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									Board Minutes
Saturday, September 19, 2009 Sunday, September 20, 2009 Winona State University
Call to Order 8:35 am Roll Call Bemidji, Mankato, Metropolitan, Moorhead, Southwest, Winona (St Cloud late) Approval of Agenda - Passes Approval of Meeting Minutes August 12 Conference Call – Motion to table Metro/Man 2 nd Passes Officer Reports State Chair Jennifer Weil – see attached documents Vice Chair Josh Toney - Busy. Working w/Brina Ellison getting campus committees up & running. All committees filled. Most trainings completed. 2 conference calls. Attended chancellor meeting. Prep for this conference. Treasurer Travis Carlson – see attached documents Director Reports Bemidji State University - Pass MN State University, Mankato - Implemented on line & extended learning – not consulted. $50 not on campus $500 per credit. Program w/Normandale. Waived for one year. $35 differential tuition. New fee - asked that University put together a task force. Extended motion last spring. Task force sanctioned off campus. 1 st offense (DUI or minor off campus) Alcohol classes during orientation. Quite extensive. Faculty association re: advising. University task force. Bonding tour. College Access Program (CAP Program) – required to stay on campus.. put in a lounge area. Concerns about students first. Co-curricular transcripts. Come meet your senator program. Metropolitan State University – Meeting & working with Vice President of Student Affairs. Financial Aid difficulties with students starting without awards letter. Metro Alliance – busy working w/10 other 2 year students in the Metro area . Text book proposal approved. Not rental program. How to reorganize & move forward. “e” Daycare - admin is waiting for student survey – facts & demographics. Institutional center. Bonding tour earlier. Went well. People working w/ Sandy Pappas. Pell or Direct Loan MN State University Moorhead- ___ Bank – Cell phone reception very poor. Sprint & Verizon. Have no Vice President in Student Government. Main thoroughfare needs to be better lit. Banded tuition. Rewrite constitution. Mandatory health policy. Permanently suspended 3 graduate programs. Alcohol policy reform – body is no longer considered a container. Finally you can come home. Student death – hit by drunk driver. Between 12 – 19 pay for 15.5 credits. St. Cloud State University – Positive state of senate. Starting from scratch. Added a new senate eat. Financial aid issue. Moved to dire ct loan – most students with Late Fees – didn’t know. Trying to get late fees waived. Off campus extension in Maple

Grove. Displaced workers. Meeting w/VP of student life & development. Student alcohol use. Some suspended for the season. Greek community already has. Looking to expand it. Construction all over the place. Classroom is slightly behind schedule. Plan or Student Union. New Provost & VP University advancement excellent. Host Diversity conference. Cultural Diversity is doing excellent. Men’s Issues to complete the issue. Told to hold off -Women’s Center. Cleaning up documents, Started Town Hall Meetings. Mayor is joining him this week. State Chair Weil & President joining him in future meetings. “What do YOU want?” Campaign. Student Government is for the students. # of alcohol violations gone down. Thefts increased. Library reports the place is full. Committee – student government Secretary will help find and monitor committee attendees. Southwest MN State University – Thanks for having us. Opening of Sweetland Hall (named in honor of past President). Looks like 5 star hotel. 893 cam pus – most on campus during last decade. International numbers are down – working to attract more. Goal __________. Issues with parking. Petition signed by 400 students (about half) No speed signs. Spoke to City Engineer. 5 people have been hit by cars. Goal this year is Build bridges with people we need to build with , ie, City Council. Mayor will be visiting Senate next week. (Been mayor 14 years.) Working w/ Faculty org. Meeting w/IFO President 2 weeks ago. Positive. Open house 2 weeks ago for freshmen. 6 open seats – 12 applications. Will have full senate next week. First time in 2 years. (Reimbursed parking passes. Issues with choice & availability. Living & learning aid.) (Have to complete your term.) Committee chairs will also receive reimbursement. Adopt a highway. 9 students for a two mile stretch. Grass should have been cut shorter. (lost Ike – lol) Bonding tour went well. No faculty on Bonding tour – not allowed. H1N1 first confirmed case. Choice: stay – go home – in ____________. Constitution committee appointment. May ask to see other campus’ constitutions. Need 10% of student body voting. Syllabus issue- Social Work 101 – attend meetings & help with events. Resolved with new dean. On line fees for mandatory classes that are NOT ava ilable on campus. New director of food services … Theater trying to replace floor boards. Safety issues now. Working on this. Homecoming in 3 weeks. Mardi Gras theme. Winona State University – Welcome. Senate working under new constitution . _____ increase to enrollment. -----------Cars program. Annual fee & Zip Cars. Partnering with ____________ Four freedom to campus. Lot of construc tion – open in the fall. New radio & TV studio. When do we start admitting more students? H1N1 – 4 confirmed Hand sanitizers on campus. Paper towels eliminated. Flu shots moved up a month. Rochester 500 students. Having senate meetings… Purple bike program. Grant – targeting alcohol providers. Warrior lead program. Parking issue. Residential parking task force. Permit required. Town Hall meeting. Exploring building parking structure. Laptop U. Reviewing contracts. Club space utilization in Student Center. Trustee Report Trustee Christopher Frederick – Thank you. Trustee w/MnSCU BOT. In 3 weeks: 3 committees. 1 st Meeting this week. Students First. Bonding tours. Be a resource for all of you.

