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					PACE Monthly Meeting April 5, 2007 Minutes

Welcome and Introductions Attending: Alison Gramza, CCHD; Joyce Baker, BOE; Jane Garrison, CCHD; John Johnson, Traffic Engineering; John Bennett, SCAD Approval of minutes from March 1, 2007 Approved as read by Jane Garrison, seconded by John Bennett. New Business Crosswalk Action 4/30/07 @ 2:45pm. Moved from Whitebluff @ Television Circle, to Wheaton St. at DFCS building. SKWTW School Safety Committee Grant received to do crosswalk education at Hubert Middle School. Received $1000. Money will go towards a roll out crosswalk mat, reflective vests and signs, and incentives. GDOT Safe Routes to School Workshops to be held at the end of June. Adrienne Gill, state SRTS Coordinator called to ask for help with a location to hold the workshop. Ideas from group include: Backshear, Yamacraw, Garrison Elem., and the Civic Center. Civic Center will be our first choice. Alison will ask Joey to check if it’s available. GOHS grant 2008 – asked group for Ideas for items to put in grant. First need to use up money in 2007 grant. Suggestions included crosswalk warning signs for middle of street (like at Memorial Hospital, John Johnson will check on the price of these and let Jane know), and radar. For 2008, some suggestions were: local safety videos, yard signs, bus advertisements (Joyce will find out how much these cost), neighborhood “PACE” car signs/bumper stickers, and safety surveys. Old Business Web Site: John Bennett is working on a new site for us. It is easier to change and manage. Discussed having a members section, posting minutes and having a message board. The new site is half the price (7.95/month) and has better customer service. PACE Setter Awards are given out every year at the Annual Safe Kids Savannah Awards Luncheon. Nomination sheets were handed out. Group discussed and decided on award recipients for the categories of Media, Business Partner, Organization, and Individual. Other Joyce discussed doing pedestrian safety for kids during the summer. Jane already has contacts at all of the Leisure Service Centers for the summer puppet shows so we can start there. Next Meeting: May 3, 2007 – 1pm @ BOE, 208 Bull St., Room 122