CE Region Membership Meeting Sunday_ February 1_ 2009 Coon Rapids by forrests


									CE Region Membership Meeting Sunday, February 1, 2009 Coon Rapids UMC, Andover, Minnesota Hosted by Hot Foot Stompers Officers present: Virgil and Marion Rasmussen, Becky Tjornhom, Jerry and Nancy Knoth, Mary Kay Amberg, Don Diemert. Meeting was called to order at 2:05PM. Virgil recognized the Federation Officers, The ROUNDUP board, special guests, and royalty. Callers: Abe Maier and Dean Libby Roll Call of Clubs. At the end, Ardus Vining mentioned that there is a new round dance club led by Ruth Howell and John Farquar called Dance on Cue. Approval of October Minutes: Motion to approve with two spelling corrections. 1st by Ardus Vining, 2nd by Paul Allen. So moved. Treasurer Report: Don mentioned that membership has increased since May, 2008. Motion to accept 1st by Paul Allen, 2nd by Quentin Gerber. So moved. Bills: $75 for hall rent today; $12.45 for treats at CE Region lessons; 16 students. Motion to pay 1st by Denny Hebrink; 2nd by Peggy Decker. So moved. Reports 1st VP Report: Becky reported that we will have golf score card in use in the North Metro area. 2nd VP Report: Jerry reported that clubs should continue to turn in special dances for listing on website. 2009 Convention Report: Presented by Ardus Vining. Invite everyone down to Rochester. Change in round dance cuer. 575 registered as of now. MRDC: no report. Swing Masters: Report by Dean Libby. Mid-winter Magic went very well. 47 squares in the afternoon and 36 squares in the evening. Money earned at this event is put in the Swing Masters treasury and is used in the CE Region for education, dues, education of callers, anything to promote the activity. The ROUNDUP: Steve Huntsman, editor reported. Continue to send notices on time. Clubs can hold subscription dances. They will put club packet on their website soon. Open positions for next year are Spotlight, Enhancing Dancing and Recipe editors. They meet two times a month, once for editing and once for addressing. Webmaster: Brain reported lots of web visitors. Need list of current club contacts for website. Ardus has a list and will forward to Brian. FSTM: Presented by Dee Scott. Show is in its 6th year. We have taped 126 shows. 17,000 hits on website. Funds were received from the Sherburn Lake Promenaders of $300 and Etta Dancers of $200. In April, Bismarck North Dakota will bring dancers and in May it will be the Southwest region.

Old Business Federation News: -The Federation will not sponsor an Education Seminar in May, 2009. It is cancelled for this year only. -Membership and insurance information will be given at the State Convention in Rochester in June. -Working on database of membership. Will be password protected. The database will be available to Insurance, Membership and Awards and the State Convention committees. -Distribution of convention profits will stay the same. Region News: Mid-season dance lesson started last week. 16 people attended on first night. Need angels. For new dancer dances, clubs should inform callers how far new dancers are on the ‘call list’ so they know what moves to call. The CE Region has a teach-by list of moves. Clubs should share this with list with callers from outside the CE Region when having a new dancer dance. Bumper stickers: John Vining checked cost - $291 for 500 stickers size 3 ¼ x14 ¾, same size as previous bumper stickers and same colors (black & white). Motion by John Vining to purchase 500 bumper stickers; 2nd by Denny Hebrink. An amendment was made by Dee Scott to use the web site instead of the phone number; 2nd by Vince Dahlheimer. Discussion followed. Vote on amendment failed. Vote on main motion using the phone number passed. John will order. Brian Freed suggested ‘clings’ instead of bumper stickers because of easy of removal. Also, the information phone number should be listed under “Dance” in the yellow pages. When people call the bumper sticker phone number, they get transferred to Becky. She will add the website to her message machine. The website also gives the bumper sticker phone number. New Business Looking for new CE Board members for 2009-10. No one has committed. Committed to golf course (near Bethel College) scorecard ad ($179) in north metro. Showed possible samples. Has both phone number and website. Keep simple image. Pick up $2.00 off coupon Single Dancer Concerns: Vince Dahlheimer expressed concerns about inappropriate touch of both female and male dancers. Is there any policy or grievance procedure? No, not at this time. Vince suggests that the CE Region set up a policy or grievance procedure. Can also be verbal. Dean Libby said that callers could include it in dress and behavior talk. Clubs could add it to dancer commandments and ethics. Vince will form of committee of himself and whoever else he can recruit and report back at next CE Region member meeting. Meetings Next CE Region Meeting is May 3, 2009. Hosted by Jolly Promenaders at the Forest Lake Senior Center, 767 SW 4th St, Forest Lake. Thank you to church for space and to Hot Foot Stomper’s club for hosting today’s meeting. Thanks also to callers, Dean and Abe. Adjourned at 3:45pm. Respectfully submitted by: Mary Kay Amberg, CE Region Secretary

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