Recess to Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Reconvene Sunday, September 20 at 10:27 a.m. Roll Call: Bemidji, Mankato, Metropolitan, Moorhead, St Cloud, Southwest, Winona Staff and Other Reports Office Update – Please review attached reports. The Executive Director provided a summary. Get his slides.First victory – Vets textbooks. Metro; Still collecting student debt service. ED: no stopped day after Labor Day. Unfinished Business MSUSA Financial Update – attached. Association fee. Waiting for fall. Summer has been applied. Interest – watching. Travel-lodging formula that needed to change. Misc. Come out in the wash. Penny reimbursement – recommendation on how to allocate. Balance to Contact Mgmt system,. Budget by category & group together. Please look & comment. Mankato: What is the situation with interest & dividend – investments. Addressed in profit & loss. Strategic Planning Update – Handouts Flushed out 3 rd & 4 th items on the Strategic Plan. 5 Minute Recess Reconvene 12:12 p.m. Strategic Plan: #3 Increase alumni involvement (see attached) Comments: Bemidji: Pass Mankato: filling 100% of seats on Alumni Board? Metro: Why was last line scratched? Executive Director: MSUSA plans to contribute small amounts to alumni each year. Looking for return with scholarship programs. Moorhead: Increase contact by 20% Executive Director: Kari has a number (about 200) More success with [recent] alumni graduating now. St. Cloud: Like that we’re trying to get more money for scholarship programs. Southwest: Liked the 3 alumni from each campus to attend Lobby Core. Winona: At least one student attends alumni board meeting. Chair: Any comments about priorities? Winona: Fri night social? How realistic is it to ask alumni to travel in order to make it to a campus on Friday night? Is it better to do this on Saturday night instead? Moorhead: I like the Friday event – Saturday we can be pretty burned out. Bemidji: Likes Saturday – more structure. People reason to attend. Winona: Could depend on Location. Overall – agree that it is important. Anything in goals about future of alumni – how that program could help us build that. Just a thought. Executive Director: They will be included. Trying to give Board a piece of this action plan. Southwest: Pass St Cloud: Assist w/visibility on campus? Connections with sports team & organizations. Moorhead: Pass Metro Pass

Mankato: Pass Bemidji: Pass Strategy #4 Engage with other stakeholders, specifically MnSCU,state legislators, and federal legislators. (See attached) Bemidji: Pass Mankato: How do you plan to work together/get feedback? Chair: ongoing conversation. Mankato: At what point do you start documenting? Don’t have an answer. Metro: Pass Moorhead: What is “Parents United”? Executive Director: Started to delve into P-16 to try to work together. St. Cloud: Likes including connecting the veterans with this. Southwest: Engage with other stakeholders – be sure their goals are applicable with our goals. Winona: Pass Moorhead: Why has attorney advised against recognition against other stakeholders? Executive Director: We can talk about it & bring her in & get her analysis. Penny Program Update – Penny Board met July 15. Identified necessary strengths that are missing from the Board. Had 3 resignations: Mike Lopez, Russ Stanton, Todd Harmening- Beginning to fill positions with members with those strengths. Next Board Meeting is in October. Applications for scholarship/fellowship are due November 1. Encourage students to apply. Just a reminder: an internship does not need to be secured to be eligible to apply. Penny Social is November 13 – Mn Zoo – Tropics Trail. November conference will follow. Get donations for silent auction. Get admin to sponsor student attendees. Campus Committees will be selling tickets. Next Golf Scramble June 3, 2010 at the Jewel. $24,000 earned on Penny investments. Paid MSUSA back for FY09 expenses. Approval for advisory board being sought. Metro: What happens in case a winner does not find an internship. Chair: Board member assigned to mentor & help secure a scholarship. Be more of a resource. Metro: What of they decide not to do it. Chair: The check is not issued. The Board might then decide if another candidate could apply. Moorhead: How do you define Qualified candidates for the vacant Board seats? Vice Chair: Someone with connections or someone with money. Moorhead: Do we know the reasons for the resignations: All time & busy. On board for 5 – 10 years. JPS Update: St Cloud: Account balance of about $13,000 shooting for $20,000 by April. Intentions are to announce first award by spring of 2010. Try to get this endowed. Board has been split between fundraising & applications. Get mores student involvement in fundraising. Encourage everybody to donate. Next Board meeting is Oct 11 in Winona. May be having a fundraiser Wine-tasting with a portion of the proceeds coming to the JPS Scholarship. (Jared’s uncle’s wine shop.) Metro: Organizations to work on event as a sponsorship.

