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									Southern Nevada Association of Pride, Inc. In a Public Session of the Board of Directors November 30, 2004 Hamburger Mary’s Conference Room Minutes (Final) 1. Call To Order & Roll Call a. Call to Order (Healey) – 6:34 PM, Quorum is present b. Roll Call (Groteluschen) i. Present – Karsten T Brown, John Brumley, Michelle Bryant, Danny G, Marcus Grissom, Keith Groteluschen, James Healey, Bob Napierala, Ernie Yuen ii. Absent With Notification – Ricki Carrasquillo iii. Absent Without Notification – John Gomes 2. Minutes (Healey) a. Motion to Approve Minutes from November 16, 2004 – Grissom; Seconded – Brumley; Approved Unanimously 3. Community Comments a. Sin City Chamber of Commerce (Wayne Bridge) i. Group Created Five Months Ago as an Limited Liability Corporation ii. Membership Open to Adult and Alternative Businesses and Organizations iii. Sin City Has 67 Members (15 Adult and Eight GLBT) iv. The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada and QVEGAS are Members v. Ten Percent of Net Profits of the LLC go Back to Nonprofits vi. Nonprofit Membership Fee is $250 Per Year (One Year Free if Groups Sign up for Three-Year Membership) vii. Web site has 350 Unique Visitors Per Day on Average viii. SNAPI Would Have Access to Sin City’s E-mail List ix. Sin City Will Donate Toys for SNAPI Toy Drive 4. Committee Reports a. Pride Week Organizational Structure (Healey) i. Atlantis Has Not Contacted Event Center or Healey ii. Recommendation to Move Pride Festival to Memorial Day Weekend iii. Parade Route is Available Day Before Festival According Yuen iv. Queer Arts Festival and Pageant Kick off Pride Week on May 20th v. Motion to Designate May 20th Through May 29th as Pride Week 2005 with the Pride Festival to be Held May 28th – Brown; Seconded – Yuen; Approved Unanimously vi. Promoting the Date Should Begin Immediately vii. Logistics Chairman Will Work with Healey to Negotiate Venue Contract

viii. Healey Will Send Sponsorship Information to Grissom ix. Danny G Will Handle Marketing; Brown Will Handle Online Pride Logo and Name Contest with a January 3rd Deadline; and Groteluschen To Notify Other Pride Organizations x. Recommendation to Cancel December Board Meetings and Reconvene on January 4, 2005. Committees Should Meet in December xi. Tentative Schedule: Queer Arts Festival – Brumley and Pageant Yuen on May 20, Bingo - Yuen on May 24; Boy’s Party – Groteluschen and Girlz Party – Bryant/Carrasquillo on May 26, Parade – Yuen and Post Parade Party – Yuen on May 27, Festival – Healey (Vendors – Brown, Logistics – Napierala, Gate – Yuen, Entertainment – Grissom, Security – Carrasquillo, Finance – Brumley, Education – Groteluschen, Volunteers – Bryant, Vender Entrance – Volunteers) on May 28, T-Dance – Yuen on May 29 xii. MCC Is Interested in Holding an Event during Pride Week 2005 Groteluschen xiii. Brumley Brings Bank to Boy’s/Girlz Parties and Napierala Handles Money Drop xiv. Need Gift Bag for Volunteers xv. Committee Chairman Must Notify Bryant of Number of Volunteers Needed by January 4th 5. Motion to Take a Five-Minute Break – Brown; Approved Without Objection – 7:38 PM 6. Call to Order (Healey) – 7:43 PM 7. Committee Reports (Continued) a. Logistics (Napierala) i. Name Badges Will be Done by Next Meeting b. Marketing (Danny G) i. How to Use Sin City Chamber of Commerce to Market Pride Week 2005 ii. Possibly Create a Unique Section Upstairs Catering to Adults iii. Motion to Expend up to $500 for Three-Year Membership to Sin City Chamber of Commerce – Groteluschen; Seconded – Bryant; Approved Yea – 6, Nay – 0, Abstention – 1 iv. Brumley Will Cut the Check and Groteluschen Will Submit Application v. Out Las Vegas December Ad Will Have Quarter-Page for New Year Bingo and Simple Listing of Pride Week Dates With Volunteer Request vi. Motion to Incorporate the 2005 Mardi Gras Party With Club Pride on February 5th and Expend Up to $150 – Brown; Seconded – Brumley; Approved Unanimously vii. Out Las Vegas January Ad Will Include Mardi Gras Club Pride

c. Caring is Sharing (Yuen) i. Toys Need to be Purchased ii. E-Mail Blast for December Bingo Will Include Request to Bring Toys, Clothing, and Food iii. Ornaments Are Coming and Photos of the Ornaments Will be Posted on our Web site iv. SNAPI Wreath to be Handled by Healey 8. Next Meeting (Groteluschen) a. Set for Tuesday, January 4, 2005 At 6:30 PM At Hamburger Mary’s 9. Adjournment (Groteluschen) a. Motion to Adjourn – Brown; Seconded – Brumley; Approved Unanimously b. Meeting Adjourned at 8:18 PM

Keith Groteluschen SNAPI Secretary

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