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					Sr. Garzoglio Spanish 3 Computer lab – Friday October 9, 2010 Friday you will be working on your “Facebook” project during class. Below is a list of directions to follow while using the computers in the lab. Logging on: 1. Log on as yourself: User id: First + last initial and student number Ex: Jim Jones – jj123456 2. Your password is your student identification number (even if you logged on last year – all passwords have been reset) 3. You will be prompted to change your password. Think of a password you will easily remember but not something others may be able to guess. 4. You are now logged in as yourself and you have created settings that only you can view. Saving and emailing your work: 1. Since you are logged on as yourself you may save your work to the desktop or in a folder of your choice if you want to. 2. ** Mac users** - Save your work as an RTF file. 3. Once your work has been saved, email it to yourself so you may finish the project from home. Project is due Friday October 16, 2009. Beginning the project: Follow the steps below to complete the project: 1. Download the project file from one of the following websites. There is also a sample project available on these websites if you need more ideas. 2.

Complete your wall (“muro”):  At the top of the page, replace the word “nombre” with your name.  Insert a picture of yourself onto the page. Place it on top of the box in the top corner.  Fill out your basic information at the left side of the page. This section does not need to be done in complete sentences. See the sample if you need help.

 Decide on a number for your friends. Fill in the names of your top nine friends under the boxes. Add pictures if you would like.  Create two wall posts (either something that you would write or that someone else would leave on your wall). The second wall post must also have one comment underneath. You may add pictures here if you would like.  Optional: Fill in the box under your picture with information about yourself, a favorite quote, or any other information you would like to include.  Optional: Create a status update in the blue box under your name. 3. Complete your information page:  “Información básica” – Fill out all of the information requested. This section must be done with complete sentences.  “Información personal” – Choose at least four of the seven sections to complete. This section must also be done in complete sentences.  “Información de contacto” – Fill out all of the information requested. You may list the information here instead of writing out sentences. 4. Complete one of the following pages (two for extra credit): “Fotos” Create three photo albums. For each album, include a picture for the album cover, a name for the album, the number of picture, and a description of the album. Create at least four pieces of flair. For each piece of flair, include a picture inside the flair, a title for your flair, and a description. Create at least four bumper stickers. For each bumper sticker, include a picture inside the bumper sticker, a title for the bumper sticker, and a description.

“Insignias” “Pegatinas”