Moorhead- is board on track for the fundraising target? St Cloud: Still very new – but we feel this is a realistic goal. Alumni Association Update. The Board met Aug 25 – and will meet again in Oct. They are planning their big meeting for November during the MSUSA conference. Promote our strategic plan & get their goals. Get feedback from them. Real Estate Strategy Presentation (Hand out Renee) Get current Powerpoint presentation from Renee. Executive Director: We started this project by asking for the sky. We are seeking a task force to work on this. Goals: What do we need? Costs would be split between organizations (MSUSA & MSCSA). Mankato: Would there be signage? Can it be on the building? Depends upon location. Mankato: Would signage be allowed [on the Midway property]there? Yes Bemidji: Lease – still partnering with MSCSA? Executive Director: Yes – timing is right. Asked due to space. Executive Director: if we choose to lease in the Wells Fargo Building- we would share conference space with MnSCU. Mankato: Would 7000 square feet be enough for both? Renee: yes – depends upon the layout & space in the building. Vice Chair: With existing building? How convenient access? Renee : Really Metro: if other ___________________ Email to all regarding joint committee between organizations. 1 exec and 3 voting from each (check) Board: Moorhead, St Cloud & Winona Seek approval. Committee come up with the best proposal. Move to appoint the following Board Members to serve on the MSUSA/ MSCSA Joint Real Estate Strategy Committee: Winona (Caitlin Stene), St. Cloud (Michael Jamnick), & Moorhead (Heath Butrum) Metro/Bemidji 2nd. Bemidji Yes * Mankato Yes * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Yes * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed Thanks to Renee for coming in. Delegate Assembly Reportpassed motions to follow recommendation of MnSCU work plan. Bemidji/Southwest 2 nd Moorhead: Thank the delegates for wonderfully written motion: Bemidji Yes * Mankato Yes * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Yes * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed MPIRG from DAB – support & participate in MPIRG Survey. Mankato: Do we have the survey? Chair. They are still developing the survey. We can be a part of developing it. Southwest/Metro 2 nd Mankato : Amend to approve member of MSUSA to sit on Board to create the survey. Metro 2 nd . To provide our input is important. Bemidji Yes * Mankato Yes * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Yes * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed

Main motion: Bemidji Yes * Mankato Yes * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Yes * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed PR motion allowing researching possible freebies: koozies, bumper stickers, & lanyards. St Cloud/Southwest 2 nd St Cloud – gets out name out there. Everybody likes free stuff. Metro: How did they come up with those items? St Cloud: Had a list of different things. Work group decided they were the most cost effective and effective. If there was another item we could change it. Moorhead: Excited to see prototype of MSUSA bumper sticker. Bemidji Yes * Mankato Yes * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Yes * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed Delegates Assembly only took 3 hours. Impressive! New Business

MSUSA Bylaw Amendment Motion to Adopt proposed revisions to the
MSUSA by-laws Southwest/Winona 2 nd (see attached) Mankato: What is the reasoning for changing Internal Affairs? Chair: Changed to make it the way we HAVE been operating. Bemidji: Would we have not been violating the by-laws previously? Treasurer: Verbiage never previously existed in the by-laws. Never defined previously. (There was a great deal of confusion about language related to the number of students serving on Internal Affairs.) Moorhead: would prefer to table it. Bemidji: Move to postpone to next Board meeting. Metro 2 nd Need to look at this more. Motion to pass bylaws & table Internal Affairs language Moorhead/St Cloud Bemidji Yes * Mankato No * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Yes * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed to postpone IA section of the bylaws. To adopt the proposed revisions to the MSUSA By-laws with the exception of the postponed Internal Affairs language. Bemidji Yes * Mankato Yes * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Yes * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed

