All of our products are created and edited using top-of-the-line equipment. At MRG Design & Video we only offer the highest quality productions to our clients. Some ideas for your wedding video: Y Get marriage advice from family and friends on video. Y Have your bridal shower recorded. Y Send a special message to your new husband or wife. Y Allow us to create an “Our Story” slideshow to play at your wedding and include as a bonus feature on your DVD.

Production Suites:
Y Basic Package - $500 Y Template DVD menu 1 Camera ceremony only 1 DVD Y Standard Package - $800 Y Template DVD menu 2 Cameras ceremony only 2 DVDs Y Premium Package - $1000 Y Personalized DVD menu 2 Cameras ceremony & reception 1 Slideshow (up to 30 slides) 5 DVDs Y Diamond Package - $1500 Y Personalized DVD menu 2 Cameras ceremony & reception 1 Slideshow (up to 30 slides) Pre-wedding taping (bride & groom) 7 DVDs Y Platinum Package - $2300 Y Personalized DVD menu 3 Cameras ceremony & reception 2 Slideshows (up to 50 slides each) Pre-wedding taping (bride & groom) Personalized message from bride & groom on DVD Rehearsal & rehearsal dinner recording Wedding DVD game 10 DVDs Y All DVDs come with white cases. Y We ask to be present at the rehearsal even if
we are not filming. This will allow us to plan the best sequence of video for your special day.

Invitations & Printed Materials
Y 25 Personalized Invitations & Envelopes - $85.00 Y 25 Coordinating RSVP Cards & Envelopes - $35.00 Y 50 Map Sheets - $10.00 (black & white) Y 50 Advice Cards - $15.00 (black & white) Y 50 Registry Sheets - $10.00 (black & white) Y 25 Coordinating Thank You Cards & Envelopes - $35.00 Y 50 Ceremony Programs Black & White - $15.00 Color - $35.00 Y Place Setting Cards - $10.00 (for all tables)

Y Include audio commentary from the Bride & Groom on the DVD. Y Add a Honeymoon slideshow.

Y Additional DVDs - $20.00 ea. Y DVD Insert Card - $2.00 ea. Y Shipping of DVD - $6.00 ea. Y Additional Camera - $300.00

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