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Video Journalism Training Workshop
Budapest, Hungary Monday 19th to 31st October 2009
(Arrival and departure dates)

NB: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING NOTES BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION Circom Regional has been running Video Journalism Workshops for the past 5 years. They have trained over 80 European Video Journalists. The workshop is aimed and journalists who wish to become a VJ or to practising VJs who wish to improve upon their skills and confidence. The main objectives of the course are:      to give participants training on VJ cameras experience in using laptop editing software. To learn how to develop story ideas and film and edit stories to a professional level. Build on participant’s confidence in working as a VJ

The workshop will be 10 working days and will be restricted to 10 participants only.

It is important that applications are received from journalists and stations who are committed to the role of the video journalist and who will be able to work as a video journalist when they return from the workshop. The training will be conducted in English and it is important that applicants have a good working knowledge of the language. Because the workshop is of an intense nature, and requires a great deal of commitment from trainers and participants alike, priority will be given to those people, who show a degree of commitment to working as a VJ by being able to provide their own equipment. However, Circom will have 4 camera kits available for those applicants who are not able to bring equipment with them. The aim is that each VJ will have a camera kit for their own use. Circom will provide laptop-editing facilities and will welcome anybody using their own equipment. As part of the application process applicants are expected to research and submit two story ideas that they would like to film in Budapest. These will make up part of their course work and may be of interest to the audience in their home country as well as to other Circom member stations. Selection of all applicants will be at the discretion of Circom, but every effort will be made to ensure that there will be 10 countries represented on the training. Circom will pay for all training costs, plus accommodation including breakfast and lunch. All other costs and travel to and from Budapest are the responsibility of the applicant or their station. The workshop will take place at:
EUROPEAN YOUTH CENTRE BUDAPEST Zivatar u. 1-3, H-1024 Budapest Tel: +36 1 438 1030 Fax: +36 1 212 40 76 e-mail:

Please do not apply for this training if you are not able to work as a VJ when you return to your workplace. For journalists to develop as a VJ they must be able to gain experience over a considerable period of time after returning to the workplace.

First name:_______________ Surname:_________________________ Job Title:__________________________________________________ Job description:____________________________________________ . Work experience:____________________________________________ Company Name:_______________________________________________ Company Address:____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Company Telephone Number:___________________________________ Your email address:_________________________________________ Name of your Circom Regional National Co-ordinator: ____________________________________________________________ National Co-ordinator email address:________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Spoken languages NB: Applicants must have a good working knowledge of the English language: ____________________________________________________________ Do you need a “Letter of Invitation” for a visa application? ____________________________________________________________ Any special requirements: ____________________________________________________________

Will you be able to bring VJ Camera equipment with you camera, to include a miniDV Camera such as Sony PD170, Sony Z1 or similar, a tripod and microphones? ____________________________________________________________ Make and model ____________________________________________________________ Will you be able to continue working as a VJ after the workshop? ____________________________________________________________ Please submit two ideas for a magazine news item of 3 - 4 minutes duration (continue on a separate sheet of paper if necessary): 1.__________________________________________________________


PLEASE RETURN APPLICATION BY EMAIL TO: Karol Cioma, CIRCOM Regional Training Project Manager TEL: +44 1286 871144 MOB: +44 7711 731688 EMAIL: DEADLINE: Monday September 21st 2009 N.B. All applicants must have personal insurance cover for accident, sickness and loss of property. Accommodation includes breakfast and lunch but does not include evening meals or personal extras such as drinks and telephone calls. All travel costs to be paid by applicant’s member station.

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