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					POPCORN 2009 Dear Parents and Cubs, As we embark on our only fundraiser for the year, I want to take a quick moment to summarize just how important this sale is to our Pack. We basically have 2 sources of income. The first are the registration fees and the second is the popcorn sale. Much of the money from the registration goes to the District to register the scouts, pay for insurance for the scouts and provide the Boys Life magazine. The remainder, along with the profit from the popcorn sale goes to operating the Pack. I’d like to take a moment to specify just a few things that the Pack pays for. I don’t do this to ‘pat ourselves on the back’, but rather to let you see that the monies raised do indeed go back to the Pack in worthwhile and tangible ways.  All books advancements, patches, pins, beltloops, etc for the scouts  All registration fees for the leaders (including insurance)  Blue and Gold Banquet (each family pays a small fee which only covers a portion of total cost).  Trophies for Fishing Derby, Bowling, Cake Bake, Pinewood Derby, etc  Pinewood Derby Kits, Flyoff Kits, Space Derby Kits  Ice Cream Social, Food at the Webelos Campout and the family campout  Scout Sunday Breakfast (100% of food items) Our sales goal for the year is $27,000, which equates to about $8,000 in profit. I know this is a lot of popcorn, but I believe we can make it. We have roughly 80-90 cubs, so if every cub has sales of $300 - we will meet & exceed our goal! It’s really not hard to sell the popcorn. It sells itself! 90% of people surveyed stated they would purchase Cub Scout popcorn when asked. So… Just ask!!! We have decided to give awards to scouts who participate in the Popcorn sale. The Pack will provide awards in the following manner: 1. All Cubs will get what they earned from Trails End. (These awards are provided by Trails End.) 2. Any cub selling over $100 will receive a coupon for 1 movie rental from Blockbuster OR any family selling over $150 each boy will receive a coupon for 1 movie rental. 3. The top seller gets $100 gift card from Toys'r Us. 4. The 2nd top seller gets $75 gift card from Toys'r Us. 5. The 3rd top seller gets $50 gift card from Toys'r Us. 6. Top selling dens at each level will get a $25 Certificate to LaRosa’s. 7. Cubs selling over $500 will get to participate in pie throwing. 8. 2 Pack 24 Mystery Houses. Clues will be given throughout the sale. Check the Pack 24 website. Thanks to all of you who are so instrumental in the success of Pack 24! Go sell some Popcorn! Bill Imbus
Cubmaster Cub Scout Pack 24 Saint James of White Oak Cincinnati, OH


Take Orders Show n’Sell

DATES TO REMEMBER:  September 21st o Submit Popcorn Parent name & email address to Chris Sillies  September 25th o Pack Meeting – Popcorn Kick-Off  September 26th o Popcorn Pick-up – if not already distributed 25th o 10:30-11am – Popcorn Parent/Leader to pick up product & paperwork in lower church lot. o 11-11:30 – Pizza for those scouts who will join us to Blitz o 11:30-? – Blitz neighborhoods – leader or parent must accompany boys.  October 27th o All unsold popcorn and Show’n Sell totals due to Michele Glazier  October 30th o Take Orders forms, Unit Master Record with prize selection, take order and s/s totals entered, and CHECKS ONLY made out to St. James Pack 24 due to Chris Sillies. o Unit Master Record can be filled out and submitted electronically. Questions: 741-8747  November 21st o Popcorn Parent or Leaders to pick up Take Order product (Church Lot) following Leaf Raking & Cemetery clean-up 12-1pm. Leaders to distribute product to individual Scouts for customer delivery no later than December 15th. COUNCIL CONTESTS & INCENTIVES: See Council Website        Fill a Sheet” Recognition Drawing – Mallow Blaster, CoCo Key Vouchers Mystery House Program 10 “ DVD Player Trail’s End Prizes – See Prizes brochure inside order form or online. Mark prize selection for appropriate sales level on order form. Trail’s End Scholarship Program: Scouts selling over $2500 of popcorn are eligible. $1500 Extreme Sellers Sell Online: $25 & 40 MILITARY DONATION (100% tax deductible). Council will send $25 or $40 worth of popcorn overseas. Thank You cards printable online.

NOTES: Each scout will receive a certain amount of product up front and have the opportunity to participate in one or more types of Show-n-Sell sales, either door to door or at Lowes & Kroger stores. Scouts can also Take Orders from customers on their order forms, collect money up front, and deliver popcorn at a later date. We ask that each scout sell the product given to him. If unable to sell the product, please return to Michele Glazier ASAP for redistribution to other scouts. If in need of more product during the sale, please contact Michele. Do not share product with other scouts or trade or swap! Individual scout is responsible for their own inventory. Take and return product directly to/from leader and/or Michele Glazier. Visit or for more information. Both of these websites will explain in detail all aspects of the Popcorn sale. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!!!!!

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