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A Message from the Student Liaison Committee
Welcome to the HRPAP and the Student Liaison Committee (SLC)! The Student Liaison Committee is proud to serve you during your tenure at Sheridan College. The SLC is solely dedicated to you, the future of HR and is hereto connect you with the Human Resources Professional Association of Peel (HRPAP) as well as the Ontario chapter (HRPA).The HRPAP is dedicated to its members and helping them build the information base and skills that are needed in today’s business environment, and is successful in doing so by the array of services and programs we offer. Over the years, the HRPAP has seen tremendous growth in its membership and has surpassed 1500 plus members. This makes the Peel chapter one of the biggest chapters within the HRPA. Your current Student Liaison Committee consists of Christine Chapman (SLC Director), Richard Chow, Amy Nemeth, Angela No, and Rosana Filipe. To connect with us, learn more about our events, or the HRPAP, please email Alternatively, please visit our website, or visit, In this newsletter we’ve listed some upcoming events offered by the HRAP. We encourage you to attend as many as you can as they are a means of keeping up-to-date with HR trends and to network with other HR professionals. The SLC is also planning few events for Sheridan students. Please join our mailing list for more information, or email us at to learn more.

How to Apply for our Scholarships and Bursary
HRPAP Student Liaison Committee is proud to offer the HR students two scholarships in the amount of $1500 (diploma and certificate programs) for the HR students of Sheridan College, Davis Campus. The purpose of the scholarship is to recognize the efforts and potential of Sheridan’s budding HR professional. The awards will be giving out on the evening of March 26, 2009. To obtain an application, please email Good luck and happy studying!


-Everyone who’s anyone has one. How do YOU get one? -CHRP Designation Requirements - Volunteer with HRPAP - What’s Coming Up? …




The CHRP Designation
What does it mean? CHRP stands for Certified Human Resources Professional and it is obtained through a certification process offered by the HRPA, in coordination with the Canadian Council of Human Resources Practitioners (CCHRA). Why get Certified? It establishes common professional standards for human resources management across Canada. Having this designation provides the holder with a competitive edge. Not only because employers ask for it, but because they have the knowledge to succeed as an HR professional. How to get it and keep it. The CHRP is a national certification and recertification process. Certification: - There are 9 specified academic course requirements - Or, Take the Challenge Exam to earn some or all 9 academic credits - Or, complete an executive level HR program offered in partnership with the HRPA - Then, successfully complete the National Knowledge Exam (NKE) - Successfully complete the National Professional Practice Assessment (NPPA). It is recommended to have 5 years work experience prior to taking. - Must be a current member of the HRPA **Note: After January 2011, a University Degree will be a requirement for the CHRP designation. Recertification: Continuous professional development is a requirement to maintain the certification in a process called recertification. The CHRP is valid for 3 years and the holder is required to participate and track their development activities during the three year period.

Need Experience for Your Resume? Need Valuable Contacts?

Volunteer with HRPAP! Volunteering is an ideal way to network, gain skills and experience, while having fun at the same time. The HRPAP simply could not operate without its numerous volunteers. Over the years, we have been very fortunate in being able to rely upon an excellent group of people who have devoted their time and expertise to making the association successful. With the growth of the HRPAP and the introduction of the CHRP recertification process, the HRPAP Board of Directors formalized the process and there is now an on-line application system for volunteers. Check out the on-line application and view the volunteer opportunities. There are a limited number of volunteer positions on a range of committees. unteer/

Everyone who’s anyone has one. How do YOU get one? The Power of Business Cards
Why obtain a Contact or Business Card? Every day we meet new people, whether at the office, the gym, or the local store. One of these new encounters could lead to your next job. First impressions matter, so scribbling your phone number on a napkin will not leave the best impression. Having a contact or a business card will enhance your chances of making a great first impression and convey all your contact details in a professional way. If you are like most students, you probably do not have one. For a minimal cost, you can print cards that contain your contact details and convey what you represent.


Creating and Ordering Contact & Business Cards A contact or business card should contain all your pertinent contact information including, your name, a phone number, and email address. Other optional items are a cell phone number, a fax number, website address, any designations (such as an MBA or CHRP), a title, or a short message. When designing your networking card, try and keep the design and layout clean and simple, use standard fonts (sizes of 10 - 11 points) and stay with traditional colours. If you are interested in a job in a creative field, you can be a bit more creative. There are numerous places to help you prepare a contact card including, a local print shop, or business supply store, internet sites, or make at home using special business card paper (Avery 3612) and a business card template on your word processing program. One website that does


business cards for free if you pay for shipping is The benefit of having a sturdy professionally made card is that it has the touch of elegance. On the down side, if your personal information changes you will be stuck with a stack of cards with outdated information. Now that your great networking cards are printed, be sure to get a business card holder to keep your cards clean and crisp. After all, what impression would you give if your professional cards become soiled and dog-eared? Remember to take them EVERYWHERE… to networking events, career fairs, professional meetings, social gatherings, parties, weddings, and anywhere else you may run into a potential contact. Good luck and happy job hunting!

What’s Going on in Your Area
Fri. Nov. 7/08 Wed. Nov. 12/08 Thurs. Dec. 4/08 Thurs. Jan. 8/09 Wed. Jan. 14/09 Wed. Jan. 21/09 Fri. Feb. 6/09 Tues. Feb. 24/09 Tues. Mar. 10/09 Thurs. Mar. 26/09 Fri. Apr. 3/09 Wed. Apr. 8/09 Thurs. Apr. 23/09 Wed. Apr. 29/09 Thurs. May 21/09

Focus Group Breakfast Programs Dinner Holiday Lunch Connect For Success Luncheon Compensation Dinner Focus Group Breakfast Programs Dinner Luncheon CHRP Dinner Focus Group Breakfast Luncheon Connect For Success PD Day (Law) AGM

Randall Craig - Achieve! Life! Balance! Social Networking Event TBA Mary Lynn McPherson Developing Board Members TBA TBA TBA *special invitation only TBA TBA TBA Hellen Buttigieg - Getting Time On Your Side

Holiday Inn Select Living Arts Centre Lionhead Golf Club Mississauga Convention Centre Holiday Inn Select Brampton Golf Club Holiday Inn Select Brampton Golf Club Living Arts Centre TBA Holiday Inn Select Brampton Golf Club Brampton Golf Club Mississauga Grand Mississauga Convention Centre

*Two Student Liaison Committee events for Sheridan students in early 2009. More to follow *


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