NORTH SHORE SPECIAL EVENTS APPLICATION SPORTS & EXHIBITION AUTHORITY/STADIUM AUTHORITY 2009 Please answer the following questions fully, in as much detail as possible. Please note: This application is not a substitute for the City of Pittsburgh Special Events Permit Application. Both must be completed for all North Shore Park events. 1. What is the name of the event?

2. What is the name of the entity organizing the event? Is it a not-for profit?

3. Please provide the following information for the point of contact: a. Name: b. Address: c. d. e. f. Office telephone: Mobile phone: Fax: Email address:

4. Names and daytime phone numbers of two organization officers besides applicant (if applicable) ► ►

5. Please list the dates and times during which the event itself will occur. (Identifying set-up and takedown periods.)

6. How many people are expected to attend the event?

7. What areas of the park and/or parking lots are you requesting to use for the event itself? Please be specific.

8. Will you require parking for this event? How many spaces, approximately, will you need? Please coordinate parking arrangements with ALCO Parking Corporation Parking Manager Tom Leddy at (412) 246-0120 or

Sports & Exhibition Authority Doc# 32476

9. Will participants or spectators be charged? Will there be vendors at the event?



If so, how much? If so, how many? If so, provide items/prices.

Will there be merchandise available for sale? YES

10. Have you checked the game schedules of the Pirates, Steelers and Pitt Panthers for conflicts? If so, please list dates/times of overlap. Please note: PNC Park, Heinz Field and ALCO Parking officials must review all event applications for the North Shore and give their approval before permits are issued.

11. Describe in detail activities planned. List all items to be distributed. (Sale or distribution of food, products, promotional material, celebrities, speeches, ceremonies, etc.)

12. Will you need to close any roads? Attach route and site maps if available.

13. Will any pamphlets, handbills, or advertising matter of any kind be distributed at the event? Please note that no bumper stickers or decals are permitted on Authority property. For regulations regarding signs and banners, please refer to Title Nine, Chapter 919 of the City ordinances.

14. Do you plan to drive vehicles onto Parkland? 15. Will you need water or electrical connections? (Please describe) 16. Have you made any provision for on-site medical services? 17. Have you made any provision for on-site security?





Sports & Exhibition Authority Doc# 32476

18. Insurance is required for all events. The following entities must be named as additional insured: -Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County -Stadium Authority of the City of Pittsburgh -City of Pittsburgh -Commonwealth of Pennsylvania -Allegheny County -ALCO Parking (If utilizing parking lots)

Please email or fax this application to Jason Kobeda, Project Assistant at the Sports & Exhibition Authority at F: (412) 393-7104. Please call if you have any questions at (412) 393-7106. Once the application is received, the terms of the license agreement, including security deposit, license fee and insurance will be discussed.

Sports & Exhibition Authority Doc# 32476

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