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									Naperville Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Disabilities
Minutes January 4, 2006

Voting Members Present: Joan Baltusis, Bill Hector, Robert Jusino, Beth Purpur, Mel Schmidle, Tom Tracy Non-voting Members Present: Terry Giese, Chair Emeritus Staff Present: Mary Voiland Invited Guest: Connie Pierrepont, Fair Housing Commission I. II. III. IV. V. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m. Announcements: None Approval of Minutes: Tabled Public Forum: None Special Task Force Reports a. Annual Resource Fair: Commissioner Baltusis reported that the Task Force met to discuss the focus of the event, marketing strategies, vendor strategies, and the possibility of adding a featured speaker to the event. Connie Pierrepont from the Fair Housing Commission attended to discuss the possibility of combining efforts with the Fair Housing Commission’s April community event. Commissioner Baltusis made a motion to partner with the Fair Housing Commission for the April, 2006 resource fair. It was seconded by Commissioner Jusino. Motion carried. After a robust brainstorming session Commissioner Jusino moved that the commission adopt the following name and tag line for the resource fair: Naperville Opens Doors: Disability & Housing Resource Fair. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Hector. Motion carried. Connie Pierrepont will take the results to the Fair Housing Commission. VI. Community Awareness Reports a. Employment: Mary Voiland reported that Naperville Employee Relations responded to the commission’s request for information about the number of persons with disabilities employed by the City. The EEO-4 Report that

is completed by the City each year does not ask about employment of people with disabilities. Therefore that information is not readily available. Privacy laws also protect from involuntary disclosure. b. Transportation: Commissioner Purpur and Mary Voiland provided an update on Ride DuPage services. Critical factors measured by the program are reliability and dependability. Though ride reliability is reported at approximately 85%, goal is 95%. The Interagency Paratransit Coordinating Council (IAPCC) meets the 4th Thursday of each month and is attended by Purpur and Voiland. c. Information/Assistive Technology: An area of expertise that now has a void on the commission. Need to identify possible resources for input. d. Public Works: Commissioner Hector renewed discussion of snow mounds left by snow plows at the junction between streets and sidewalks. This can be an insurmountable obstacle for persons with limited mobility or persons who use mobility devices. Was observed that the City does remove snow from similar intersections throughout the business section of town, and that it would be cost prohibitive to remove such obstacles from each sidewalk/street junction throughout the City. Commissioner Hector made a motion to make a formal recommendation to the Department of Public Works that a Pedestrian Snow Access Trail Map (similar to a bike trail map) be developed by the City to indicate current priorities for street/sidewalk snow removal. This would then be made available to the community and would provide helpful information for further problem-solving. e. Parking Enforcement: Mary Voiland shared a news article about the success of time-limited, concentrated code enforcement efforts in Orland Park. The current fine for accessible parking violations is $100. Additional fines up to $100 (for a total of $200/violation) may be levied by the municipality. Additional suggestions for stricter enforcement efforts, as well as current enforcement challenges were discussed. Item was tabled for further discussion in February. f. Park District: Commissioner Hector commended the responsivity of the Park District in adding new scattered seating along the River Walk following a recommendation by the Commission. g. Cultural Arts: No action h. Public Service & Events: Selected activities in the City calendar were reviewed for possible participation of the commission. Action tabled until February following further review.

i. Public Education: See resource fair task force notes above. j. Public Awareness: Commissioner Jusino reported that he is progressing in collecting and compiling examples of needs assessments. It was further noted that DuPage County has a disability resource booklet that may be of use in recommending similar information items for Naperville. The list of brochures available through the city of Chicago’s Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities will be made available at the next meeting. VII. VIII. IX. X. Awards: No action Old Business: Business card templates were distributed to commissioners for input prior to printing. New Business: None Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Terry Giese, MBA, OTL, FAOTA Chair Emeritus & Acting Secretary

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