Understanding Designers by Startonomics

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									Understanding Designers
Erika Hall Mule Design Jeffrey Veen Small Batch, Inc.

What Design Is How It Proceeds How Not to Screw it up

Design and development can seem at odds.

Design is a* problem solving methodology.

* mostly rational

Where the journey begins

Tip: If you catch yourself saying “Let’s get a designer to jazz this up a bit” you’re doing it wrong.

Is a functional prototype enough?

Design Strategist

Visual Designer

Information Architect

Interaction Designer


Visual Design

Interaction Design

Information Architecture


Front-end Developer

Design Strategist

Case Study: Measure Map

Good - very friendly. type, icons, language all contribute - simple message "Simple & SECURE web document sharing" - screenshot - 1 2 3 steps - obvious Get Started link Bad - tabs at the top are unnecessary. feels like I have to learn the home page to use the app. who cares? - visual hierarchy - what do I look at first? what's most important here? - colors are shit

Good - RED! Hurray! Bold but friendly. - Logotype - icon - search box. I love how they've included their core functionality into a clever identity. love this. - Attention to detail. Content boxes have tiny, clean drop shadows. look at those subtle dotted underlines on links, styled form elements. gorgeous. - great layout, whitespace, simplicity. - This is my favorite design of all of these. I love the sensibility, and think it matches the directions we've been moving very well. Bad - so damn red. seriously, I kinda get sick of looking at it

Common Pitfalls

Common Pitfalls1.
Poorly Defined Goals 2. Lack of Process 3. Subjectivity

I hate orange.

What we talked about Design is: making and documenting decisions about the experience of your audience/users/customers

Design requires: knowledge, skills, and thoughtful feedback Design works: if you are clear about your expectations, priorities, and goals

Thank you!



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