Contact Management System Contract : Loren Lovhaug presented. Strategy
to better utilize technology. Put together recommendations – last thing was Contact Mgmt System. Analysis. (see notes & handouts) Metro: Do we have a line item for this? Memo on top in packet. Added about $5000 to account for this. Costs on this were higher than predicted. The ability to have automated transfers from all students. This is (8000 records w/o periodic refresh) significantly higher. Metro does not participate per their policy. Metro agreed they’d send out emails on our behalf. Work with Metro administration to get this to change. Very cumbersome. This is much more easy for Metro. Trea surer: What increases do you foresee. LL: Data storage amounts would (75000 records) possibly increase as records increase. Looking at ways to keep records accurate –

those students that only want to remain in the system for graduates. Easy to opt in & out. Bem: Modern fundraising appeals. Is there another non-profit like ours using this? LL: in cases similar to ours they’ve seen 100 to 200% increase in fundraising results. Reasonable to see fantastic growth. Executive Director: Historical data being maintained – currently have no good donor or contact history. Metro: Technology line item? Where is the funding coming from? Treasurer: first from technology, Penny reimbursements, carry-over & other little places. Chair: explanation of how Penny accounts are changing. Metro: How much from Penny? Treasurer: About $42000. Vice Chair: Included in start-up – synchronizing with website. If we do website redesign affect? LL: not centered on look & feel. Flexible to adopt our look & feel. Any competent web designer would be able to do – safe – Executive Director: Elsbeth looked at contract & thought it looked very, very good. It is not binding. At any time we can stop using this. No lock-in at all. Metro: Changes such as taking on another university or continuing w/MSCSA. LL: If through MNSCU probably not. For scope of operations now. No increased cost. LL: Charge based on storage/records. About 10k records away from next level. Executive Director: Mindful of 1 – 2 year process getting everything up & running. Some short term benefits but it will take time & staff to get it ramped up. Mankato: IT support? LL: 1 year contract. Or LL is willing to continue. We have low level IT needs. Very cost effective! We rely on hosted systems to minimize costs. eTapestry available 24-7. 1 st rate facility with multiple locations. Motion to Approve funding & contract for eTapestry Contact Management System. Southwest/Winona 2 nd Move forward with eTapestry. Winona: Penny carry forward would provide funding – we have a limited staff to help them be more efficient. Bemidji: Approved funding for eTapestry. Help grow our scholarships. Nonbinding contract is attractive. Metro: Staff feelings? Super excited. Metro: Commitment from MSUSA to work to get Metro on board. Bemidji Yes * Mankato Yes * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Yes * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed Penny Program Board Appointments: Bemidji Yes * Mankato Yes * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Yes * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed Fall DC Trip Recommendation: Cancel fall DC trip this year. Stated they would prefer not to meet with us. Their focus is healthcare. Motion to Adopt Graeme’s recommendation on Fall DC Trip. Mankato/Metro 2 nd . Bemidji Yes * Mankato Yes * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Yes * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed

April Conference: (added to agenda) Change dates from April 2-4 to April 9 – 11 Motion to approve April 9 – 11 as the dates for the April Conference. Southwest/St Cloud 2 nd Bemidji Yes * Mankato Yes * Metro Yes * Moorhead Yes * St Cloud Ye s * Southwest Yes * Winona Yes Passed Open Forum Bemidji: Attended understanding our Campus budget forum. Tuition mitigation horrible impacts on Higher Education, especially our campuses. We will see drastic increase 9 – 15%. Harsh reality. Nothing formal, yet. Let’s gather ideas to prepare ourselves for fall 2011. Mankato: Start speaking out now (re: above) – Conf: Thank you Winona. Beautiful tour. Complaint. All the papers, No board packet for Rajab. Flashdrive. ________ Muslims wear to the mosque. Today is the end of Ramadan. Sympathize with the needy. Get yourself in check… (get info from Rajab) Metro: Thank you Winona. Beautiful campus. Talk to Mankato, St Cloud _______ Thank you to staff, officers & delegates. Moorhead: Thank you. Wonderful conference. 2012. President gave away the majority of her bonus. St Cloud: Not looking forward to tuition increases. Windows – well lit. Thanks, Winona Southwest: Thanks Winona. Go Vikings – Winona: Thanks for being here. Treasurer: Welcome thanks for the hard work. Vice Chair: Echo Thank you Winona Beautiful campus. Campus Coordinators sign up for census grants. Not looking forward to tuition increases. Chair: Thanks Winona – Board members ?? on documents call us. We can resend most recent document. Thank the staff – Give up their weekends – advocate for students. Thanks to delegates. Look forward to working with all of you. Executive Director: Need to have conversation re: tuition increases. /Mitigation. Document specific stories about what cuts are doing to our campuses. Adju nct faculty vs full time professors. Need to tell legislators. Thanks a lot everybody! Sent most of the staff home. Had a really good time. Great feedback. Bemidji: Working w/international student org on campus re: healthcare. Adjournment Mankato/St Cloud 2nd Passed 1:28 p.m.

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