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									January 12, 2009 Child Care Meeting 2:30 PM Attendance: Chairwomen Grace Diaz Representative Mary Ann Shallcross Smith Bonnie Larson Paola Fonseca Sue Libutti Paul Harden Mike Burk Katie Murray Tania Quezada Vladimir Ibarra Jeff Gale Larry Pucciavelli Chas Walker Charlotte Boudreau Katie Sandberg Minutes: House Keeping  Leadership is now in the House not in the Senate anymore  In the process of having a permanent room  Need to Keep track of the bills Meeting:  Review previous meeting minutes o Motion to accept the minutes, motion passed  Agenda o Katie Murray- Ready to Learn Providence  366 interviews between Feb and June 2008 with Child care providers state wide  Summary of the survey and highlights  Child care subsidy cuts- devastating on families and providers o Authorization of Payments  Internal – not including centers  Pulling records DHS  Representative Diaz asked for final report- available late summer o Jeff Gale- RI After school Alliance, Boys and Girls club, working with Charlotte Boudreau- Boys and Girls Clubs of Providence and RI School Age Child Care Association  Cure for kids- all child care collaboration  Started 2 years ago, thinking of starting it up again


Meeting in next 2 or 3 weeks to strategize for the budget

 What we want to do for progressive than just play defense o Basic Information on the Commission from Chairwomen Diaz  Commission mission statement has stayed the same since 1985: became permanent in 1989- with a mandate to establish all models of Child care in Rhode Island including government and private endorsement of childcare programs and training for childcare personnel  Establish government and private endorsement  Commission can have 23 members, but no more than 35.  Function of commission is to offer recommendations and opinions on legislation.  Present commission needs a vice chair from the Senate. A letter needs to be sent to the Senate for a member for the commission.  The Commission needs to focus on legislation. WE need to monitor the timeline. When legislation is introduced and the tracking of bills regarding childcare.  Bill H 5038: relating to Children’s product safetychemicals in toys o Three components of the bill:  Was introduced last year to the Health Education Welfare Committee o Bill died  Reintroduced by Amy Rice  Timeline for legislation  DHS will be interested in safety for children, chemical use o In favor of bill  Toy Company that make plastic toys- opposed to bill  Comments: o If it passed; how to enforce bill: discuss what to do when companies caught in violation of the bill  Committee can ask any legislature to introduce bill o Mary Ann Shallcross Smith  Freshman; Known the commission since the beginning; used to be a healthcare provider; Appointed by the senate  Follow bills: more feedback needed by commission- Feb deadline (Valentines Day: Feb 14)  Organize importance of bills – how many? In order of importance  Departments should give opinions on different bills  With DCF and DHS support the bill will be able to give out of commission  Strategies to combat lobbyists against the bill  Ask people if they support or not up front and why  Then create a letter that will say who’s for or against the bill



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Work with sponsors of the bill; invite them to the commission to explain bill Bill Relating to health and safety-children’s product safety  Reintroduced in the beginning of this year to have more time and get the bill passed quicker  Bill in HEW- Health Education Welfare  Have three weeks to give opinion of bill  Concerns:  Paul Harden- Who does testing for chemicals and enforcement of bill? o DCYF: Line 10 1st Page- A person may not manufacture, sell, or distribute in commerce any toy or child care article intended to…  Jeff Gale- impact of manufacturer high o The amount of chemicals in the toy actually harmful to the child or not?  Next Meeting: Rep Diaz suggested to invite Amy Rice to February 9, 2009 meeting to answer concerns about the bill o Deadline the following weeks for the bills Budget Effects  Number of children in system have significantly reduced from thirteen thousand to seven thousand  Budget crisis and how it effects the child care system  Draft a letter to show importance of the child care system (ability for parents to work…) to governor and department heads  Proactive role  Commission wants to write the letter o DHS and DCYF supports but would have to stay out of it as a state agency  Include Ready to Learn, Kids Count, Jeff Gale, Rep Diaz and Mary Ann to draft letter DCYF: Violations of Child Care Regulation Abuse and Neglect  Members would get a chance to read the draft  Would like support from commission Jeff adjourns meeting


NEXT MEETING: February 9, 2009

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